Box office Predictinos of TALAASH
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TALAASH is Aamir Khan’s first commercial release after the monumental blockbuster “3Idiots”. TALAASH is directed by Reema Kagti and is slated for 30th November release. The film also stars Kareena Kapoor, Rani Mukherjee and Nawazudding Siddiqui in lead. The film will have a good opening because of staunch face value.

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  1. Aditya007

    lol Sanket is Kepting Low to Normal Now ,due to VeryHigh Numbers of JTHJ Case.
    Btw My Prediction For Talaash~
    Opening Day around -13+cr
    Weekend 43+cr [In Good Case]

  2. TheRisingStar

    80cr lifetime maximum!!! Life of pi will do better in second week.

  3. dr.nick

    both talaash and khiladi will do around 110-120cr.

  4. Gorilla

    I will go by Dr Nick’s prediction for Talaash.
    Overall nett – 120 Cr
    Opening: 13 Cr

  5. Dino

    Talaash will just about manage 100cr.
    Opening 12, Lifetime 100.

  6. Aayush

    Talaash might just wrap up under 90-100Cr

  7. cr7

    IF WOM IS GOOD- 220 CR

    1. rockie_Dabangg2

      150cr – minimum ….. :O
      Omg ye thoda jyada nahi ho gaya … ??

      1. Sagar

        Remember Aamir’s hasn’t had a full commercial movie since 3 idiots. People have waited too long for this movie. If you can predict Salman’s movie to break Aamir’s record then why can’t someone predict Aamir’s movie to break his own record. Mark my words, this movie will surprise everyone just like 3 idiots did when no one gave it a chance before it’s release.

    2. Roy

      srk ka frustration aamir pe kyon utaar rahe ho siyaar? :D

  8. Sagar

    I think people here are underestimating Aamir’s star power. Remember he was the one who started the 100 crore trend and took it to the next level with 3 idiots. I would say, 100 crore will be a walk in the park for this movie. If liked by audience then sky is the limit. Aamir has the ability and to take a film like Talaash to some distance.

  9. Delight44

    80 crore maximum

    (if WOM is extremely good)

  10. iitianWay

    yes…i am also sure it will go really very big …dont think and treat AK as srk…

  11. Zubair

    It will do 105-115 crores for sure
    If words of mouth is good

  12. Serenzy

    Expecting Around 42cr ka
    Weekend and 100/05cr ka

    If the Thriller Climax is
    Smashing and if the Movie is
    Kept Engaging for 2hrs and
    Not Slow Paced/Boring Stuff, than 130+ Cannot be Ruled Out for Sure Inspite of K786.

    Shud Trend Fantastically Well till 20th Dec 2012.


    I Hope TALAASH Pulls Off a
    Better Suspense than Don2/
    KCK[Excel Works] and the
    Movie should Not Get too
    Slow and Boring as the Core
    Concept Suggest Aamir Coming in Terms with Life
    After Losing his Boy to an
    Accident. Even a Kahaani, Don[SRK]
    Type Twist will be More than
    Acceptable and a JG/EHT Type Treatment.

    Then there will be No
    Stopping TALAASH then…

  13. sanket porwal

    If Talaash is accepted by audience, K786 will not do any great shakes at multiplexes. K786 will be goner at multiplexes. I doubt K786 will do 100crs in lifetime. Because it has just two weeks time.

    But nevertheless, if K786 has good WOM, it will do at-least 90-95cr with good trending which will mean a good clean “hit”.

    Interesting fact: In the last three big films of years, all the protagonists are playing Police Inspector. (Akshay Kumar has one frame of Police Inspector). :D

  14. Serenzy

    Good Point Sanket.

    Either Way One is Going to Kill the Other OR Both Can Sustain as they are Free till 20th Dec to Collect How Much Ever they want.

    Good Point is Unlike SOS/JTHJ, Talaash and K786 are More of a ZNMD/Singham Case and if both are Recieved Well by the Audience, both will be SuperHits with Fab Trending.

    Point is, Which Movie will Get the Better WOM?

  15. FS

    Anything below 150cr is disappointment…

  16. Serenzy

    ” Unlike SOS/JTHJ,
    Talaash and K786 are More of a
    ZNMD/Singham Case ”

    I Mean they aren’t Clashing but Coming Apart from Each Other by 1Week.

  17. sanket porwal

    Yes Serenzy. Competition will affect Talaash’s trending.

    K786 is too much in Dabangg genre. So once Dabangg releases, K786 will collect in peanuts.
    That’s why 100cr looks a big task for K786. But who knows, if Dabangg2 gets rejected, K786 will have the chance to do well if it has good WOM.

  18. Aditya007

    Ok ,agree With Some Points Of Sanket, But If K786 Trends like RR ,then It’ll Affect Also Dabangg2,& In that Case K786 will Collect 100 Cr in around 13 days [If weekend is Going 45+ ,which seems Happing].
    Also OneThing is Sure Opening Is Going to Very Good as Compare to Non Holiday releases, because Promotion is Going to be Excellent with City Tours. & Movie is also Very Hot in trade as well as Audience .

  19. waleed jawaid

    i was expecting 10 cr opening but seeing the paid media hyping this laash oh sorry talaash i can expect 13 cr opening not breaking rowdy record ..!! other than boi over report the figures..!! and khiladi 786 is hotter than talaash …opening will be same if not more than talaash but …i think if content of khiladi is on par with talaash it will collect more than talaash jthj and son of sardar..!!!

  20. waleed jawaid

    akshay kumar a.k.a akki 5th film in a year…hotter than amir khan a.k.a perfectionist 1st film in 3 at amir khan fans..or plz now dont bring dabbang….agar salman khan 1 saal ma 5 films release karay then it will be likewise comparision not now with dabbang.>! i hope the people here can understand..!

  21. Ek tha dugglale

    for me its fdfs for talaash
    promos are gr8…n music to is really gud specialy jee le zara and AAMIR KHAN the brand will ensure a record opening (non holiday)…..weeknd shld be 46+
    if wom is gud than sky is limit coz it is having free run till 21 dec…so 130+ looks realistic..if wom is gud (which would be considering itz a aamir khan movie)..
    So at the end top three hits would be

  22. dr.nick

    u have got the sequence 3 hits would be dabangg 2,ETT and whoever comes at 3rd.

  23. alizain2844

    guys read somewhere that aamir used to kil in muvie and kils himself at end..and kareena is ghost nd she is aamir’s imagination..
    As far as talaash is concernd its going like don2, music is avg like don2.. Movie is hot in multiplexes like don2.. Bt don2 had style nd actin whch lacks in talaash.. Wont be surprisd if lifetime is below 100.. Coz ths genere is nt audieance friendly now a days..


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