Salman Vs Akshay – Top 10 Hits Comparison
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though i think its an insult to salman to compare him with akshay, his logicless, dataless, manipulative and stupid fans andtheir rantings make it imperative for me to publish this table. see how akshay is miles behind in top 10 hits’ size and positions. all data taken from single source

to ye hai akshay ki aukaat!



salman   khan akshay kumar
film verdict note film verdict note
10 biwi no 1 super hit the solo hero biggets hit of the   year 1999 sabse bada khiladi hit cud not even be in top 5 of the   year
9 saajan super hit two hero biggest bhit of the year khiladiyon ka khiladi hit solo hero but cud not even get   into top 5, was at no 6 or 7
8 partner blockbuster 3rd biggest hit of the year 2007   with two heroes namaste london hit solo hero but cud not even get   into top 5, was at no 6 or 7
7 ready blockbuster solo hero second biggest hit of   2011 riding entirely ons salman’s shoulders. Many cant think of any other   reason for its success except salman housefull super hit 4 hero super hit that was at no 4   in the year
6 karan arjun blockbuster 2nd biggest hit to the mammoth   ddlj in 1995, two hero project bhool bhulaiya super hit two hero project that cudnt even   get into top 5 of 2007, akshay;s best year
5 bodyguard blockbuster biggest hit of 2011 bordering on   atbb, riding entirely on salman’s shoulder again heyy baby super hit 3 hero film that cud not even get   into top 5 of 2007, akshay’s best year
4 ek tha tiger blockbuster sure atbb declared bb at 200 cr,   ,most likely to emerge biggest or second biggest hit of 2012 housefull 2 super hit again 4 hero project that may or   may not be in top 5 of 2012
3 dabangg atbb solo hero film riding entirely on   salman’s persona, charm and talent, biggest hit of this decade so far singh is king super hit solo hero but just super hit
2 maine pyaar kiya atbb solo hero atbb that was the   biggest hit of the 80s decade welcome blockbuster  3 hero film that got akshay closest to the   top spot of the year at no 2 in 2007, his best year
1 hum aapke hain kaun atbb biggest solo hero hit in the   history of bollywood, 2nd biggest overall, rowdy rathore blockbuster solo hero but only blockbuster,   akshay’s biggest success may at best be at no 3 in 2012
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  1. danish

    @waleed – as zubair mentioned, all multistarrers have been pointed out with exact number of heroes in them. and there arer no suvbjective views like who the film belonged to or who acted better.

  2. danish

    @ranjit – anil kapoor was a comedian in biwi no 1, not parellel lead or hero.

  3. danish

    @aditya – i post wat i want. mods do wat they want. big deal!

  4. ranjit

    hmm then same goes for welcome then sallu had 3 multi starrer and akki had 2 ……… and what about ur day light robbery claim ETT collected 200cr?

  5. ranjit

    danish the success of sallu’s past films was how much due to him it can be guessed by two simple clash
    Kyo Ki Vs GM
    Blue Vs Mamk

  6. Zubair

    Just searched a guy named hari om bhatya through wikipedia,he was born on 9th of september 1967, it means his age is 46(going) years, then how come his fan calling salman khan(47 years) BUDDHA when he already know that salman khan is more HANDSOME,GOOD LOOKING,YOUNG and DASHING than his favourite star….


    Danish if you really wana compare Akshay and Salman then make a list of successful movies for both and compare. thx

  8. rowdy rathor

    danish the success of sallu’s past films was how much due to him it can be guessed by two simple clash
    Kyo Ki Vs GM
    Blue Vs Mamk

    spot on……..its enuf to make clear who is baap of whom……and i bet none sallu fans can give answer of this question.can they?

    1. rafee

      rowdy rathore you really think that films like kyonki and MAMK failed bcos of clashes? or else they would have worked? LOL

      Or do you know that Blue was a big disaster film in itself for producers and many distributors? or that garam masala was merely a semi hit.

      and agar tumhar logic lagana he hai to

      Shahrukh V/S Akshay se b laga sakte hai

      1993 – Waqt Hamara Hai v/s Maya Memsaab

      1996 – Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi v/s Chaahat

      So just bcos above akki films worked and srk films didnt so ab tumahre hisab se even SRK hits are also not bcos of him and again enough to clear tht akki is baap. Great bakwas logic hai akki fans ka.

