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My Views/Take on TALAASH

This Being My Most Awaited
Movie this Year, I am
Dissapointed to an Extent by

Reema Kagti’s Supposed
‘Suspense’ Turned
‘Supernatural’ Thriller Starts
of Well and Builds it’s Premise Interestingly thru the Marine Drive’s and Kamatipura’s of Mumbai.

Infact, the Entire Prostitution
Track Consisting of Well Cast
Unknown Actors and Nawaaz
is Highly Engaging and Gives a
Certain Raw/Real Feel to the

But, the Relatively Slow Pace
and the Unintelligent Ending
[Kareena Saving Aamir inside
the Water/Aamir Digging the Grave/Burning her Remains] Harm the Movie Big Time.

There was No Element of
Double Crossing Or a Surprise
Shock Element[An Abbas-
Mustan Staple] but it Actually
Took the ‘Bhoot/Aatmaien
Bhatakti Hain’ Angle which was a bit Difficult to Digest.

The BG Score was Used
Adequately and Still in Love
with ‘Jee Le Zarra’.

Mumbai has been well

Rani has a Small Role but
Shines in her Showdown
Sequence with Aamir.

All the Scenes Involving the
Kid, Nawaaz and the Red Light
Area were Brilliant at
Different Levels.

Aamir Khan[In Devgn Mode] as always a
Quality Acting Force Rocks
the Movie with his Brooding
Act and his Scenes with
Kareena are A Delight.

But, Surprisingly it’s Kareena
Kapoor who Steals the Show
with her Teasing And
Smirking and has Dialogues.
It’s Good to see Her put a Good
Amnt of Effort in for her Role and Not just Being the Mere
Eye Candy like in
3Idiots,G3,RA.One, Agent
Vinod, BG ETC.

A ‘Shoutout’ to Kagti for her
the Movie to her level best
inspite of a Flawed Script but
Negative Marking for the
‘Bhatt/RGV’ Like Ending Done with a ‘Excel’ like Treatment.

Expected Much Better from
Talaaash but it’s Not Exactly
Crap Movie Either but Totally
WTF and Superb at Places.

TALAASH also Proves that
Aamir can Make Mistakes too
but is an Actor who can
Emote Better and is Never a
Total Bore Onscreen Unike the
Other 2Khans Offlate who Seem to Sleepwalk/Ham.

RATING – 2.5/5

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  1. Serenzy

    I wud Say Kahaani, Race and
    Johnny Gaddar were
    Definately Better Films than


    Sequences like Aamir-Rani
    Showdown, Aamir-Kareena
    Convo, Aamir Thinking abt his
    Kid, Aamir-Kareena in the
    Lift/Elevator go Onto Show
    why Excel is Supreme Rocker at Depicting the Emotional
    Turmoil and Drama Onscreen in
    the BEST WAY.

    DCH, ZNMD, Rock On!!!, Talaash, Lakshya

  2. Serenzy

    For Someone Who has Seen it
    All from Psycho to The Game
    to Prestige to Memento to
    Gupt to Shutter Island to
    Kahaani to JG to Zodiac to
    Se7en to Fight Club to Insomnia to Sixth Sense to The
    Usual Suspects to 100Days to
    Machinist to 1408 to MoM/
    ISTD etc etc etc,
    I Consider TALAASH to be a Huge Nothing.

    Nor does it Warrant a Must 2nd Time Viewing Nor is the End Twist Legendary!

    You Never Spoonfeed the
    Audience in a Suspense/Thriller Movie.

    You Must Put them in a
    Dilemma of Sorts and Make
    them Use their Brains.

    TALAASH Fails in that Aspect.

  3. Serenzy

    And Now, Lemme Compare
    [Just as to Why Aamir remains the Best in B'Wood by a Margin Post2000] :-

    Lagaan – Beyond Rating

    Dil Chahta Hain – Beyond Rating

    Mangal Pandey – 2/5

    Rang De Basanti – 2.5/5

    Fanaa – 3.5/5

    Taare Zameen Par – 4.5/5

    Ghajini – 4/5

    3Idiots – 4/5

    Dhobi Ghat – 3/5

    Talaash – 2.5/5


    And then there’s JTYJN[4/5], Delhi Belly[4/5] which I Loved and Peepli
    LIVE[2/5] which I thot was Bad bad bad.

