Dialogue Promos of Khiladi-786
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  1. ank_16n

    Action scene is just Mind-Blowing…..
    These promos are forcing me to say

    Firebrigade mangwade tu angaro par hai armaan…..

  2. ank_16n

    the dialogue….

    Oye kake Humhare school mein bhi jab blacboard pe 70,71 aur 72 likha hota hai toh kisi ki himat nhi hoti ussko mitane ki tu mera khandan mitayega…..

    Reminds me of the Devraj from Khiladi 420….
    the way the dialogue has been said..!!

  3. Kumar3798

    Devraaj is in International khiladi dear,In khiladi420 u have Dev nd Aanand.Coming to x DLg Promos now i am Sure Khiladi786 is A Blovkbuster

    1. ank_16n

      yeah International khiladi …..sorry……!!

      it reminded me of that scene with Police inspector at his house…!!

  4. diva

    Again akshay fans have declare this film already as Blockbuster. Lol :D

    1. TheRisingStar

      Like Rowdy Rathore and HF2….

    2. iitianWay

      Diva m’am …Enjoy golden age of cinema and BO.

  5. Akki Fan

    Diva didi ,Aap sachme Akki hater ho ya phir maze le rahi ho?LOL(real wala)

  6. Akki Fan

    Ye baar baar mera comment awaiting moderation mode mein kyun ja raha hai?

  7. Action

    @ank_16n OUATIM2 is releasing on 8 Aug 2013.
    I think SIK was also released on 8 Aug in 2008.I am hoping this one also achieve the sort of hype that SIK reached.
    Music director is also Pritam in both the films.I have hopes from OUATIM2.
    Khiladi786 is a sureshot success.
    Any idea when Thuppakki will release?2013 end or 2014?

  8. Aditya007

    ”Any idea when Thuppakki will release?2013 end or 2014?”

    dude It has Most Probably 2014 ,resion behind it , Shootting will Start in Feb .
    So 2014 lineUp Should as~
    Thuppaki remake , HF3 ,Ramana remake, & Sajid Nadaidwala’s Romantic Action thriller!


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