    2. rafee

      aur Action replay ho ya Blue dono filmon ke samne ajay ki Golmaal aur ATB chali thi in a clash so tumhare akki fans ke bakwas logic ke hisaab se ajay akki ka b baap hai. :D

  9. rowdy rathor

    though i think its an insult to salman to compare him with akshay,

    @danish its ur personal point of view,not of the whole world…..the same way i also think its a huge insult to akshay to compare him wid salman

    lallua apni film ko bina holiday ke kare toh sahi phir dekhte hai uski kitni aukat hai

    1. rafee

      @rowndy rathore Ready is already a Non-holiday release BLOCKBUSTER. Don’t live in akshay lalaland get your facts right before you make any rants/

  10. waleed jawaid

    danish sahb where is MOHRA>>????? it was the second biggest hit of the year 1994.!! i think u know that.,>???
    @zubair jis actor ko 2 saal ek film shoot karne ma lagte hain.. usay tum jawan khete ho..?? akshay at 47 is younger than ranbir even smjhe…he can shoot 8 films in a year , can release 5 films in a year.. he has got guts..!!
    agar salman BUDDHA nhe ha tou eid release kyun nhe kar raha..!!
    OH i FORGOT dar lag raha ha OUTIM again cy..????? ya phr 7 months may wo shooting complete nhe kar sakta ..???
    @danish biwi no 1 bhi multi starrer ha..! or aj ek MYTH apne dimag cy nikal lo k HAHK was hit due to salman khan it was hit due to the intense family drama..!!! salman khan ki body dekhne nhe gaye thay log they were there to see a classical drama story..!!
    akshay vs salman ka kya muqabla..?????
    two clashes huay hain dono tou tumhe pata ha kon jeeta ha..???
    ya yad dilaun..?
    is waqt salman khan buht bara superstar ha..?
    buht fan following ha..??
    y dont he release his fav eid release against MAMOTH>>OUTIM again.>?
    dar gaya kya..?

  11. sahildiksha

    Friends you know Someone is burning. koi FIREBRIGADE mangwa de re. This is height of burning.

  12. Naveed_Dabangg2

    Great post Danish. Agree with almost everything.

    Today Salman is so far ahead of the competition it’s not even worth discussing. Only Amir comes close.

    Dabangg 2 will again highlight this :D

  13. dr.nick

    i dnt want to get into star fights as akki is my 2nd favourite.just wanted to point out mistakes in the data u provided.bhool bhulaiyya and hey baby were only hits.they weren’t superhits.akki gave 3 hits and 1 bb in kindly update your post

  14. Serenzy

    Waleed Jawaid,

    ” Hum Aapke Hain
    Kaun..! was Hit due its Genre Not because of Salman Khan????? ”

    Ahem ahem…. Rowdy Rathore!!!

    ;) :D

  15. rowdy rathor

    ” Hum Aapke Hain
    Kaun..! was Hit due its Genre Not because of Salman Khan?????

    correction……it was hit bcoz of madhuri dixit no second thought and then script plays the trick.

    1. rafee

      Yes just like Rowdy Rathore which became hit bcos of Sonakshi sinha and then remake script played the trick :D

      Thanks to sonakshi jiske pas already ek ATBB hai jo akshay pure career mein aaj tak nahin de paya :D

  16. rowdy rathor

    @rowndy rathore Ready is already a Non-holiday release BLOCKBUSTER. Don’t live in akshay lalaland get your facts right before you make any rants/

    superhit/blockbuster toh film ho hi jaati hai…..ready ne kaun se record break kiye uski baat karo

    1. rafee

      Ready superhit nahin solo blockbuster thi jo akki ne pure career mein ek he di hai. :D

      aur rahi record ki baat to it had SECOND HIGHEST WEEKEND RECORD only after Dabangg :D

  17. rowdy rathor

    dunt you think if rowdy rathor had released on eid dis year it wud have easily crossed 200cr which your tiger(circus waala) could not do……a film with 4 big holidays over the 7 day wknd with no competition till 3rd week could not manage to collect 200cr at bo………..sigh

    and rowdy rathor which released on non holiday with normal 3 day wknd with competition every week managed to collect 133cr at bo…… compare tiger with rowdy………….hats off to akshay…he is deffinetly a tiger(jungle waala)..

