Salman Khan takes his unit on a shopping spree in Dubai

Mehul S Thakkar (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 26, 2012)


The shooting of Arbaaz Khan’s Dabangg 2, after its last schedule in Dubai, was finally wrapped up. But unlike other film units, the crew celebrated this completion in a unique way. Letting go of the usual party routine, the film’s crew went shopping in the mall capital of the Middle East. What’s more, lead actor Salman Khan, on learning about the plan, decided to join them. This is what followed…

“Bhai had just finished shooting for the song Saanson Se sung by Sonu Nigam. The next morning everybody went for shopping. He called the crew and told them that it would be his treat,” a source told Mumbai Mirror.

So Salman along with his team of bodyguards accompanied the rest of the crew to the mall. On reaching their destination, Salman declared: “You shop, I’ll pay.”

The crew was however, not too surprised by their hero’s generous offer. “Salman is known for doing these little things for everybody around him. On the sets, he even ensures that everybody has eaten properly,“ said our source.

And thus, with Salman by their side, the crew members went on a shopping spree. And as per Salman’s orders, no one thought about the bill before picking up what they want.

“There were 15-20 crew members. They picked up a lot of stuff – clothes, shoes, belts, watches and more. After a point in time, Bhai joined in as well. He picked up a few things for himself too. The bill, when it appeared, ran up to a few lakh. But Bhai did not even blink before paying,” the source added.

As for the onlookers at the mall, it was a treat as well. “The other shoppers were excited to see their favourite Khan shopping at the mall. Salman is very popular in Dubai, more so after Dabangg, in which one song was shot in the city. A lot of people asked him for autographs and also to pose for pictures with them. Bhai was in a very good mood and readily posed for pictures with his fans,” said the source.


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