Fan to gift Akshay 1 lakh worth notes bearing ’786?


Hiren Kotwani (BOMBAY TIMES; November 25, 2012)


A businessman from Sirsa, Haryana, Vipan Mehta plans to gift Akshay Kumar his collection of currency notes worth 1 lakh bearing digits ‘786’ in the serial number. Vipan has been collecting the notes for 11 years.

He revealed, “I started collecting notes with the digits ‘786’ when I suffered a loss due to sudden heavy rains. A customer had taken back a 50 note with the number ‘786’ after a deal and soon afterwards, I heard that it had started raining in a nearby area. Thankfully, I managed to get the note back. And now that Akshayji’s film Khiladi 786 is coming, I want to gift him all the notes that I have collected. I want Akshayji to be blessed with good luck, success and fortune. I managed to contact creative producer of the film Khiladi 786 Rakesh Upadhyay to help me meet Akshay.” Concludes Mehta, “The sum value of my collection is not the issue here. I’m Akshayji’s fan and I believe that ‘786’ is a holy number.”



  1. sahildiksha
    November 27, 2012 at 2:47 AM

    Wow great guy Vipan, how can you manage to gift that?????????? Real fan!!!!!!

  2. Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider
    November 27, 2012 at 11:08 AM

    Great guy You Are Really! :)

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