Salman Vs Akshay – Top 10 Hits Comparison
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though i think its an insult to salman to compare him with akshay, his logicless, dataless, manipulative and stupid fans andtheir rantings make it imperative for me to publish this table. see how akshay is miles behind in top 10 hits’ size and positions. all data taken from single source

to ye hai akshay ki aukaat!



salman   khan akshay kumar
film verdict note film verdict note
10 biwi no 1 super hit the solo hero biggets hit of the   year 1999 sabse bada khiladi hit cud not even be in top 5 of the   year
9 saajan super hit two hero biggest bhit of the year khiladiyon ka khiladi hit solo hero but cud not even get   into top 5, was at no 6 or 7
8 partner blockbuster 3rd biggest hit of the year 2007   with two heroes namaste london hit solo hero but cud not even get   into top 5, was at no 6 or 7
7 ready blockbuster solo hero second biggest hit of   2011 riding entirely ons salman’s shoulders. Many cant think of any other   reason for its success except salman housefull super hit 4 hero super hit that was at no 4   in the year
6 karan arjun blockbuster 2nd biggest hit to the mammoth   ddlj in 1995, two hero project bhool bhulaiya super hit two hero project that cudnt even   get into top 5 of 2007, akshay;s best year
5 bodyguard blockbuster biggest hit of 2011 bordering on   atbb, riding entirely on salman’s shoulder again heyy baby super hit 3 hero film that cud not even get   into top 5 of 2007, akshay’s best year
4 ek tha tiger blockbuster sure atbb declared bb at 200 cr,   ,most likely to emerge biggest or second biggest hit of 2012 housefull 2 super hit again 4 hero project that may or   may not be in top 5 of 2012
3 dabangg atbb solo hero film riding entirely on   salman’s persona, charm and talent, biggest hit of this decade so far singh is king super hit solo hero but just super hit
2 maine pyaar kiya atbb solo hero atbb that was the   biggest hit of the 80s decade welcome blockbuster  3 hero film that got akshay closest to the   top spot of the year at no 2 in 2007, his best year
1 hum aapke hain kaun atbb biggest solo hero hit in the   history of bollywood, 2nd biggest overall, rowdy rathore blockbuster solo hero but only blockbuster,   akshay’s biggest success may at best be at no 3 in 2012
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  1. iitianWay

    RJ…. ETT had the biggest opp to cross 230 cr..but its everything week made it only 186…it was so well placed in timing/buzz ..i dont see any movie has got it in last 4-5 years or in next 2-3 years….but alas all lost this opp….
    tell me what is KABIR K doing now a days…

  2. ranjit

    we never dis agreed that salman in current time is the biggest star of bollywood and may be due to his luck he was in the part of some big blockbuster movies in past…….. And if you add those he was above akki in past and slightly above of akki now but it does not mean that you will totally deny that Akki was never superstar……… the writer of this thread has exactly tried to show this with his post…….. just see the first few lines of the post…….

    And you may not agree it on this forum but you also know that Akki is much much better actor than sallu but due to his luck and and craze of special community (you can’t deny this) in collecting money he is slightly above but both have a huge fan following……

    @mods how can you allow these posts which are made to create fan war?

    1. diva

      Its a fact that akshay has always been a star was never a superstar. Highest grossers or BB or ATBB. Forget khans akshay is no where near even hrithik in terms of stardom. Even govinda and sunny deol in their prime had better record of BB and Highest grossers that is why they were called Superstars in that time. The actor who has ZERO highest grossers or just one solo blockbuster in 2012 a remake similar to ajay devgn) out of just two total blockbuster other one welcome and again Zero ATBB can never be called a superstar. Akshay and Ajay both always been a stars never superstar.

  3. rowdy rathor

    that shows who is the boss of all. infact even amitabh bachchan cant claim to have that record. even he has just 4-5 solo hero hits in his life.

    and this shows the state of ur mind…isn’t it?

