Mindless protest against Akshay’s Hookah Bar song in Jaipur

Hiren Kotwani (BOMBAY TIMES; December 1, 2012)


Akshay Kumar was in for an unexpected surprise when he was promoting Khiladi 786 in Jaipur on Thursday. A crowd turned up outside the hotel where he was staying, to protest against some words in the lyrics of the song, Hookah Bar, written by Himesh Reshammiya.

According to a source present at the venue, “The protestors had an issue with the words ‘Sher ka shikaar’ in the song. Also, they felt there was no need for him to promote hookah bars. Akshay went to meet them and explained to them that ‘sher ka shikaar’ had nothing to do with the hunting of the tiger. He told them that the lines Teri akhiyon ka vaar, Jaise sher ka shikaar clearly meant that the girl’s gazes were like a tiger hunting his victim. Sher jaise shikaar karta hai, waise tere akiyon ka vaar hai.”

As for Hookah Bar, our informer adds, “Akshay told them that in the song, his character is comparing the girl’s love to an intoxicant. ‘Tere pyaar ka nasha is like a hookah bar, which gives me a high,’ he told them. They understood his viewpoint and left after clicking pictures with him.”


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