Why there is a Difference in official Collections by producers and Actual Collections??
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Difference in official Collections by producers and Actual Collections

for example According to Producers Tuesday collections for

SOS-Tuesday – 10.72 crore
JTHJ-Tuesday – 15.23 crore

while the actual collections for both were-

SOS-Tuesday – 8.5 crore
JTHJ-Tuesday – 12.50 crore
Now the answer is here—
Producers always give high figures for Mumbai circuit  as all other circuits have accurate techniques to calculate Collections and being in mumbai they can easily   Report high collections.
For fact see this–

Mumbai(Excluding Gujarat) was band on Saturday 6 pm onwards till whole of Sunday
so producers collections are coinciding with Actual collections—-

According to producers-

SOS–Saturday–8.5 crore
SOS—Sunday–8.25 crore
JTHJ–Saturday–10.38 crore
JTHJ–Sunday–9.96 crore

while Actual collections–

SOS–Saturday–8.25 crore
SOS—Sunday–8.25 crore
JTHJ–Saturday–10.25 cr
JTHJ–Sunday–9.50 crore
while the difference(Higher by producers) in Tuesday and wednesday collections were in tune of 3-4 crores.
saturday and sunday collections were just Differ from 0.25-0.50 lakhs

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  1. Superstar sam

    exactly… Producer always pump their figs & mum circuit is too big & can be easily manipulated..

  2. Asif Anwar

    But why Taran and Komal quote same figure as produces say? Don’t they analyze this difference?. And what is source of and how they get actual figures??

    1. ank_16n

      Asif Anwar—see Taran and komal Report the collections of BOI for all films….where producers don’t give figures…

      while post Producers figures when they provide figures….

      I can only say if u are so genuine then Why post 90% films figures from BOI and 10% films figures from Producers….

      and second thing is this same Taran in 1st week of march said Agneepath crossed 125 cr while a few days said that Barfi crossed Agneepath by collecting 122 cr but didn’t mentioned a word that in doing so it also crossed Ready which according to him also collected 122 cr.

      Similarly last year e sad collected 120 cr in india …while if u ask if Today he would say did 115 cr.

    2. Roy

      But why Taran and Komal quote same figure as produces say?
      1. It keeps producers and distributors happy
      2. It keeps fans happy
      3. They don’t need to do the hard work

      Don’t they analyze this difference?

      And what is source of and how they get actual figures??
      Exhibitors and Sub Distributors

  3. Aditya007

    Yeah Good Point @ank_16n ,even You’ll be also relaise that ,Taran /Komal always try to show Big Banners Numbers & For Small movies they Choose BOI’s Numbers.

  4. ank_16n

    Asif Anwar—-see what happened 3-4 years back was BOI used to give Producers Estimate while when actual collections came after 5-10 days they reduce it accordingly…….

    India is such a big country with different Circuits(11-12 circuit) and each having Different distributors and Exhibitors so sometimes Collections can come a little higher or lower….

    Singh is king—had 43 cr 1st week When it released….but later was Reduced to 39 cr…
    Welcome was reduced from 36 cr 1st week to 33.5 cr….
    Bol Bachchan 59-60 cr 1st week was Increased to 62 when Actuals came in…
    Kambakht Ishq was given 36 cr 1st week but with breakdown was reduced to 33.5 cr….
    Bodyguard 1st day 21.5 cr was reduced to 20.5 cr when breakdown came… 1st day 22 cr was increased to 22.75 cr later…

    There are many more examples..

  5. Rosh

    Is that a BOI article? if so provide the link.

    It is also biased and wrong. BOI estimates figures and they change their estimates later so they are no way accurate.

    Producers have actual figures but they may report higher income in certain cases.

    The reason given about Mumbai is just ridiculous. Mumbai is also the hardest to fake nos because every trade analyst is based in Mumbai and they can detect wrong figures easily, not so for other states.


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