  4. Aditya007

    Agree with You , I dont like Its 2nd half ,the climax Could be better. Performance wise Aamir Khan & Kareena was show stealer Specially as You mentioned Kareena. Overall Movie isn’t Upto Mark & there isn’t Any repeat value. Decent watch!
    2.5/5 also from Side.

  5. Serenzy

    Glad Aditya007.

    It’s Good to See you in Agreement.

  6. waleed jawaid

    always thought amir do a different cinema …perfectionist to be more precise…but dissappointed ..2.5 from ma side as well..!!! the ending was way below expectations …amir just did a thriller that every indian thrillers do…a breathtaking first half and then the absurd and equally pathetic climax..!!!
    of all the movies u mentioned SERENZY>>>!!
    prestige is beyond rating..!!! my most fav mystery thriller or suspense movie i have evr seen…
    shutter island was not that good ..!!
    and kaahaani was way better than talaash…
    its just that a thriller means u should say WOW…at the end..!! the talaash lack that WOW>>>but when i watched kahaani i just said WOW

  7. iitianWay

    yaar ..for me it was good…as i am little liker for these type of twists…Ordinary life is always helped and influenced by something xtraordinary…but we hardly see …i saw one movie run lola run and it gave me really diff aspect of thinking ..(not exactly a butterfly effect)..that why a man mourn or priase some moments in their life more..and i know the meaning and value of those moments…ask someone who misses a train by few seconds to catch an interview for US visa to study in foreign unversity with tution waiver to support his/her family for the loan they have taken for his/her studies…just few seconds…wohi.. us tarah ki kashish and usko phir se chhone ki koshish bahut hi behatreen andaaj mein dikhayi thi is movie mein..and the last accident scene (mumbai police gayi paani mein..some one uttered in cinema hall :) ) was awesome for me..
    i never thought/expected and waited for an year for this to come out bone chilling nail biting thriller…so may be that angle helped me.

  8. FS

    I never felt for a moment it was slow paced… Didnt liked the last 5-10 mins thats it n for tht i cant blame a movie that made an interval as forced one… Thank god i didnt read a single spoiler b4 i went for the movie (as i went on thursday itself) nor had any great expectations except trust on Aamirs script sensibilities..

  9. Nirjhar


    Start movies watched in December thread :)

  10. Serenzy

    “i never thought/expected and
    waited for an year for this to
    come out bone chilling nail
    biting thriller…so may be that
    angle helped me.”

    It did IITianway. :)

    Yes, you See FS Bhai, TALAASH was Meant to be My Most Awaited Movie for like a year now and in that Respect it left me Dissapointed and Was Not the Kick Ass Suspense Drama/Thriller One Expects.

    Maybe they Promoted the Movie Wrongly.

    But I’m Glad, atleast Nobody is Tearing it Apart unlike RA.One[2.5/5] which was My Most Awaited Last Year and the Poor Thing Got Raped.

    I for One found it Average and better than Sickfest like JTHJ.

    Hope My Most Awaited Movie of 2013 lives Up to My Expectations.

    1. iitianWay

      which one for 20-13? outim2/ce?

  11. TopShot_Now Its Dabangg2

    @serenzy…. quite similar to my views which I will be posting soon…

  12. danish

    @serenzy – good. yaani salman ke raaaste kaa aakhiri kanata (aamir) bhi nikal gaya.

    1. iitianWay

      danish when r u publishing ur commentry on munnbai series looking for LRMB..

  13. ank_16n

    @serenzy— I didn’t liked the 2nd where the plot looses its Direction badly .
    It climax will be liked by many as well as hated by many….

    There were couple of loop holes and Questions which still remain un-Answered …like

    Who killed Sashi…..who was that sniper on roof who killed him…!!

  14. Serenzy

    “which one for 20-13? outim2/ce?”

    I Gave you that BG Score… Remember?


    salman ke raaaste kaa aakhiri
    kanata (aamir) bhi nikal gaya”

    Aamir Kadak tha par Movie ne saath nahi diya.

    But, aaj India me aisa kon Mahanayak hain jo Salman ke BO Power par Kaanta banke khaada rahe.


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