Salim Khan impressed with Kareena’s performance in Talaash
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Aakansha Naval-Shetye (DNA; December 2, 2012)


Apart from husband, actor Saif Ali Khan, actress Kareena Kapoor is known to share a strong connection with all the other Bollywood Khans — Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and even Imran Khan. Having given hits with all of them, the actress herself admits to be very fond of her Khan co-stars. But now there’s another Khan she can add to that list, who incidentally is just as fond of Bebo. This Khan is Salman’s father, the veteran writer Salim Khan. He was apparently so impressed with her performance in Talaash that he called her up early in the morning to congratulate her for a ‘sensitive portrayal’.

A source reveals, “Salim uncle is very fond of Bebo and always makes it a point to tell her about her performances when they meet. But this time around, he didn’t want to wait and so just called her up telling her that the film is one of her best works till date.” Coming from someone of his calibre, Kareena was thrilled with the feedback, as she knows that he is very fair in his assessment. “The compliment means a lot for Kareena as Salim uncle is someone she has always looked up to,” adds the source. Kareena who recently had skipped her own film premiere to unveil her Dabangg 2 item number on the sets of Bigg Boss, is now said to be looking forward to her vacation with Saif.


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