Why there is a Difference in official Collections by producers and Actual Collections??


Difference in official Collections by producers and Actual Collections

for example According to Producers Tuesday collections for

SOS-Tuesday – 10.72 crore
JTHJ-Tuesday – 15.23 crore

while the actual collections for both were-

SOS-Tuesday – 8.5 crore
JTHJ-Tuesday – 12.50 crore
Now the answer is here—
Producers always give high figures for Mumbai circuit  as all other circuits have accurate techniques to calculate Collections and being in mumbai they can easily   Report high collections.
For fact see this–

Mumbai(Excluding Gujarat) was band on Saturday 6 pm onwards till whole of Sunday
so producers collections are coinciding with Actual collections—-

According to producers-

SOS–Saturday–8.5 crore
SOS—Sunday–8.25 crore
JTHJ–Saturday–10.38 crore
JTHJ–Sunday–9.96 crore

while Actual collections–

SOS–Saturday–8.25 crore
SOS—Sunday–8.25 crore
JTHJ–Saturday–10.25 cr
JTHJ–Sunday–9.50 crore
while the difference(Higher by producers) in Tuesday and wednesday collections were in tune of 3-4 crores.
saturday and sunday collections were just Differ from 0.25-0.50 lakhs