    HF2 which was released during ipl which itself is a bigger competition than the big films managed to collect 115cr at bo…

    1. rafee

      Ready adjusted nett collections are equal to rowdy rathore so wo b tumahre hisaab se 200 karti if rlsd on eid :D

      by the way akshay fans have IF/BUT theories to tell. kya kare aaj tak ek highest grosser of year tak nahin mila pura career ho gya :(

  18. rowdy rathor

    Great post Danish. Agree with almost everything.

    being a salman it is obvious you would agree to his point and the same way being an akki fan i would agree to almost everything said by akki fans……as you can c my last comment got 4 likes and 2 dislikes which is quite obvious that likes been given by akki fans and dislikes been given by sallu fans.

  19. sanket porwal

    Rowdy Rathore would have not done anything more than 10-12 crores had it released in Eid. Its very difficult for any film to sustain and hold well in these 5 days weekend. the film drops heavily on second day because its a regular working day, just as a monday. Still the film does bit better than Monday because its a fresh product in market.

    Salman’s star power is unbeatable in today’s scenario. No doubt RR had a better WOM than ETT, but still it lacked by at-least 55crs.

    Akshay has done well with two big hits this year, but with a major disaster too. He will have another good year, next year! He have mixed it up well for next year.

    As for Salman, yes he have to change the genre. Even if he does a buoyant rom-com, it will be a huge one for him!

    But, the one who looks most stronger in terms of line-ups is Aamir. Dhoom3 is a blcobuster, Peekay is a Hirani film so hopes already high!

    Good to see even SRK doing a different film. Rohit Shetty is a master- he will collaborate well with SRK.

    Next year will again be dhamaka.

    1. iitianWay

      sanket… it wud have easliy crossed 160 + crore if it had released on EID .. with all other factors remaining same as of ETT…it had one of the best WOM of the year as of now…i myself wud have seen it 2-3 times in hall….which i could not at that time…ETT had the best time/placing in last 4-5 years.

  20. Serenzy

    ” If Rowdy Rathore had released on Eid this year it wud have easily crossed 200cr ”

    I LOVE Akshay Fans!

    <3 <3 <3


    1. TheRisingStar

      You have to love becoz your JEALOUSY is extreme!!!

  21. Aditya007

    “Rowdy Rathore would have not done anything more than 10-12
    crores had it released in Eid. ”
    lol , when JTHJ earned Around 74cr its 6Day extended weekend ,then why not with RR ,even time of ETT release there were no comptetion till 2nd week,while RR was Only One Open week. & I’m Sure ,If RR released at Eid instedOf ETT ,then it had done More Business. Just You can Compare with another NoN -Holiday release Ready ,How had Movie earn at BO?
    BTW I think You’re Empty due to Underperformence of Your frvt star Movie JTHJ.

  22. Serenzy

    ” I think You’re Empty due to Underperformence of
    Your frvt star Movie JTHJ”

    Sanket, you are Shah Rukh’s Fan Boy?!?!

    :P :O

  23. Aditya007

    ”Sanket, you are Shah Rukh’s Fan Boy?!?!”
    dude Yeah ,He has Loved SRK veryMuch,even I think he has An FB nutral page but he Posted SRK related news.
    Btw , Will You remember about Prediction Of JTHJ from Sanket JI ?
    In Good case JTHJ was around 194cr &worst case138cr. & Jahan tak mujhe yaad hai, prediction of ETT was very less in Good case to JTHJ.
    Now You’ve lots of Proof,he is/not?

