The Vigil Idiot Revew : Jab Tak Hai Jaan
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What originality this film is, man! We have Shah Rukh Khan playing a romantic lead by the name of Samar Anand; Katrina Kaif playing Meera Thapar, an NRI who speaks accented Hindi; and Anushka Sharma playing Akira Rai who is—are you ready for this—a feisty girl from Delhi! Shocker, I know. But hey, actors get typecast all the time. As long as their roles are written well, right? Well, I wonder where all the costume money they saved on not giving pants to any of the women went… Because it sure as hell didn’t go to the script department.


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  1. ank_16n

    ROFL……….Post of the Year…..!!!!

  2. RedDevil

    There have been cartoonish reviews like this before. But this one is ultimate sktech. Looks like they have covered most part of d film with the colloquies exchange between d sketched characters. Gud one. Hope they can come up with much more like this for d next films as well. Brilliant

  3. Gorilla

    Simply brilliant….hats off to cartoonist. This guy has awesome sense oh humor….He makes all movies look silly. :)

  4. Tango


    These guys do have a sense of humour.

    I hope YRF are reading this too!

  5. shan

    The Vigil Idiot has summed up the movie quite nicely. I watched it last night and while it is not a terrible movie, it is a very long-drawn, cliche and ultimately boring movie! The wannabe yuckiness of Anushka, the wooden Katrina, the ridiculous and convenient twists, the lame humor which falls flat amost every time and the uninspiring songs on screen all make it a very touhg movie to enjoy. On the other hand, SRK tries valiantly to fix everything by turning in a likable performance, esp as the army man. The cinematography is superb and some intense scenes by SRK are very well done. But in the end, the movie is lame and makes no impression. Best part of the movie for me was the last song showing Yashji directing – it was a delight to watch!

  6. Dj

    As the film so as the cartoon. Some time funny..Sometime boring


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