  4. dennycrane1

    for all those moaning about ett eid benefit…ett did 186 crores despite eid and not because of it…

    during ett first 6 days 4.75 days were affected due to ramadan..ramadan effect was cancelled out by independence day for 1st day..2nd and 3rd day toh ramadan + working day..very bad combiation for movies aiming to collect high..saturday too ramadan affect…now comes sunday ..a holiday which every damn movie including rowdy rathore gets…ett had to suffer from ramadan in majority of india with some parts having eid on the later part of day..only during monday did ett enjoy eid benefit without any ramadan to affect it and that was the 6th day of release when any movie usually loses steam..yet collects 19 crore..tuesday was working day again but without ramadan and you know the collecttions..16 crores..

    my dear akki fans..rowdy rathore ko toh atleast ek pura sunday milaa…ett ddidnt even have a proper sunday…holiday mila bhi toh ramadan ne affect kar liya

    and if you guys mention eid beneffit of ett..atleast be intellegent enough to talk about the disadvantages of ramadan…

    now if ett had released on eid day with other holidays in between and made 186 after 32 opening..maybe you would have a point….but ett made 186 crores having a big obstacle of ramadan for almost 5 of its 6 opening days…and everyone knows the first 6 days are the days that big films collect the most amount of money….also what must be noted is salman has the maximum following amongst muslims…so therre you would be sad to know how stupid you guys could beeven after this if you guys moan about ett eid benefit…

    lastly dunno about others but i do believe akki is amongst the top 5 superstars and rowdy rathore until now is the scond biggest blockbuster of the year

  5. danish

    @ranjit – saajan, karan arjun and partner are two hero films and i have mentined as much. biwi no 1 had a nil kapoor in a comedian’s role supporting salman’s story. so its a solo hero.

    @ranjit – but wen has akshay given 3 films with 100 cr? i think its only two – rr and hf2. ya joker aur omg ko combine kar liya?

  6. danish

    @ranjit – if u say salman is supported by a 20 cr strong ‘socio cultural group’ then even i can say that akshay is supported by a 110 cr strong socio cultural group. but i wont say that. nor shud you. considering some of akshay’s biggest fans in naachgaana itself are guys from ‘that socio-cultural group’ (tashan, waleed jawaid etc) and as far as guess most of salman fans here are from the 110 cr strong community (rockie, aryan, rosh, RJ, Phantom and me an atheist but culturally part of the same group)

    so dont bring in communalism in the discussion. hahk did not release on eid and it was the biggest ever hit of salman and biggets solo hero film of bollywood history. salman has hardly ever played a character from that community (at least not in a hit film i can recall) and akshay has done it many times (lahu ke do rang, insaan, tees maar khan)

    @diva – bang on! u just nailed it on the head!

    @rowdy rathore – no this shows the absence of logic/data in ur argument!

    @dennycrane – exactly! ett faced ramzaan for 6 days including ‘last friday’ of ramzaan which is strictly prayers time for those observing it. the eid advantage gave it roughly 20 cr on monday and 13 on tuesday but even a normal monday tuesday for a film like ett cud easily be 23 cr. that means it got a 10 cr advanatage on monday-tue but lost atleast 50 cr from wed to sunday.

    s basically ett lost 40 cr becoz of ramzaan.

  7. danish

    @the risingstar – its not abt jealousy. its abt facts!

  8. naya khiladi

    i think ETT lost 100 cr becoz of ramazaan

  9. danish

    @dumbo khiladi – we are notr like akshay fans who insist salman is backed by ‘one socio-cultural group’ and thats why his films do well on eid and apply the same formula wen salman’s films release in ramzan wen that ‘socio-cultural’ group does not watch movies.

    on top of that akshay’s dumb fans who suspect that ‘socio-cultural’ group does not suppoert akshay still claim if rr released on eid, it wud have done 200 cr and expect outim to collect big becoz of eid.

    isnt that hight of stupidity.

    i made a common sense observation that any film released during ramzan would loose money (conventional bollywood wusdon for decades) and so did ett. and my guess is 40 cr.

    but trust dumb akshay fans to contradict themeselves

  10. danish

    @random akshay fans – dont u guys ( i mean dumb akshay fans) focus on defeating ajay devgan 1st as

    1. he has similar track record as akshay (in fact slightly better as he started with 1st film as superhit) and both have two bbs, not a single biggets hit of the year/decade, not a single atbb

    2. as ajay has recently beaten sharukh khan in footfall for son of sardar vs jthg, a dream akshay may never be able to fulfill

    3. as ajay has beaten akshay black and blue with, you guessed it blue vs all the best and golmaal 3 vs action replay.

    as for salman akshay comparison there cant be none as both are in different category. how can u have a fight between heavyweight )salman) and featherweight (akshay) boxers? aisa dekha hai kabhi

    askahy needs qulaifying rounds with at least 4 biggets hits of the year, 2 atbbs and one biggets hit of the decade to qualify to spar with salman.

