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My Views on ‘Ishaqzaade’


Easily One of the Best Romantic Drama Movies I’ve Seen after a Loong Time from Bollywood and So Repenting it that I Missed it on the Big Screen.

The Awesome Lead Chemistry btwn Arjun-Parineeti was Passionate, Wild, Vulnerable and Sizzling, all at Once.

Habib Faisal just goes onto show what a Genuine Talent he is in B-Town and after Years of Struggle, he has just showcased it back to back in BBB, DDC and Ishaq.

Genuine Stories with Strikingly Good Dialogues Set in the North Parts of India is her Forte and he is doing a Bloody Amazing Job of it.

Habib and Imtiaz/Dibakar should definatly work on Some Movie Together.
Absolute Treat it will be to Watch.

Top Notch Production Values as Expected from YRF, What Extends the Beauty of the Movie is that it Blends the Small Town Feeling with Immense Success w/o getting Deeply into it like ‘Udaan’.

Amit Trivedi is a Genius and the Song Composed do add a lot to the Movie with Pareshaan, Jhalla Wallah and Ishaqzaade being My Favourites.

The Entire Supprting Cast is Unknown but Chosen Brilliantly by the casting director with Anil Rastogi, Gauhar Khan and Natasha Rastogi being the BEST of the lot.

Arjun Kapoor Acts well and does his Scenes in a Confident Way with a Naughtiness on his Face.
He Resembles Abhishek Bachchan a lot and has the Potential of doing Some Good Intense Roles.

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  1. Roy

    first half was great, second half a comparative let down for me. i wish somehow they had shown a positive approach taken by the protagonists in second half. nevertheless one of the better movies this year. overall 3 to 3.5/5

  2. Serenzy

    But The STAR OF THE MOVIE – Parineeti Chopra!

    Fiery, Short Tempered yet Childlike and Innocent at the Same Time.

    Check her Out in the Scene where She forgets to Take Bullets of the Pistol OR That Scene where in the Danger of Death, She Talks about her Love for Studying Chemistry in College.

    Loved her a lot even though I haven’t seen LvRB yet.

    Gauhar Khan was Good to Watch in he 3-4 Scenes.


    Yes the Movie has a Large 80’s kinda Hangover to it and the Sequence of A Character Like Zoya Falling so Easily for Parma to Such Extent is Difficult to Digest but Overlooking these Shortcomings, Ishaqzaade was One of the BEST Movies this Year.

    Arjun-Parineeti shud do 3-4Memorable Films together.
    They have the Potential to be One of the Best Jodis.

    And Hats Off to Habib Faisal.

  3. Serenzy

    Yes Roy…That’s what I Too Expected bcz that’s wht We Expect from Regular B’Wood Movies.

    “i wish somehow they
    had shown a positive
    approach taken by the
    protagonists in second half.”

    Parma’s Granddad Kills his Mother in Cold Blood but instead of Going all Wild on him he goes and Smartly Saves Zoya’s Life bcz he knows he cannot face his Granddad’s Might.

    Also, how Cooly they Walk Out from the College when they know Parma-Zoya are Dead… Stamps out the Honour Killing Angle.

    The 1st Confrontation Scene btwn Parma-Zoya was Excellently Handled so was that Ladies Washroom Scene.

    I also Liked it when He assures to Zoya that he will be back in 2Minutes when he gets down from the Bus.

    You can Just Fear, sumthing’s about to go Wrong!


    BBB – 3/5

    DDC – 3.5/5[KKG, OLLO Remain the Better Movie]

    Ishaqzaade – 4/5

  4. Roy

    “That’s what I Too Expected bcz that’s wht We Expect from Regular B’Wood Movies.”
    That’s not my expectation. rather a disappointment. till half way point, it was wow, this is awesome kind of movie. but it drops pace later and way it ended was unconvincing for me. i have no problems in sad endings, but the second half was like they were running, running, running and then they don’t make it. bit of anticlimax for me !!

  5. Serenzy

    Personal Note :-

    I have Noticed Many a Times to
    a Certain Extent[Not Always
    though] that YRF always
    Fucks Up Big Time when it
    Comes to BIG movies: Content Wise.

    Eg: JTHJ, Aaja Nachle, RNBDJ,
    JBJ, Mujhse Dosti Karoge, Tara Rum Pum, Tashan,LCMD, ETT.

    Not Claiming that they are the
    BEST at Medium/Small Range
    Movies, but they are Damn
    Good and Definately Make
    those Segments of Movies in a
    Better/ Superior and an Interesting Way and I have
    Liked them a Lot More Over
    the Years, Not Intentionally

    Eg: Ishaqzaade, MBKD, BBB,
    SN, Dhoom, BnB, Saathiya.

  6. rafee

    Nice review man. i like the way you sum up all your thoughts in the follow up comments. :)

  7. Serenzy

    Glad Yaar Rafee.. Thanx a lott!

    Looking forward to End the Year on a High with TALAASH and Dbng2.


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