1. Manish said:

    let me check firts promo .. i saw second one …

    out of the 4 promos in last 24 hours …

    Talash is the best
    followed by Race -2

    khiladi 786 and dabangg are in same mode i mean they will serve their audience but Personally I LIKED Talash and race -2 promo more

  2. Serenzy said:

    Talaash is looking the Best out of the Big5, while K786 looks the Worst.

    Not Incl. Race2 here as it comes out Next Year.

  3. ank_16n said:

    I didn’t liked it ……
    Specially the voice of Aamir khan….
    But i do know that movie would be good as its a Aamir khan movie so will watch it.!