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3 (Moonu) – awesome movie… First movie of dhanush tht i saw n he is just brilliant as an actor… Shruti hassan is hell of an actress but can’t believe she was the one in ‘luck’ opp imran khan. First half is very sweet sugar coated gudda guddi type which actually is real in real world n then come’s reel cinema in second half with tragic end… Don’t knw why a sugar coated film can’t end the same way as it begun… Happy endings makes you feel more rejuvenated :P , much happier, makes you think about the real life and the way you are dealing with your life rather than the tragic films which makes you think more about the reel cinema that you just watched. But anyways I Absolutely loved the film n will give 4.5/5

Talaash – I watched it on Thursday itself and that helped me to enjoy it much more than others did. Its hard to escape from spoilers or reviews or in between comments without any indication of spoiler if you are regular online browser. I have put forward my views regarding Talaash on variousl talaash threads and these are some few below;

Just back from Talaash… Just fucking awesome until the last 5-10 minutes… Whole film is based on climax… Don’t know why did Aamir choose this climax? why aamir? why?…

There are certain films that are made from the point of Box office perspective and then there are films like OMG, Talaash, PST, Shanghai, English Vinglish etc…. which are solely made for Quality and that are completely different from each other…

Two things that spoiled Talaash

1. Aamir should not have promoted it as Suspense film… He should have kept the suspense element as Suspense just like cricket in Lagaan.

2. As zack (sb) said, the film should have ended right after the accident. The surprise element would have totally shocked the audience n the ending would have been Historic…

Those who have already seen the movie would agree with me… But after Talaash Aamir has gained even more respect n has always chosen riskier subjects… If we had more actors like Aamir indian film industry would have had both quality as well as quantity… I would say its his best performance…

Witnessing live fatal death of your loved ones is more excruciatingly painful than just loosing your loved ones is brilliantly emoted by Aamir onscreen.. His act was just brilliant including all cast n crew…4/5

Going by the book – another korean movie but b4 saying anything i want to say tht they make very unique kind of movies… In the city, bank robbery has increased manifold n people hav lost confidence on police department. The new chief of police has been allocated to bring down the crime of robbery n he takes a very unique concept to gain confidence of public by implementing a training programme tht goes horribly wrong… It’s a simple comedy drama with a very unique concept. 3/5

The Dark Knight Rises – Watched it second time and just loved it the way I loved it first time. it’s no different to Indian Masala Movie but with real high graphics, high dose of entertainment value and high budgeted movie where the lead actor can really act and the only difference is that in bw Indian hero fights like a superhero (ek kick se 4 log aasman mein ud jaate hain)… and English superhero fights like normal man (man to man)… It has awesome background music score with off-course a happy ending. 4/5


This is November’s thread for the reference–>

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  1. ank_16n

    Some movies which i watched from 20th Nov to 3rd December are—

    1. A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas —movie was typical Harold and Kumar movie but was a little low on humor than 1st and 2nd part..!!

    2. Argo—-the best Ben movie……one for me one of the best contender for Oscar this year..!!

    3. Chole—–Total waste of my Time worst liam neeson movie after Clash of Titans…..Just watch it for Amber Seyfried..!!

    4. Friday the 13th (2009)—-worst horror movie i have ever seen…..skip it..there is no story atall..!!

    5. Hot Tub Time Machine—-Good humor watch it if you are a fan of John Cusak..!!

    6. Jab Tak Hai Jaan—1st half was good….last hour was pathetic and very slow with no link to plot..the whole Lost of memory sequence should have been Edited..!!

    7. Looper—-Master piece well Directed and Thumbs up for the way it is Told.. best Bruce willis movie after RED..!!

    8. Talaash—-Again Good overall but bad 2nd half where movie loose its plot….and some Un-Answered questions—-Like who was the sniper who killed Sashi…..
    How can nawazuddin siddiqui can go to the call history of Sashi’s sim card from another mobile phone..!!

    9. Mechanic—-A very under=rated movie Deserved better result—-very good Acting by Jason Statham…a must watch..!!

    10. American Beauty——Truly amazing movie with badly Executed Ending…….but movie is Really very good in Every Expect..!!

    11. The girl Next Door—Bad movie with bad Execution with bad Actors and No story..!!Skip it.

    12. cashback—-Master class movie the Actor(Don’t know the name) was Awesome and the story line is as unique and innovative that i have ever seen….aReally must watch initially it was a short film but the response the short film got help it make into a Full-Length movie..!!