    1. iitianWay

      bomb diffuser ka to bomb nahin foota ..par sanket jee ka dil toot gaya
      ….picture footne/pitne ke baad

  24. danish

    @ranjit – how does the faliure of kyunki and mamk affect salan’s contribution in mpk or hahk? in fact if u look carefully, most flops of salman are where other actors had unexpectedly long roles (hello brother, mamk, god tussi great ho, auzaar etc) and salman fans were disappointed by lenghth of salman’s role. we can also say salman suffred in trying to establish his brothers but then thats the size of his heart. off course some films where he was in a major role also flopped but then tha happens with every actor. as soon as salman started doing films enirely revolving around him, u can see the result. most films that revolve entirely around him – from MPK to ett are hugest possible hits.

  25. TheRisingStar

    ett is a big flop for me coz 35cr day one ke baad bhi just 186cr. Looser film and star.

    BTW srk is gone now. so don’t want to discuss about him.

    The fact is sallu became real star from PKTDK and JUDWAA. Before he had no credibility and status of being a big star. It’s a fact. Akshay has been on his own struggle and had his own fan following from Khiladi itself.

    Again sallu was nowhere before dabangg also.

    Can never give credit to sallu for HAHK.

    Akshay had his films hits on his own shoulders.

    1994, 2007 and 2012…AUKAT hai to karke dikhaye sallu or srk or aamir. BET!!!

  26. danish

    @ranjit – 5 of akshay’s top 10 hits are multistarrers already – welcome, hey baby, housefull 1 & 2, and bhool bhulaiya. as someone pointed out i missed mohra that comes at rank 3 and edges out sabse bada khiladi from spot 10. that means 6 of the 10 biggest hits of akshay are multistarrers and not even biggest hits despite the presence of other stars. in welcome, both nana and anil had romantic interest in mallika, and had 2-3 songs too. in biwi no 1 it was all about salman’s love story and anil kapoor played a comedian friend. who happened to have a wife. but there was no focus on their story. there were hardly any scenes around heir relationship (this can be counted) while in welcome an entire 45 minutes (again countable) sub plot revolves around nana and anil wooing mallika.

    @vickai – wat do u mean compare successfull movies of akshay and salman? are these flop films?

    @rowdyrathre – did u get the answer to ur most difficult question? out of 10 most successful films oaf akshay 6 ( welcome, housefull 1& 2, hey baby, bhool bulaiya and mohra) are multistarrers while in salman’s case only 3 (saajan, karan arjun and partner).

    that shows who is the boss of all. infact even amitabh bachchan cant claim to have that record. even he has just 4-5 solo hero hits in his life.

    1. ranjit

      Then Salman’s Biwi no1 , Saajan, karan arjun, partner, dabbang all are Multistarrer……. if you consider shiney ahuja as a star then arbazz khan is bigger star than him….. And Biwi no. 1 had Anil kapoor…… how r u forgetting that? and what about your non sense claim of 200cr earned by ETT?

  27. iitianWay

    ETT disappointed MP viewers big time time they will be very count on SS screens more for him now…and forget the 200+ type of figures in near future.

  28. danish

    @waleed – if we include mohra (which was a slip on my part i agree) then akshay replaces a ‘hit’ with a super hit but looses out on a solo hero film for a multi hero one. and sunil shetty plays the title role of mohra in that film. so its n big gain for akshay. his multi hero films become 6 out of 10 (mohra, hayy baby, bhool bhulaiay, housefull 1 and 2, and welcome)

    and i dont respond to subjective views like hahk was hit for this or that.

    as for not releasing a film on eid – salman doesnt need eid. he released hahk, te hugest solo hero hit in the history of bollywood without any eid. he doesnt need christmas – if mpk had been preponed by 4 days it cud have released on chrstmas but it was released on 29th december 1989. salman doesnt need diwali. no entry was not released on diwali and still was the biggest hit of that year. salman doesnt need post ipl/world cup – in fact he released biwi no 1 in the middle of world cup 1999 and made it the biggest hit of that year breaking the myth that u cant releas a film during worldcup. however no1 since has repeated the feat – releasing a film during world cup and making it the biggest hit of the year. salman doesnt need any holiday – ready and even dabangg were released on normal friday (dabangg on a ramzan last friday wen muslims dont watch films at all) salman doesnt need a heroine (mpk, dabangg) a director (bodyguard, dabangg2, mpk, pyara kiya to darna kya) salman doesnt need a story (ready) salman doesnt need a music director (mpk, hahk, hum saath saah hain, pyaar kiya to darna kya) salman doesnt need an art director, a camera man, a costume designer, a……

    P.S. – i hope u wud be intelligent enuff to kno that i mean an ESTABLISHED heroine, director, camera man, art director etc…..