  11. danish

    @ranjit – and i still expect response to this comment from akshay fans.

  12. joker8546

    Lambe Constipation ki Mareej hii Sirf aisa wahiyaat Article likh Sakte hai

  13. joker8546

    to ye hai akshay ki aukaat!…..dis is 2 much,,,,

    show sum respect dude for the man who has achieved so much From nowhere….
    it will wake another 1000 lives for u to do WAt Akki has done in OnCe…..

  14. danish

    @joker – aur iss ajay devgan waale comment (copied below) ke baare mein kya kehna hai? does it have the potential to give diarrhea to akshay fans?

    dont u guys ( i mean dumb akshay fans) focus on defeating ajay devgan 1st as

    1. he has similar track record as akshay (in fact slightly better as he started with 1st film as superhit) and both have two bbs, not a single biggets hit of the year/decade, not a single atbb

    2. as ajay has recently beaten sharukh khan in footfall for son of sardar vs jthg, a dream akshay may never be able to fulfill

    3. as ajay has beaten akshay black and blue with, you guessed it blue vs all the best and golmaal 3 vs action replay.

    as for salman akshay comparison there cant be none as both are in different category. how can u have a fight between heavyweight )salman) and featherweight (akshay) boxers? aisa dekha hai kabhi

    askahy needs qulaifying rounds with at least 4 biggets hits of the year, 2 atbbs and one biggets hit of the decade to qualify to spar with salman.

    1. joker8546

      LOLLLLLL Stp fighting like kids…..

      Aur ek aur baat

      PAKa mat be….

  15. danish

    @joker – akshay ki aukaat ki baat hi na aaye if u guys dont compare him to THE SALMAN THE KHAN!

    offcourse if u compare him to the god of bollywood, akshay’s aukaat will be questioned and showed to him!

    1. joker8546

      tumhara Sallu hero
      Hamara Akki zero


      ek aur baat/

      itna lamba lamba mat likha kar,,,,

      Tere Comment padte padte Aankhe apne aap band hone lagti hai///

      In future COmments Of dansih will be used in substitute of Sleeping pills,,,lol Returns

      1. danish

        @joker – kyon lamba dekh ke darr lagta hai kya?

  16. danish

    @joker – na munh chhupa ke jiyo aur na sar jhuka ke jiyo……

  17. Aditya007

    ”dont u guys ( i mean dumb akshay fans) focus on defeating ajay
    devgan 1st as”

    Ohhh then SuperDumb Salman Like U has Come at Win-defeat Process.
    Then Dont Forget about 2005 &2009 when Kyunki & MAMK Bombed at BO, baat Ajay Ki Karta hai!! HUhhh

  18. danish

    @aditya – dekh bhai salman aur akshay ka to koi competition hai nahin magar ajay aur akshay ka to direct coimpetition hai dono ki 2-2 blockbuster hain, equal super hits (ajay ki shaayad ek zyaada hai) and equal hits, equal films on top 5 page.

    aur jab jab ajay aur akshay aamne saamne aaye hain akshay ne munh ki khaayi hai chaahe all the best vs blue ho ya golmal 3 vs action replay.

    to agar kisis case mein direct competition matter karta hai to wo hai ajay aur aksjhay. and akshay ls behind by 2-0

    1. Aditya007

      You think Competition from Ajay ,then You’re wrong ,And Competition Hamesha No1&2 ke beech hota hai [Jo Current Me Hote hai], Jo Ki Salman & Akshay Hai, btw Salman Se Kar derr Lagta hai Kya,ki Kahin Uski Position Ki waattt na Lag Jaye!

  19. Phantom

    salman to door ki.baat hai, salman ke body double ke paas akshay se jyada blockbusters hain.

  20. FS

    Salman toofan hai aur Akshay uska paad (fart) :P

    PS: ab akshay fans iska bhi copy maaro

  21. Aditya007

    ”ab akshay fans iska bhi copy maaro”
    Copy Nahi Marege But Jawab Jarur denge wo bhi ‘eatt Ka Jawab Paththar se’.

