Ajay Devgn states why only Sanjay Dutt could be a part of Son of Sardar!

Directed by Ashwini Dhir, action-comedy Son of Sardar starring Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha, Sanjay Dutt and Juhi Chawla is doing pretty well. Though it’s completely an Ajay film but one can’t underrate the equal presence made by Sanjay Dutt.


Post Agneepath, where Sanjay overpowered lead actor Hrithik Roshan, one can easily say that SOS is the second venture where he has an upper hand on the hero.

Ajay Devgn states why only Sanjay Dutt could be a part of Son of Sardar!Even Ajay agrees to the same and stating why he chose Sanjay for the role, he gave logical reasons saying, “I will tell you something. When people ask me why Sanjay Dutt?’ tab mera unse sirf ek hi sawaal hota hai ki mujhe ek actor batao jo iss age group ka character play kar sake? Someone who romances does comedy and eventually after standing in front of the hero makes an entire audience gasp and feel worried that ab toh hero mara, yeh ladh nahi paaega! That’s the kind of power which was needed in an actor.

Now you tell me, is there any replacement for him? Is there anyone who can actually reach that level? Koi baat hi nahi banti naa!” Other than these two mighty actors, film’s leading lady Sonakshi Sinha too has come up with a great change, despite being a Bihari, she has perfectly essayed the Punjabi girl in the film.

When asked Ajay if he gave her some grooming tips as he himself is a Punjabi, the actor nodded in negative saying, “No, I didn’t have to because even though she is a Bihari, when you put her in a salwar kameez then she looks more Punjabi than anyone else. She has just cracked her part and done tremendously well”. Must say, a great film from an equally great team!



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