Is JTHJ a silent film ?


If not then why they are not releasing any dialouge promo. It mean just 4 days left to release and no dialouge promo. So far i can trust Father-Son duo’s movies for thier music and some meaningful dialouge but in JTHJ case music is dud (for me ofcourse) and there are no dialouges. So what i get so far prom the promos of JTHJ.

First plus point

 1- First promo with adi’s poem is high point.

 2- SRK is not looking old in london part and looking dashing as army main. (Army dress is lucky for him be it tele serial Fauji, MHN, V-Z)

 3- Film shot at real locals and not in designer studio. Kshmir and Ladakh’s breathtaking locals are looking great 4- Anushka is looking her bubbly best. Some are saying OTT but i trust Anushka for acting.

Minus point

1- As i already said 3 masters, 1 film, 1 forgattable album.

2- Some WTH moment like pant down scene of SRK and Kat

 3- Kat is not looking that stunning which is hallmark of Yash chopra’s heroine.

4- SRK-Kat pairing is strictly ok. There is something missing. It is looking like something is holding them.

PS – Somebody is reminding me that YRF didn’t release dialouge promo of V-Z and RNBDJ though i am not sure.