jab tak hai jaan Movie Review – The twist in the tale

That Jab Tak Hai Jaan is pure torture is not something I want to delve into… again But the fact that the movie was so bad that it forced a few people to take leave of their senses is another thing altogether. What else could possibly explain a parent forgetting their sleeping child in a theatre?

Though the movie failed to create the drama a YRF film normally does, there was definitely more drama in the theatre. Almost two hours into the film, late on a Saturday night, the eerie calm in the theatre was shattered by the wails of a toddler.

A lot of us tsked at the ineptitude of the parents to keep the child calm, but we were stunned into silence when a man walked up and down the aisle holding the crying child asking, “Is this your child?” Turned out the parents who’d watched the earlier show had forgotten to take their child, who had fallen asleep!

Fortunately, the child’s father turned up at the end of the show, while a few indignant Bengali aunties insisted that the dad be slapped for his negligence. But seriously, is it really that hard to forget your own child? I mean he/she is not a lunch bag or a cell phone that just slips your mind.

Come on, how badly can you really be traumatised by SRK trying to act like a 25-year-old?


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