  29. danish

    @rafee – and additinally u cud point out that not nly ready but also dabangg was a non – holiday release. in fact dabangg released on the last friday of ramzan, a day wen muslims pray the most and dont watch movies etc. so dabangg had a disadvantage. eid happened on saturday but the fact that dabangg’s highest day was not eid but the sunday proves that the business pattern was like any normal release.

    @naveed – thanx dude. i thot u and aryan may not appreciate this post for its ‘confrontational’ nature. but i am happy u did!

    @dr nick – kya yaar! hey baby and bhool bhliya were not superhits bol kar apne ‘2nd favourite’ ki hi vatt laga rahe ho.

    @sanket – since u are talking balanced and realistic today i wont take u on! by teh way wat do u think abt dabangg 2 songs. i think they have that rare quality of an instant hit that survive long term. most songs that are instant hits dont remain memorable in te long term (wen was the last time any one listend to ek, d teen from tezaab or choli ke peechhe from khalnayak on radio/tv?) and most songs that survive long term pick up slowly (most rmantic and soulfull numbers) but occasionally there comes a song that is an instant hit and survives decades (rang barse from silsila, didi tera devar diwana from hahk, pyaar kiya to darna kya from mughal e aazam, dil diwana from mpk, all the aashiqui songs, yeh dosti from sholay etc) and dabangg 2 songs seem to have that quality.

  30. Kunal

    If i am not wrong…salman had 7 straight flops before hum aapke hain kaun…right?

  31. danish

    @sundry akshay fans – even f rowdy rathore wud have released n eid it wud have collected 130 cr. just that the entire trending that u guys keep beating ur cheats about would have gone. the collections wud have all come in 6 days (may be 90 cr) and 40 cr in lifetime. thats the only diff an eid release cud make to rr.

    @thr rising star – ett is a flop – ur view! its a white lie. u r talking like shalu didi (of trending fame) now.

    if sallu was nowher before dabangg, akshay is nowhere even after rowdy rathore.

    of akshya;s top 10 hits 6 (welcome, heyy baby, housefull 1 & 2, bhool bulaiya and mohra) are multi hero film. of salman’s top 10 hits only 3 (partner, saajan, karan arjun) are two hero films. and still all salman films are much bigger than akshay’s hits.

    u r talking of 1994, 2007 and 2012. well salman has had the biggest hits of 1994 and 2012 (hahk and ett) akshay’s film in 1994 made 15% of salman’s film. akshay biggest hit in 2012 rowdy rathoremade just 70% of ek tha tiger in 2012. so wat competition.

    tum akshay fans bas 2007 ki hi bata karte achcche lagte ho. aur uss saal bhi salman had a blockbuster in partner. (now dont say two heroes n partner, welcome had 3)

    and r u trying to say that the semi hit khiladi make askhay a star and attbbs mpk, hahk, and superhits saajan and sanam bewafa, hit judwa and many more did not make salman an isntant star? wah!

    p.s. – did u notice that while u guys cling to semi hits like khiladi and jaanwar for dear life, we salman fans doent even mention semi hits like bagahi, mpkk etc.

  32. danish

    @kunal – akshay had 13 flops before rowdy rathore. right!

  33. Kunal

    The only diff is he really didnt hv.. Haha:p

  34. sanket porwal

    Serenzy- Well, what Could I say! I am labelled as SRK fan for just predicting high numbers for JTHJ. LOL. So next time I have to make sure I predict lesser figure, even though if i am not okay with it ;)

    Aditya007/Iitianway- I don’t really have work today, so I found few articles-

    In above link I clearly commented that Aamir, Akshay, Hritik are better actors than SRK.