    13. The Pink Panther 2—I just can’t say anything bad against Steve martin movie….I just love all his Comedy movies and Haven’t seen his Dramatic movies …a Must watch for pink panther and steve martin fans..!!

    14. Yess man—-Name jim carrey is enough for me to laugh….though a little low on humor but still better than many comedy movies..!!

    15. Ted—just one word the best comedy movie of 2012 ….from the director of Family guy dis movie will make you mad as u will just laugh laugh and laugh out loud …!!

    1. Nirjhar

      The last two Statham movies I watched were “Blitz” and “Safe”, and think these two are among his better movies. For me “Mechanic” was underwhelming.

      Harold Kumar 3, Girl Next Door – have them in collection but yet to see. The hero of Girl Next Door, Emile Hirsch is a promising actor … seen him in “Into the Wild (2007)”, he and the movie both was very good.

      American Beauty, saw it when released and didn’t like at all, a laborious watch it was at that time … dont know whether the perception will change if see it again now after many years

      Pink Panther 2, the trailer put me off and lost my interest in it

      Yes Man, probably the best movie of Jim Carey in last 6/7 years … loved the movie, a very good one … a simple and delightful story, and for me it was inspiring one … FS, you can try this to see if it is inspiring … Jim Carey was good and Zooey Deschanel was adorable

      1. FS

        Yes blitz and safe were good…. I will check out “yes man” nirjhar…

        1. ank_16n

          for me also Safe is really good..!!

  2. FS

    looper – over rated film with lot of loopholes… It was bit different compared to other films, thats it.
    Ted – again overated…
    Pink Panther2 – Liked the movie…
    Mechanic – tried 3 times to watch but couldn’t go past 20 mins
    American Beauty – liked it
    a very harold and christmas – Disappointed after the 3 prequels…
    Jthj – second half was good followed by pathetic first half… didn’t liked after the second accident.

    All other movie agree with you except Argo, hottubmachine (haven’t seen it) and Cashback – will check out soon…

    1. ank_16n

      FS–Before watching Cashback just want to tell u that it has some loopholes which you may not like..!!

  3. AwesomeAkshay

    December has just began , i have only watched one film Godfather 2 . I am not the guy who loves these type of movies so long and boring in some parts
    but it had some nice moments . Al pacino’s acting is Brilliant loved it :)
    I also saw Virgin goat nice try to present Indian beliefs average movie .

  4. Daredevil225

    I have seen two movies as of nw in December
    Talaash : Being a fan of thriller i was kinda under-whelmed by its climax.Also the 2nd half was a bit dragging.What i liked most abt the movie was Kareena Kapoor acting just one word brilliant.Also thought best lines were given to Kareena.Aamir acted well as well.
    The Man on Fire : Denzel Washington is hired as a bodyguard to protect a girl.The girl got kidnapped and Denzel injured badly and its assumed kidnappers kill the girl.Denzel recovers and promises to himself will kill everyone who is involved in this crime.
    This was a good thriller. I really liked the movie. Though the end was sad.

    1. Nirjhar

      @The Man on Fire (2004)

      The movie is based on a novel of the same name. The writer even stated that though he dislikes film adaptations of books he liked this adaptation of his book.

      Seen it a long time ago, Denzel Washington stole the show and little miss Dakota Fanning was angelic. I liked it but remember I was annoyed with the jerky camera movement at the end portions.

      Bollywood copied it in “Ek Ajnabee”, Amitabh, Arjun Rampal starrer. I also thought “Trasporter 2″ had shades of this movie.

  5. Tango

    Talaash & Abraham lincon Vampire Slayer

    Both were good.

    1. Nirjhar

      Glad to know that abt “Abraham lincon Vampire Slayer”, I have downloaded it some day ago :)

      1. ank_16n

        is it Vampire hunter or Slayer……
        and is it one in which there is Mary Elizabeth Winstead ??

  6. Nirjhar

    “…. in bw Indian hero fights like a superhero (ek kick se 4 log aasman mein ud jaate hain)… and English superhero fights like normal man (man to man)”

    :D … after seeing the trailer of Khiladi 786 one of my Canadian friend thought it is an Indian Superhero movie :P

    1. FS

      Lol, yeah…. I hope K786 has two more scenes where he pulls down the helicopter with his bare hands and smashes a bus out of the bus station, that can give me enough adrenaline rush to finish the movie in one watch….



