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Hello everyone , Me being a GAMER wanted to know about how much you guys are into gaming . As a True gamer i love to enjoy all sorts of Games whether they are action / adventure FPS or any other sorts of Games . They are my daily source of entertainment .


Games  Being developed for the purpose of providing entertainment value make you   feel special like a Hero somewhat where  nothing goes wrong even if it does you can keep on retrying until you achieve the targets , Various alternative to achieve the goal , lots of weapons , powers . The feel is Just Amazing .Games can even change your whole Idea of life giving you an edge over Non – gamers . Whenever i have some sort of Tension i start playing Games and they act as a big relief in Providing  me  lots of fun and entertainment  Games work as a Stress buster for me and many .

Every year i wait for Several Games including WWE games every year . Games like  WWE  12   and BATMAN ARKHAM CITY  give you an opportunity to experience things you love , like  in your own World. I prefer Games than movies, the freedom that a game gives you is altogether different . Also the story line of games is somewhat equal or even better than movies.Some movies may not appeal to you but almost every game guarantees you loads of entertainment . The Gaming Industry is also very Beneficial as Billions of Dollars are made through them . Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 earned $500 million USD within 24 hours of its worldwide release. The Gaming Industry is Expected to make $68 Billion in 2012.


Few months back I played Mafia 2 and boy , it was an Awesome game with a great story and Incountbale times use of the Word FUCK (approx 200 times or more “) which in itself is a Record and it made me Habitual to use the World Fuck :D  . I prefer Sandbox games due to free spirit recently i played Saints Row : the third and loved it and the theme music in the end made me feel like a Real Hero . First person games are always challenging and gripping and i love to play them . Currently Games are the Best source of experiencing  some hardcore action .



Role playing games are the best among the sort of games just like real World everything seems so brilliant .Gaming can make an altogether different world of yours , a World in which you enjoy everything . Games give you the Choice top choose your way you can either chose to be a Good guy or a Bad Guy. Games feel to be more attached to you , more personal such as in Mass Effect Series . My favorite games are Mass effect , Crysis , GTA ,Just cause 2  Saints Row , AC, NFS among many others which i don’t seem to remember right now :) There are several other great games  i would like to get my hands on :D

P.S I prefer watching movies , but i am writing a post on Games ;)


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  1. Kunal

    I have an xbox 360 and an avid gamer myself… I prefer fps…sandbox style… I also like wwe games…

    My fav r..gta series(eagerly waiting fr gta 5)…red dead redemption… Cod 4 modern warfare 1,2… Gears of war… Top spin… Wwe… Halo.. batman… Hvent tried crysis and mafia yet!!

  2. AwesomeAkshay

    me too eagerly waiting for GTA 5 though i dont have an x360 but i have played Halo on it . if u like gta you should try JUST cause 2 also its a great game with awesome graphics .

  3. AwesomeAkshay

    @iitianWay where are u from ? BTW you can play WWE” 13 on Wii other games on Wii are too much childish like mario bros but it’s a good game . you can play soccer , dragon’s lair trilogy , Legend of zelda , super smash bros brawl etc ..
    now latest games are Coming to wii-u . :)

    1. iitianWay

      from Pune and SF ..50-50. Am not much in gaming ..but once in a while i want to enjoy some fantassy fun.
      . ….wasted money on too many games ..but all came out to be childish…this wii is gifted by my “enemy” ….100$ ke game par i have laready wasted 200$ worth of games….even NFS does not feel good on wii as it feel on my laptop..
      ..i am looking little more on fantassy with good sound and visual effects…khoon kharaba/hathiyaar kam ho to bhi chalega…

      1. AwesomeAkshay

        @iitianway that’s why i asked because Wii is kinda uncommon.

  4. jealous hater of srk

    i am a game addict jst nw playing black ops 2 and most wanted 2
    @awsum Atlast sum1 has posted on gaming hopefully u wil hav more coming

  5. jealous hater of srk

    @awsumakshay Haven’t u playd COD or Battlefield series..