    In this link you will find my fights with Jasp the Wasp who took SRK’s side and I took Hritik’s side.

    In this link you can see I called ra.One a Failure and defended that comment against a member called “Right”.

    I also had high predictions for Joker. But you guys never considered me Akshay fans then! Why this kolaveri Di?

    And I rated 3.5/5 to desi Boyz, housefull2, rowdy rathore…but why nobody called me Akshay fan. Why?

    Anyways, the interesting thing to notice is if you predict higher number for any actor’s film, you are his fan. cool. I will remember that for as long as I live.

    Do i need to say anything else? :D

    1. iitianWay

      ur too much protection/prediction of jtjh ..made u bomb diffuser’s squad member..but now ….after seeing ur S Star ranking is Aamir > Ajay> Akshay> ranbeer … will correct next time when commenting :)

  35. sanket porwal

    Danish- ” since u are talking balanced and realistic today i wont take u on! ”

    Till date you were only manipulating box office numbers. Aaj se ye sab manipulations bhi shuru kar diya? Pray tell me, when did you took me on?

    Anyways, mein at-least aaj balanced aur realistic baatein kar raha hoon. But aap kab shuru karoge balanced aur realistic baatein? I am waiting!

    About Dabangg2’s music- I am loving Dagabaaz re, but Pandey Jee seetey is not working for me! Its too much like “Humka peeni hai” which was another bad song IMO!

    Haven’t heard rest of the songs as most of the times I like to hear a song only when its video is out. waiting for fevicol song.

  36. danish

    @kunal – starting from chandni chowk to chinan and ending with desi boys!

    @sanket – ek compliment ka itna rude response?

    in any case i have never manipualted any facts, have always taken all my verdicts form a single source and manipulations have been the hall mark of akshay fans. there is a currently a story on ng that compares the ratings of repeat telecast of ett etc to premeire telecast of omg.

    akshay is scum of the earth! and his fans try to defend him. so sad!

    1. iitianWay

      aaj to lagta hain master jee ne bahar hi nahin nikala ..balki thappar bhi maar diya…akki to itni gaali ;)

  37. iitianWay

    akki ..urf..master jee ko itni gaali

  38. danish

    @iitianway – i m not into astrology and preditions. on the basis of availabel facts salman is amongst the 3 most successfull stars in 100 years history of bollywood along with amitabh and d dlilp kumar.

    rahi baat master ji (karate master is it? ya masaage sikhaate hain bang co(c)k mein?) ur akshay ki to bhai wo ghaple hi itne karte/karwaate hain ki gaali deni hi padti hai. dekho zara slimeball ko kya story chhapwaayi hai. comparing premeiere telecast of omg with nth repeat telecast of 3 idiots and ett etc. that two by stretching the week to 8 days just to drag ett in it. and that in a period wen trp recording is stopped since may 2012.

    abd aise slimeball, scumbag master ko gaali na dein to kya karein?

  39. sanket porwal

    ADITYA007- What is that page? I am not even member, forget admin!

    IITIANWAY- I don’t bother when someone call me SRK fan. They have called me SRK fan even during Ra.One, for a reason I am still unaware of! Few called me Akshay fan and HR fan too. I enjoy these labels! And please care to tell me when did I “protect” JTHJ?

    This time what was was new, was the reason of labeling me SRK fan- just because I predicted high numbers for JTHJ. That gave me few laughs!

    And yeah, please care to tell me when did I “protect” JTHJ?

    And anyway, I guess it was you who posted a poll about actors- and you were supposed to make a result out of it. So you can check that page too, if any further proofs are demanded! :D

    DANISH- “since u are talking balanced and realistic today i wont take u on! ”

    ye compliment hai? Ye toh fight instigate karnewala sentence laga muje.

    Khair, agar aapka intention acha tha toh, mei apna sentence wapas le leta hoon.