    Akshay Is An Cream ,while Salman is Dirty Latrin of Pig[Agree Kar le Khus Rahega]

  22. AwesomeAkshay

    ya zille ilahi hai is darbar me koi jo insaf dila sake ….:D

  23. danish

    @aditya – as u said competition hamesha no 1 and 2 mein hota hai aur no 1 salman hai aur no 2 shharukh

    sharukh ka competition ya to no 1 salman se hoga ya no 3 aamir se.

    aamir ka competition ya to number 2 sharukh se hoga ya no 4 hrithik se.

    ajay and akshay are tied at no 5. un dono ka direct competition hai.

    and i take overall acheivemenst of all actors. atleast in the case of conte,porary actors i dont see any reason taking selective periods and making comparisons. wat do u mean current. current to iss week irrfan khan no1 hai as neither salman nor akshay nor sharukh’s films have made moremoney than him.

    wat is the definition of current? wat is the cut-off point? how manyt months/years/weeks records will be seen? even if you take last 2 years records ajay is much ahead of akshay.

    and if u take last two weeks sharukh has collected 100 cr, akshay nothing.

    if u take last two days, irrfan khan is ahead of akshay with life of pi.

    and if u take last 2 decades then salman, sharukh, aamir, hrithik are ahead of akshay and ajay is tied up

    so 1st tell me the definition of current.

  24. Aditya007

    lol SrK ke sath ??? Abhi bhi ke Flop & Don2 ,JTHJ ke UnderPerformance ke badd bhi.
    Waise Salman to Ajay kya hrithik ke Sath bhi match nahi Ker skta.

  25. naya khiladi

    Audience will get bored of masala movies in some time…its a phase..only actors who are versatile will stay on dekhenge Sallu kahan hoga.. shayad telugu, tamil films me entry kar lega toh movies milti rahengi

  26. danish

    @aditya – abhi bhi srk ke paas akshay se 2 atbbs zyaada hain, 4 biggest hits of the year zyaada hain aur 2 bb zyaada hain. to abhi bhi srk hi aage hua na.

    aur akshay fans kya kuchh bhi bol ke apni khisiyahat mitaate hain? salman hrithik se kyon nahin match kar sakta? hrithik ke paas salman se zyaada kya hai? hits? atbbs? bbs? biggest hits of the year? wat?

    ya bas akshay ke fan ho issliye paagal samajh ke chhod diya jaayega ye maan lete ho tum log.

    @naya dumbo – sallu wahin hoga jahaan 25 saal se hai. atbbs de raha hoga. ye socho ki tumhaar versatile akshay kahaan hoga jo har film mein ‘pimp from pahar ganj’ play karta hai. wahi look, wahi slimy smile, wahi despicable expressions!

  27. danish

    @aditya – tumse definition of current poochhi thi tum kya raag le baithe? kaun si definition of current se akshay number one hai?

    last two days lo to irrfan no 1 hai.
    last two weeks lo to sharukh akashay se kahin aage hai (100 cr kama ke)
    last two years lo to ajay tak akshay se aage hai
    last two decades lo to salman, sharukh, aamir aur hrithik ke baad akshay no 5 par ajay se tied hai.

    to current ki kaun si definition se akshay no2 hai ye batao

  28. Aditya007

    ”ya bas akshay ke fan ho issliye Paagal samajh ke chhod diya”
    Mai bhi to yahi Kah raha hu Ki ,Sallu fan Ho ,issliye Paagal And Ch**Ya samjh ke Chhod diya ,Nahi to Pata nahi kya hota.
    Btw Beta Past Se Niklo nahi To Srk tere Sallu se 100 times Aage hai .
    Current dekho.

  29. nitesh

    salmaan verdicts is 100% wrong. danish has no idea about box office . true picture of salmaan carrier is given below –

    By Actors
    Aamir Khan Movies
    Raja Hindustani
    3 Idiots


    Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak

    Taare Zameen Par

    Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke
    Rang De Basanti

    Dil Hain Ki Manta Nahin

    Dil Chahta Hai
    Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar
    Dhobi Ghaat

    SUCCESS: 18

    Success Ratio – 50.0%

    Hrithik Roshan Movies

    Kaho Naa Pyar Hai
    Dhoom 2


    Koi Mil Gaya
    Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gham


    Jodhaa Akbar

    Mission Kashmir

    SUCCESS: 8

    Success Ratio – 50.0%

    Akshay Kumar Movies


    Dil To Pagal Hai

    Singh is Kinng

    Bhool Bhulaiya
    Phir Hera Pheri

    Waqt Humara Hai
    Yeh dillagi
    Khiladiyon Ka Khilari
    Garam Masala
    Waqt: The Race Against Time
    Heyy Baby
    Mujhse Shaadi Karogi