    1. AwesomeAkshay

      @jealoushaterof srk
      i have played both of them . To me It feels like cod devs are making same game every year with no improvements initially it was quite good , now also but not that much and yap battlefield3 was a good game earlier ones were also awesome

      1. jealous hater of srk

        hey play black ops 2 is good jst try it u wil love it..

        1. AwesomeAkshay

          @jhos i am getting that btw u can call me akshay or akki ;)

  6. cr7

    great post AA.

    i love games.not playing much these days.but i used to be addict. still fifa series is a must play for meevery year.and gta is one of my all time favorite.eagerly waiting for 5. i do follow nfs series and counter strike occasionally too :D . if time permits very much interested to play call of duty and assassin creed

    1. AwesomeAkshay

      thanks and i must say your choice is quite good :D

  7. Kunal

    U should go for elders obivilion or assassins creed… Bt then wiff pe sb kuch hi childish lgta h:/


    I hve played just cause 1…nd it was awesome…hvent tried just cause 2 though!!

    1. AwesomeAkshay

      Just Cause 2 is the best visually appealing game Superb graphics .

  8. iitianWay

    so its time to upgrade to xbox/ps3? …which consoleis good/awesome?

    1. AwesomeAkshay

      yes bro but even a good graphics card on pc will work .As kunal said both have their pros and cons but ps3 has more clear playback . You should wait for PS4 and x720 which will be coming in early 2014 or end 2013 . You should go for PS3 OR PS4 as you dont like khoon kharba :P

  9. Kunal

    Both the xbox and ps3 hve their fair share of advantages bt then oll boils down to which u would want to buy… Hardly any difference in them as far as games are concerned apart from some exclusives… But u could wait for next year… Next gen xbox nd playstation are expected to launch…so u cn get one of them…ps4 or xbox720(rumoured name)

  10. iitianWay

    may be ps4 then….sugeset some fast paced..fantassy based good sound and visual i will order those along with console…

    1. jealous hater of srk

      Then go for Elder skyrim v or dark siders 1 or 2. latter game is bit though but you wil cherish gaming experience of it for life.i bet that.

    2. AwesomeAkshay

      skyrim is maha kabada i didnt like it play Assassins creed 2 you will love it gurantee meri :D

      1. jealous hater of srk

        @akki cn u plz gve me link of wwe ’13 i am nt able to find it pc version

        1. AwesomeAkshay

          @jhos u can download wwe 13 iso for wii from torrentz and wii emulator for pc . Its simple to run select iso and play

          1. jealous hater of srk

            @akki bro.did u play assains creed 3 i jst startd playing it and its kinda bore frm start

  11. iitianWay

    and do we have used games store /online store in India? game stop in US

    1. AwesomeAkshay

      @iitianway you can order from Flipkart btw fyi i am a Pirated gamer :P

  12. sanjeev-dabangg2-beats-ETT

    Some games I have played are sims, assassin creed, max Payne, fifa, cricket revolution.
    Cricket revolution sucked a big time. Only played it for being a big cricket fan.
    I mostly play fifa 13 now. But my best game is max Payne. It’s just awesome

  13. Serenzy

    Has Anyone Played the Game of LOVE and Won?


    1. AwesomeAkshay

      @serenzy i am too young for that :P

    1. jealous hater of srk

      diablo 3 hav playd it one of my fav bt magical tricks wer nt upto d mark in latest installment

  14. AwesomeAkshay

    @ jhos (bhai bahut lamba nam hai )me playing most wanted 2012 right now and me with more on this ? Like new game releases and my experience sort of ?

  15. AwesomeAkshay

    @sanjeet only good cricket game is cricket ‘O7 . Yeah maxpayne rocks , i still haven’t played maxpayne 3 and yeah maybe you like maxpayne becoz it has lots of action just like ett ;)

    1. jealous hater of srk

      @awsum akshay i thnk u missed ashes cricket 09 and international cricket 2010 by far d best cricket games

      1. AwesomeAkshay

        @jhos i have played ashes 2009 and the other one is for xbox and ps3 so missed it .

