From NDTV : Public Verdict : Jab Tak Hai Jaan VS Son Of Sardaar
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  1. wall-D

    LOL Look at the response from Gal, who’like love can watche the movie.. Ha HA

  2. wall-D

    Funny tweets –
    adibadibs RT @a9united1: @kannywoodscene Jab Tak Hai Jaan is historically significant cinema… afterall SRK loses his “on-screen kiss virginity

  3. wall-D

    RrazMatazz Now if you don’t believe in love, it’s because either you had a bad experience with a douchebag or you’ve watched Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

  4. wall-D

    Srk has huge fan following in women and they dont seem to mind it atall.

  5. joker8546

    SAw JTHJ yesterday,,,boring movie,,,one of my frnd left the theatre in interval….i thought of following him.,…but my 200 RS held me…
    And nw i regret my decision….
    SHUD HAv SOS,,,,2nd bad decision
    FIRST ajab gajab love and nw JTJH,,,
    mY RATIN 0/5…faltu movie hai…,,EPIC noobness…

    IN the ENd i left the theatre during last scene, (SRk diffusing bomb 108),.

    GUYS plz go for SOS,,,,mai ban gaya Suutiya,,,aap mat bana

  6. joker8546

    BHAI log,,,sab apne ghar k bahar board laga for
    ” beware of watchn JHTJ”..

    Janhit mai jaari


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