    Main Khiladi Tu Anari
    Awara Pagal Deewana
    Bhagam Bhag
    Namaste London

    SUCCESS: 24

    Success Ratio – 27.3%

    Shah Rukh Khan Movies
    Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

    Karan Arjun
    Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

    Dil To Pagal Hai
    Chak De India
    Om Shanti Om
    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

    Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham
    Veer Zaara

    Main Hoon Na

    Ram Jaane
    Chalte Chalte
    Kal Ho Na Ho
    Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

    Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na
    My Name Is Khan

    SUCCESS: 25

    Success Ratio – 48.1%

    Maine Pyar Kiya
    Hum Aapke Hain Kaun

    Karan Arjun

    Sanam Bewafa
    Hum Saath Saath Hain
    No Entry

    Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya

    Biwi No 1

    Deewana Mastana
    Jab Pyar Kissi Se Hota Hai
    Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya
    Tere Naam
    Mujhse Shaadi Karogi
    Sirf Tum

    Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
    Chori Chori Chupke Chupke
    Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega
    Lucky No Time For Love

    SUCCESS: 27

    Success Ratio – 40.3%

  30. danish

    @aditya – to bhai mere agar paagal nahin ho to batao salman hrithik se kyon nahin match kar sakta?

    aur jaisa ki maine arz kiya – past, current kuchh nahin hota, main bas overall dekhta hoon. past mein dada saheb phalke number 1 tha, current mein kal tak irrfan khan tha aaj aamir ho gaya. (wid talash release)

    haan overall dekhoge to ek hi banda no 1 hai THE SALMAN THE KHAN!

    @NITESH – MERE BHAI maine saare verdict single source se liye hain jo ki most ‘quoted’ site hai. and if at all this site is known to be pro sharukh and akshay and anti salman.

    doosri baat aapki list mein ready, bodyguard and ek tha tiger missing hain.

    doosri bata is list ke hisaab se bhi salman hi sabse aage hai.

    1. sabki ek blockbuster hain salman ki 2. (mpk, hahk. as ATBB in boi is blockbuster in komal’s books, i wonder why dabangg has been downgraded not to bb, not even to super duper hit but just super hit)

    2. . sharukh ki 2 sper duper hit hain salman ki 3 ( as the blockbuster in boi is super duper hit in komal’s books)

    3. shahrukh i 4 super hit hain, salman ki 5

    so since salman is leading in all biggest verdicts, it clearly makes him bigger, doesnt it, even by komal’s standards.

  31. danish

    @nitesh – and i bet my naachgaana membership on it if u can explain how raja hindustani and ddlj are blockbusters and dabangg is not. if u give a convincing answer to this question i will quit naachgaana forever.

  32. nitesh

    box office india 2003 k baad reliable source nahi raha. after 2003 verdict khud k comfort se change hota rahta hai. rahi baat komal naahta ki to atleast he is almost very consistance . rahi baat raaja hindustaani and ddlj ki yaha pe 1995 ka box office classification dakh lo. rahi baat raaja hindustani ki to jald availabe kara dunga. now boxoffice india is a fraud site.

    1995 Boxoffice Classification (As per Filminformation)

    1. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge
    Super Duper Hit (AAA)
    1. Karan Arjun
    Super hit (AA)
    1. Bombay
    2. Rangeela
    Hit (A1)
    1. Coolie No 1
    Semi Hit (A)
    1. Hum Se Hai Muqabla
    1. Barsaat
    2. Najayaz
    3. Raam Jaane
    Commision Earner
    1. HathKadi
    2. Raavan Raaj
    Coverage To Commission
    1. Akele Hum Akele Tum
    2. Criminal
    3. Dhanwan
    4. Gambler
    5. Haqeeqat
    6. Jallad
    7. Oh Darling Yeh Hai India
    8. Papa Kehate Hain
    9. Takkar

  33. danish

    @nitesh – yes i know boxofficeindia verdicts are not reliable but the fact is they favour shahrukh and akshay and undermine salmana nd amitabh bachchan. so if u discard boi, salman has most to gain.

    on the other hand komal/tarann failed to update their methodology post video invasion and hence cant be dependable at all from 1981 onwards.

    so if komal/ taran can be accused of undermining a wanted/dabangg, boi is guilty of undermining an amar akbar anthony/muqaddar ka sikandar/redy/bodyguard/ek tha tiger.

    obviosuly one actor who has gained maximum from media manipualtion and befriending komal/taran/wajir singh is sharukh khan.


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