Khiladi Akshay Kumar returns to the arts

The man has a black belt in Taekwondo and has studied martial arts in
Bangkok. So, we were not surprised when Akshay Kumar went out of
his way on Saturday to make his presence felt on the final day of the
fourth Akshay Kumar Invitational International Kudo Tournament,
which is being touted as one
of India’s biggest martial arts events. “Whatever I have become today is only because of my self-discipline
and martial arts. It’s not a sport for me, it’s an art,” said Akshay. The
actor was accompanied by his Khiladi 786 co-star, Asin, and son Aarav.
The star, along with wrestling coach Satpal Singh (famous for training
two time Olympic medal winner Sushil Kumar) also distributed the
prizes and medals to the winners. Interestingly, during the event, Akshay also pointed out that Satpal’s strong wrist reminded him of his
father’s, who also was a wrestler.

Like father, like son :

It was not just Akshay, but also his 10-year-old son Aarav who was
very excited to witness the live martial-arts event on Saturday. Even
as his dad sat on the main stage and distributed prizes and
acknowledged thousands of cheering fans, Aarav was watching the
action from close quarters, as he sat in the viewers’ gallery. “Akshay
could have made Aarav sit with him on stage, but he wanted him to sit among the viewers and experience things on his own,” says a friend
close to Akshay.

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