    About Akshay fans..what can I say! The best Akshay fans like Manish bhai, Samwal, Ayush are not visiting this place! They had the balls to accept the failures that their star gave! Aur baaki dusre Akshay fans toh dekho- They say RR would have done 200cr in Eid. LOL. :D And fir wo muje SRK fan samajte hai kyuki my predictions of JTHJ were too high. LMAO :D

    1. iitianWay

      i did check thats why i commented above u r not in srk prk…
      //after seeing ur S Star ranking is Aamir > Ajay> Akshay> ranbeer …..//

      rahi baat protection ki to woh mujhe doondna padega…neural maps says it was day or two ago while comparing with sos u were sympathizing with bomb diffuser wo bomb resistant suite…
      (woh baat alag hain agar bomb fut jaata to picture bach jaati and tumhari baat sach ho jaati… prediction waali)

  40. Aditya007

    ”dusre Akshay fans
    toh dekho- They say RR would have done 200cr in Eid.”
    I never said That RR would have done 200cr mark at eid ? I said Only ,It had done More bizz more thsn ETT . & its true because ,
    Some reasions behind It –
    It had great WoM which eqaual to Dabangg 2010 release !
    RR would have 6 day Extended weekend [ Dont Forget RR earn around 47.8cr in 3Day with Non Holiday release & RR Also had done around 78cr bizz in an week, 100cr in 10 days ]
    So I had said about it.

  41. RJ

    RR wouldn’t hv done 200 cr no matter when it released.

  42. iitianWay

    even sallu cannot do 200 crore as of now after ETT…
    ETT ke ghaav MP viewers mein bahut gahare hain mere dost :(

  43. RJ

    Iitianway – if salman can’t do 200 cr, he’s atleast done 185+, without help of item numbers, without the help of asequel, without any other stars except kat, his actress.

    Akshay has one full year..he is releasing his big movie on eid, let’s place a bet today that he won’t cross ett collections…I have the balls do you? I’m here you will be here, we both and everyone will see. Do you accept the challenge, or will you chicken out ?

  44. iitianWay

    no dear ..u r becoming emotional….u know i know and all know why sallu is a success now…b/c of a cultural community supporting blindly his “masala” entertainment…..and that has its reason which i said earlier (b/c of his few eid releases they are emotionaly bonded with him) …during ETT ..three cultural group came together…First one as i said above, second one who had faith in YRF’s MP charisma…third one who were fence sitter who had risen with rising wave of sallu till that date…so it made a giant wave of 186 cr….

    thats why i repeat after so much disappointment with ETT..and YRF conitnuous failure to entertain MP audience…one big section is away from sallu now….so for D2 …mostly 1.8 section will come for watching movie…1 full +0.3 MP audience+0.5 fence sitter (b/c of holiday release)

    and rahi baat bet ki to yaar mein emotional nahin hoon…not at all…at times i like watching movie in empty halls ..b/c it gives me feel of watching my movie in my personal home theater….in the same way i make a point to swim in my society pool during india pak match..

  45. iitianWay

    and for outim2 ke liye my highest prediction is 165 cr as of now with current price tkts..2013 ki eid holiday is not placed that much suitable as it was with ETT.

  46. ranjit

    Rj bro Satygrah is coming after 1 week on 15th august 2013,……….

    bahot jnach karke challenge kar rahe ho :P

    Challenge mai karta hu tumko no other Actor except Akshay Kumar can earn 100cr 3 times in a Calender year for atleast 5 years from now………if you have gutts? then challenge me …………

  47. RJ

    Ranjit – itna detail mere paas kabhi nahi rehta. To do research and then challenge’s only my conviction that no other film could generate the kind of euphoria that ett possibly could be dhoom 3 or Krish 3.
    And you see the irony of it all, the ones that we speak of that could challenge ett’s records are sequels or franchises. Even ouatim for that matter, just goes to show how big a salman movie really is.
    And trust me however iitian (read intelligent) you might be, salman’s reach is beyond a generic cultural group..! Be it on a social or a economic level…now that everybody is following suit, it does take away some of the novelty…and hence a Salman sooraj family drama would be the ideal break from these masala fares.


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