  16. AwesomeAkshay

    Looks like all gamers are here :D but i also wanted opinions of movie geeks on movies vs games .

  17. Kunal

    Fuck…i forgot maxx payne 3… Currently m playing tht only!!

  18. iitianWay

    so u guys use lcd/led tv or plasma ones and what size? yaar basic questions hain ..kya karein new gamer hain… and u can reply using short id @iWay…if original one is big.

  19. iitianWay

    or u mostly play on ur pc/laptop??

  20. AwesomeAkshay

    @iway i use a 21 inch LCD aur han sawal chota ya bada nahi hota :P

  21. AwesomeAkshay

    @iway yap me on PC with 21 inch LCD monitor

    1. iitianWay

      cool …thank guys!!….a new gamer for 20-13 in making.

  22. AwesomeAkshay

    welcome bro ! long live gamers :D

  23. Kunal

    There is no pc version of wwe…thq doeent release it:/

  24. sanjeev-dabangg2-beats-ETT

    Awesomeakshay: if u like max Payne 1 and 2 then you must play 3. It’s way better than the first two. In fact, I liked it more than assassins creed.

    Is there any good online cricket game? I m tired of playing FIFA.

    1. AwesomeAkshay

      yap sanjeev i will play it awesome game i meant its action is good. I dont play online games except few times on ibibo and fb and that too earlier not now .

  25. AwesomeAkshay

    @jhos bro haven’t played it yet but you should play it as its reviews are great . But heard its too much restricted than previous games

    1. jealous hater of srk

      @akki k bro i am playing it bt start is bore and i thnk brotherhood was the best assains creed yet revealation was execellent in visually bt nt as great as brother hood

      1. AwesomeAkshay

        @jhos bro for me brotherhood and revelations were good but Assassin’s creed 2 was great . The charisma of Ezio (Auditore Da Firenze )is unmatched . So great that i even remember his full name :P

  26. AwesomeAkshay

    I updated the title of this post to get more opinions on the topic :)

  27. jealous hater of srk

    The biggest difference between games and movies is that if u hav a gf
    ‘Agar movies prefer karogey toh kharcha karwayegi aur games prefer kiya toh uska kachara kar degi

  28. FS

    Very good post awesomeakshay… I like new version of xbox games but the game cd’s are bloody expensive so avoided buying one. I play in my frnds home sometimes n along with enjoyment its good for your physique as well especially if u are playing boxing, tart n kind of olympic championship involving running, long jump, throws etc…..

    Well as i dont hav any xbox with me normally end up watching movies…

    1. AwesomeAkshay

      Thanks FS .
      I too don’t have an Xbox so i stick to my PC . I have played halo a couple of times at my friends house and yap Xbox games are very expensive .
      I play games and watch movies too . Currently i am watching Godfather 2 and its a damn long movie . 3.5 hours appx.

  29. iitianWay

    i never played games while growing bro used to play mario and had all college did not have PC all were HP workstations no job frnds used to play titris a lot during initial days…but i never liked it .for me sport/games were outdoor thing….my first encounter to games was need for spped on my laptop then i got wii from someone..spend a lot on wii games ..all is still nfs..
    but now with so much enhanced graphics, sound and effects…looks like a never gamer is going to become part time gamer now with easy reach to resources to have “the party”.
    thanks to this post…bachha jaag utha :)

  30. iitianWay

    for me movies and story books were all indoor entertainment(with open door ;) ) 4-5 movies per week…when is SF my fav spot is netflix online and AMC theater in downtown ..when in pune..fav is ESquare-UR screen 5.
    monthy download varies form 120-140 gb worth of entertainment.

  31. AwesomeAkshay

    @iway ye bachha kisi ke bachhe ko jaga ke khush hua :D

  32. Kunal

    Anyone here a regular fan of ufc and wwe?

  33. AwesomeAkshay

    @kunal me a regular fan of WWE and i think many people here do watch WWE


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