Long Drive Song – Khiladi 786 ft. Akshay Kumar
ank_16n | November 21, 2012, 5:19 PM | 17 comments | 0 views

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  1. ank_16n


    Now height is the limit for Khiladi786….

    Just WoW……

  2. ank_16n

    From a Retro song—a Funky spoofy song—–a massy number—-a Romantic track—-a Disco-club type song—a Punjabi song…..

    This Music album is best album of Himesh according to me….

  3. AwesomeAkshay

    wow amazing …. Loved it

  4. Aditya007

    Superb Song with Melodious Voice.
    Mika on its Peak !kudos

  5. RJ

    Balma is the best thing about this album!

  6. joker8546

    akki luking g8…Awsum song….WAitn for DEC 7

  7. TheRisingStar

    Wow…This is the best Album of 2012. All songs are different and superb!!! love it. Marriages will rock!!!

  8. ranjit

    WOW!can’t stop watching……………

  9. TheRisingStar

    All songs are getting popular with Balma and Bawariyaa leading!!! Now this one!!!

  10. Dino

    I like atleast 3 songs of this album including this one. But r they popular already in India?. In Dubai atleast the radio channels are still playing SOTY songs most of the time hardly heard any Khiladi song here.

  11. AwesomeAkshay

    Trying to imagine Nargis fakhri here ………… but very difficult to do :(

  12. Huzefa

    what a trash this is, lagta hay ye mov chandni chowk or tasveer ka record bhi to degi.

  13. waleed jawaid

    no bhai SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT FOR KHILDAI 786.!! there is no limit for this movie..! awesome more than awesome video..!! the best i have seen in 2012 so far..! kudoos ….asin was looking too ugly in front of akshay .>!! i cannot slip my eyes from akki…!! i just hope the film turns out big blockbuster

  14. Ank_dabangg2

    Awesome song! All songs are chartbuster! Album of the year!

  15. rowdy rathor

    Ormax Media ?@OrmaxMedia

    Khiladi 786 on Heartbeats this week: Balma at 6, Lonely at 10, Hookah Bar at 15, Title Song at 27, Saari Saari Raat at 28

    in upcoming days long drive to join top ten list for sure

  16. rafee

    Nice song this should open in a Huge way specially in masses.


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