    Going by the Book (Hangul: ??? ??; RR: Bareuge Salja) is a 2007 South Korean film.
    This is a remake of the 1991 Japanese film Asobi no jikan wa owaranai (??????????).

    so its a remake of japanese movie i guess…

    1. FS

      Oh.. that’s a surprise for me… Anyways I have hardly seen Japanese movie except 1-2 horror movies and few samurai kind of movies…

  8. alizain2844

    footfalls of all
    bigies of
    first time on net..

  9. naya khiladi

    Movies Watched Recently:
    Talaash – loved it..totally my kind of movie..well-acted drama/noir with dark atmosphere & supernatural twist.
    The Campaign – Hilarious comedy/satire about elections in USA but not as good as Will Ferrell’s other hits. Zach Galifianakis (Hangover) impresses again.
    The Collector – Enjoyable if you like torture porn movies like Saw, Hostel
    Raaz 3 – Timepass B-grade movie with more unintentional laughs than scares.
    Ted – Nice one-time watch buddy comedy between Mark Walhberg and a teddy bear.
    Skyfall – One of the best Bond films with great acting, emotional depth, beautiful cinmatography and a maniacal villain.

    1. FS

      collector is good…
      I have the campaign but the promos sucked so not interested to watch… Will watch when i run out of options :P

  10. FS

    Watched “the game” – mind fucking film that fucks u till the end… But i never understood the outcome of the game. The t-shirt tht said abt his brother was not even remotely mattered to how the game was played nor the true intentions… I mean what realisation he had from this game? As a film it was truly a thriller till the end bur what i didnt understood is the motive of the game coz if the motive was to realise his brother abt his selfish egoistic attitude then i dont think it has achieved the motive… 3.5/5 just for fucking my mind.

    The bourne legacy – I thought its the continuation of jason bourne journey but was shocked to see the totally new different character of Renner… He could have easily got into the shoes of matt damon but i think director played safe or may be they are planning to bring damon n renner together in the next flick of bourne if ever made or may continue with the present character of renner… Although it seemed to me as if i was watching bourn series part one i ended up liking the movie purely for its good action, stunts n attitude of renner. He was no different to matt damon n the bourne legacy may not be as engaging or entertaining or thrilling as part 2&3 but it did successfully carry the legacy of bourne series… Renner is very good as number 5 ;)

    1. rks

      MD character was living a controlled live. Even on his birthday he was eating alone watching financial news. He was divorced with no kids. In way Game changed him to be more normal. He begged for money, food and transportation. He asked for forgiveness from old wife.

    2. Nirjhar

      @”The Game” – This has been in my watchlist for the longest time with Road to Perdition, but somehow I always missed to see it … skipping both comments in fear of spoilers :D

      @Bourne – on download list

  11. ranjit

    just watched Private Lessons (1981) and loved it …….

    kash mere life me bhi kuch aisa hota :D

    1. FS

      Ranjith – then check out these 3 films as well…
      1. My tutor
      2. Malena
      3. The Reader

  12. Nirjhar

    The Bullet Vanishes (2012)
    A highly entertaining Chinese detective thriller set in the 1930 period in a bullet factory, where a series of murders occur and the bullets just found to disappear after being used.

    Story: When a young girl at a bullet factory dies under mysterious circumstances, two detectives must investigate the reasons for her death – and the strange occurrences that follow – as they themselves become the target of the phantom killer.

    The movie is a homage to Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes. The two detectives Song and Guo, are comparable to Sherlock Holmes and Watson, one of them being the meticulous and mad detective type and the other being the fastest gun in the area. The poster also had shades of it, and then there is a supernatural theme, though the detectives are hell bent on finding an realistic explanation.

    The movie has good pace, excellent visuals recreating that era’s atmosphere. The main casts deliver good performances. Main detective Lau Ching-Wan is excellent, certainly want to see more of him after this. Current hearthrob Nicolas Tse certainly has come of age and gives a mature performance. Fortune teller Mini Yang is eye-candy. The reasons explained for vanishing bulletes are interesting. There is a small character not related to the main story, a jail inamte. Song’s interactions with her and the “perfect crime” flashback are also memorable. I wonder if they are going to make a sequel of this one as the movie was hit in the box-office.

    Cautions – you have to be good at reading subtitles. Highly recommended for detective thriller fans. A 4/5 from me.

