Yeh Kya Tha Tiger???
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My Take on ‘Ek Tha Tiger’

RATING: 2.5/5

A Normal “Salman Khan”
Movie which could have been
Much More Better with the
Core Topic at Hand but Alas, It
was Not Made with a Greater
Sense of Purpose & Conviction.

Not Even a Single Actor Managed to
Give a Impactful Performance
in the Entire Duration of the
Movie…Each One of them was
Acting Like they were ‘Going
about their Jobs’ …Getting the Work Done…No Real Effort at all.

Kabir Khan’s Direction is at a Big Fault here… He Manages to Create a Wonderful Premise in the Fantastic 1st Half of the Movie but all that is Blown Away by an Equally Pathetic 2nd Half and a Shoddy Ending.

The Brilliant Positives, What Stands Out in the Movie
are the Locales, The Interesting Moments and Interactions in
the 1st Half btwn Tiger and
Zoya and the Action Scenes
[Though Tacky at Places].

But, Expected Much Better Content.. It’s Not A Bad,Crap Movie per se but looking at the Team Involved beind this Project, **ETT is a Sub-Standard and a Half
Hearted Effort** and Miles Away from that Super Slick Spy Movie Tag.


RATING: 2.5/5 [The 190cr Nett is Unbelivable and the Stardom of 1 SuperMan - Salman "Rockstar" Khan].

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  1. Serenzy

    New York[3.5/5] was an
    Amazing amazing Movie
    Compared to ETT.

    I am yet to See KE yet.


    Salman Since Comeback,

    Wanted – 4/5
    Dabangg – 3/5
    Veer – 3/5
    ETT – 2.5/5
    Bodyguard – 2.5/5
    Ready – 1.5/5


    I don’t have a
    Problem with Salman Jumping
    from Bike to Plane…
    I’ve Seen Much Worse.

    I Meant was, the Entire
    Angle of ISI and RAW
    working in tandem fighting
    for their Agents to Bring them back from Cuba was Silly and Not Reqd at all.

    Instead they Shud have
    Shown Some Nice Twist with Katrina betraying Salman at the End…That wud have been a
    Bazooka Shot but they went
    the ‘Conventional’ Bwood Way. The Movie is Not Bad as
    Such…It’s a Substandard
    Product cashing in on it’s

  2. Serenzy

    Unlike Many Others, I don’t
    have a Problem with OTT/
    Illogical Scenes of a B’Wood
    Movie until and unless they Gel
    Well with the Movie’s Ways
    and Theme.

    People Try to Make Fun of
    Superstars by Pointing out at Some Stupid Scenes…That is always Lame Attempt.

    I can Accept almost anything
    as long as it it is Engaging,
    Entertaining and Working for
    the Movie on a whole.

    SRK Following the Car in a
    Cycle in MHN was Stupid but it din’t Matter Much to me…
    Now, if the Same Setting was in Don2 than it was ROFL.

    The ‘Dabangg Hangover’
    Affected ETT’s 2nd Half instead of Giving Us Some Gritty Action and Surprising Spy Movie Twist.

    Ready, HF, Golmaal Series, BB, CC2C, One Two Three,Bheja Fry, PGRO, KSKHH, DDD, Welcome, OSO all Have Mindless Scenes..

    But We End Up Loving Some, Some are Average while Some are Crap.

    But what Bheja Fry, BB, HF did was Made those Scenes Appear Convincing and Gelling with the Movie.

  3. prg

    surprised u had not seen ETT earlier… was not interested in watching ETT but one of my cousins forced me into ETT… watched it First day second show… hated it…
    after 2 weeks, watched Joker FDFS… hated it again…. in dono filmon ki wajah se uske baad theatre jaane ka mann hi nahi kiya….. isi liye Barfi bhi miss ho gayi

    will go for Khiladi 786 now ….

  4. RJ

    And then u will def not go into the theatres at all…! :)

  5. RJ

    On a serious note, I really saw no big problem with ETT as some of the members on NG did. It was just a regular film with a different setup..n was breezy. No big drama, no big emotional showdown, no long dialogues. Just good looking actors, good locales and fast paced action. I won’t say I really enjoyed it, but I didn’t have a problem with it either. But yes there could ve been ao much more with that script.

  6. Serenzy

    Yes RJ…
    “But yes there could ve
    been ao much more with that script.”

    “No big drama, no big emotional showdown”

    Let Me Repeat here.. ETT is Not a Bad Movie..
    It’s Just that I had Expected Much More than a Tp ‘Breezy Entertainer’ bcz I had Gone Totally Orgasmic after the 1st Trailer..

  7. prg

    haha… dekhte hain… hope its not that bad… but i do not have much expectations from it…..
    if it turns out extremely bad again… next movie in theatre will be Special 26

  8. Fasel

    I liked the first half but was deeply downed by the 2nd half. I also didnt like the action, felt it was too tacky. Salman and Kat were good but the letdown came from Kabir.

  9. ank_16n

    for me—
    ETT – 2 on 5 liked only the Last half hour rest too boring.
    Bodyguard – 1 on 5 didn’t liked even the Action sequences.
    Ready –4 on 5 loved loved loved this movie….Awesome entertaining movie.

  10. Serenzy


    Do u Prefer Comedies More OR Masala Actioners More??

    1. ank_16n

      Serenzy—Both but you never know Which one u will like more.
      but saying that ETT and Bodyguard had no masala Action Except ETT’s last 20 min.

      Wanted, Rowdy rathore and Dabangg are what u call Masala Action movies(Loved all of Them) on the same time u can’t ignore Phir Hera Pheri,Bhagambhag,Garam Masala and No-Entry.

      I didn’t liked Partner

  11. RJ

    Sab apni apni ichchaon ke maalik hai…


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