Exclusive Interview : I was ROTFL when I heard script of Khiladi 786 – Akshay Kumar

Tuesday, 27 November 2012 19:12 Nayan Karekar Interviews
After the long gap of 12 years, finally the real stunt hero of Bollywood Akshay Kumar is backed with his original style of being ‘Khiladi.’ The actor says he took a break from action be a responsible husband and a father, but now Akki found the right time to get back in his most famous style. Here is all what Akshay feels about Khiladi 786’ what Action means to him . . .


Are you serving fetishism with the number 786’ whereas you have given message to not to believe in fetish activities?

No, not at all. In Oh My God we have shown that believe in God but don’t for fetish activities. The number 786 is very lucky and religious number for Islam and Muslim community. According to Muslims, The number stands for ‘Bismillah’ and in the film Khiladi 786, Bismillah is written in my hands. So it is a part of belief not of fetish.


What makes a man a perfect or a real Khiladi?

Real khiladi is one who respects his parents . . . mother and father. He is who can nicely take care of families. It’s very easy to be Khiladi in a sports field by having athletic body but to be a Perfect Khiladi, first you should be good human being.





What the tag of Khiladi means to you?

Oh! It means a lot that lot. It is the name that I have got as a part of appreciation for work. This tag is with me since 20 years now and I feel fortunate that it has never gone away from me. I feel my audience, my fans and yes even you Media people have given me this tag of Khiladi Kumar. I really feel good when I am connected with a certain image that makes me loved by everyone, gives me a superb feeling.

What was that factor that you decided to go for ‘Khiladi 786’?

Well, that’s a very funny story. Himesh Reshmiya (Producer) once told me that he has a good script which is exactly suitable for me. I told him to tell me the script when we were travelling in the plane together. We were at the height of almost 36 thousand feet when he narrated me the script. With every page he was turning I was literally rolling on the floor laughing, I just loved the script and moreover with this film I was about to get a chance to be back with my ‘Khiladi’ style. So there were all the reasons to give a big nod.

Do you think action films are in very much demand nowadays?

Yes, absolutely but not just the action films, those films does really well which are mix up with comedy. I think just action or just a comedy doesn’t work that great as an ‘Action Comedy’ film works.

But do you think the craze for comedy has increased in recent year?

Yes, I do feel that because if I am not wrong, the actual season for comedy films started with Hera Pheri which was hard-core comedy film. Earlier comedy film had no market in overseas business, it was zero earlier, but now when comedy is mostly get mix-up with action, it is highly accepted in overseas. So “comedy ke sath action becho toh jada bikata hai”.

Why such a long gap of almost 12 years to return as a Khiladi?

When I did my last Khiladi film . . . Khiladi 420, I was not married but then after this film I got married and then I decided not to do comedy films as then I had to give more time to my family as a responsible husband and a father. Also that time I decided to do some comedy films. But now I found that it’s a right time to get back in my original style that my fans like the most.




  1. ranjit
    November 28, 2012 at 5:53 PM

    pata nahi yaar kaisa hoga………………

    arre dialogue promo me bhi aisa kuch nahi dikhaya ki hasi aye :(
    this is not a comedy movie for sure but for massala movie ke liye bhi to kuch comedy chahiye…….iska action bhi thik thak nahi lag raha…… WTH! is this?

    1. joker8546
      November 28, 2012 at 7:32 PM

      Bro….its gonna be blockbuster,
      ….BE Ready for bada DHamaka on 7th DEc..
      They r keeping everything under carpet From Story to Action Scnes to Comedy Scenes,,,,,
      I m 100% confirmed k786 is going 2 be hUge

  2. naya khiladi
    naya khiladi
    November 28, 2012 at 7:08 PM

    I think the story is very simple thats why they havent shown much in the trailer. Also they are banking on the power of its hit music , therefore showed Balma song in the trailer. I expect them to release some funny or clap-worthy dialogue promos ala Rowdy Rathore if the movie has any. Hope we are not dissapointed.

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