  13. ranjit

    i HaVe watched reader fs bro :D

    I watched two movies today
    1.Mamma Roma (1962) …….liked it …..
    2.Serbis (2008) by Brilliante Mendoza_Cannes winner[Phillipine …………can’t understand this one :(……. have any one watched these?

  14. FS

    Watched Yes Man – One of the best Jim Carrey’s movie after Eternal sunshine of spotless mind… he was in his character and i bet no one could justify the “dead body” act of jim other than him.. Looked as if that was a statue…

    Anyways, its all about change of your attitude and perception from pessimism into optimism by allowing and embracing the challenges that life throws up on every walk you take forward. The serious lonely stubborn and careless jim is suggested to attend one of the seminar or conference show of “yes man” by one of his old acquaintance and how his life changes after he attends the seminar… it was well enacted by complete cast and crew with lit bit of ott expressions here and there (off-course Jim Carrey’s movie) and I loved the leading lady (Zooey Deschanel i believe, Nirjhar?)… It was pure fun and entertaining and you can gain or extract much of inspiration to be happy and carefree being subconsciously careful about your decisions…. 4/5

    1. Nirjhar

      I would say it is the best movie Jim Carrey did after the release of Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind. I’m happy that you liked it :) … the change and the events after that are so inspiring and makes you think abt the positivity of it … it was such a delightful watch for me … only prb I was having is that Zooey Deschanel was making me forget abt the movie :D

      1. FS

        Don’t yo think Zooey Deschanel voice is bit odd but it suits her… God she is so beautiful..

        1. Nirjhar

          But seen only this movie of her till now … she has done very few movies after this one (Yes Man was in 2008, and only 3 movies after that) … I wonder why her career is going nowhere!

          1. FS

            She has done 500 days of summer which i have seen… The movie was good but didn’t like that much as much it is liked by heartbroken guyz… I loved her in 500 days of summer as well…

  15. iitianWay

    saw The MEssage( story of islam) religious question:
    when they are not allowed to show/depict the prophet on screen how one is allowed to use his name to name their kids…?

    1. FS

      It leads to idol worship and Shrik (unforgivable sin)… examples – enough number of shrines in India and around the world… and as far as i know, name is not owned by him nor his parents copyrighted it… Most use it because they love him, they follow him and its a beautiful name. But name doesn’t qualify anyone as righteous person…

      1. FS

        Thanks RKS – another great link for the reference… Satyam ne koi film chodi bhi hai kya?

      2. Nirjhar

        Kaha gaye ye saare log, sigh, lot of members missing from the later years also :(

  16. FS

    Watched Cindrella Man – Based on / Inspired from real boxer’s life story named Braddock who regains his heavy weight championship after going through sluggish life of a boxer in the ring as well as outside the ring, deprived of hunger due economic crisis or the great depression period around 1930’s. Russel Crowe is brilliant as an actor but not as a boxer… There are some punches in the ring that looks very effective and real but unlike the real boxing match. His role as a father and a husband is more important than as a boxer itself and the final fight is kept as real as it should be which was the best thing in the movie… I would give 4/5

    Watched Paiyya – Tamil movie starring tamannah and some guy called karthi (seen him first time) is a romantic action drama film is a subtle and simple romantic movie till the interval but later turns to action drama with its pre-interval fairy tale. What i liked about the movie was Karthi’s attitude in the film… I bet even salman or akshay are no comparison for this gross/ott action scenes and they are better than wanted or rr kinda actions… He can pull off such gross/ott actions with his man of steel kind of attitude… He has some good moves as well.. On acting he didn’t need to do much coz of the story and everything from start to end is the journey in the car from bangalore to bombay. It was simple but entertaining one with few funny moment.. Its too long a movie but. Had two good songs as well …. rating 3/5

    Watched No man’s land – I didn’t liked the move much… it was boring, long and was more of an artistic/realistic film that ended up being dramatic film at the end… 2.5/5

  17. FS

    My expectations from D3 has come down… Not because of Talaash but because of its delayed status… Who knows after first draft of screening he may start postponing it till PK release… Talaash is an excellent product but did it require 3 yrs? How big star may be but delayed products always fails to excite… either they look pale or they look bragged… Unless there is some hatke trailer or promo my excitement is low for both dhoom3 and krish3

    1. SCHOLES


      when did aamir films released on time! his movies are always delayed, reason being he cant multitask (as per media and himself)

      1. FS

        3 yrs is too long… both talaash and d3 are 3 yrs delayed movies (1yr is ok)… second thing this comment was meant on different thread but posted on this post by mistake :P


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