Wed Report – JTHJ losing its grip .. SOS has picked up
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Jab Tak Hai Jaan 2nd Wednesday Box Office Collections

Yash Chopra’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan seems to be losing its grip as it made only about 4 Crores on its 2nd Wednesday at the domestic box office. The romantic flick now stands at a domestic box office total of 94.75 Crores.

On the contrary, Ajay Devgn’s Son Of Sardaar has picked up well and has done considerably better business than JTHJ at the domestic box office yesterday, all thanks to the increased number of screens in SOS’s kitty.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan can only wait for the coming weekend to help numbers and make some money at the domestic front.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan Daily Breakdown
Day Collections (INR)
Day 1 15 Crores
Day 2 19.5 Crores
Day 3 14.5 Crores
Day 4 11 Crores
Day 5 11 Crores
Day 6 10 Crores
Day 7 5.25 Crores
Day 8 4.5 Crores
Day 9 4 Crores
Total 94.75 Crores

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  1. Rosh

    The 200-300 screens added to SOS is now confirmed by both Ajay Devgn, Komal Nahata and Faridoon Sharayar.

    But BOI being biased as always claims there has been no change at all in order to justify their stance that JTHJ and SOS are neck-in-neck

  2. Kunal

    Nd on tuesday when everybody confirmed that sos is ahead… Even the highly highly pro jthj biased boxofficecapsule… Boi didnt release their daily collection report!!

  3. Rosh

    By the way this shows very clearly, JTHJ will fail to reach 100 cr even using Koimoi figures which are higher than BOI figures.

    BOI was reporting 4 crs less than Koimoi for 1st 3 days, I have not tracked after that, but would expect BOI total to be 8 cr less than Koimoi by now, unless they selectively revise their numbers upwards.

    So by BOI numbers, it wont reach 100 crs in 12 days.

    1. Rosh

      Meant fail to reach 100 crores in 10 days. It will reach there on 11th day using Koimoi numbers and 13th day using BOI numbers

  4. ank_16n

    BTW Shows of SOS have Reduced in Multiplexes of Delhi Nizam,Mysore,West Bengal and Mumbai…Considerably..!!

    1. Rosh

      At least state your source if you want to have some credibility. And I would be a fool to reduce SOS screens while keeping JTHJ if I were a theater operator anywhere except Mysore and WB

  5. iitianWay

    Life of pie…is week se baakiyon ko life jacket pahana degi…so sos and jthj ke din poore ho gaye they just have to survive and come out of rough water…they have only that much time available

  6. Kunal

    IF the shows of sos has decreased in multiplexes..thats simply because of releasr of the life of pii and twilight… And same would happen with jthj…its not that the shows of only sos wuld be reduced!

    1. Rosh

      There are new movies releases every week, if not Hindi movies, English and regional movies are still released.

      Saying that screens are reduced of SOS is just pathetic, thats normal and expected reduction, and would affect both JTHJ and SOS.

      But what better can be expected of ank_16

  7. Tiger

    Maybe it is one of your balls losing its grip! Lol.After Saturday SOS will be declining at the speed of light. Just wait and see.

  8. mods

    You are banned. Raise a ticket to inquire more on this.

  9. Shaan

    its mean another Ra 1,super in Ist week but crash in 2nd week,JTHJ deserves this result


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