Timepass of the Year!
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My Take on ‘Student of the Year’


An Fun, Timepass Movie[Not at all Meant to be Taken Seriously at all].

A Purr-fectly Nice Outing with your Teenage Friends.

Karan Johar does this Stuff
Superbly… Like Barjatya’s in
Modern Day World Mode[They themselves Failed with MPKDH] but No Beating Johar on this Terrain which is his Stronghold.

A More Controlled Budget and a 62cr wud have Guranteed a Superhit but Nonetheless it’s a Clean Success[Damn Happy for Dharma and KJo... LoL on those Haters of Johar Drama World].

Alia Bhatt was Good in
whatever Small Role She Had…Was Hawt in that ‘Bikini’.

Sana Saeed Played the Rich Bitch to Perfection and all the Other Supporting Actors were Good too, Kayoze Irani’s Sudo being
the Best of them all.

Sid Malhotra is a Good Actor
and Comer Across Pleasantly
Onscreen…Kind a Good and Controlled Actor.

But Varun Dhawan deffo is the
B’Wood “Star Material”
Qualities and will go a Long
Way with his Talent and
Connections in the Industry.

Songs were Another Huge Highlight of the Movie.

Overall, A Pleasant, Tp Watch.

STAR of The Movie – Varun

Weakpoints :-

– The Actual Competetion Part of SOTY was Weak and Not Something Grand as I Thought it wud be as the Students were Talking at the Start.

– There was No Strong
Emotional Drama, Romantic
Passion OR Some Totally ROFL Sequence[This Was Surprising bcz KJo always had Some Totally LoL Moments always]

– No Strong Teacher/Professor Role… Ronit Roy, Rishi Kapoor and all the Parent’s Role were Sleepwalking.

p.s – Now Time For the KINGS to Show the Kiddo’s How Romance Done.

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  1. Serenzy

    I Realise KJo is the Only
    Filmmaker “In the World”
    whose Every Movie I have
    Watched in Theatre’s[I Even
    Missed Hirani's LRMB] :-

    KKHH – 4.5/5

    K3G – 3/5

    KHNH – 4.5/5

    KANK – 0.5/5

    MNIK – 3/5

    SOTY – 3/5

  2. suprabh

    I have regrettably watched K3G and KANK in theater both were never ending and nerve ending.

  3. jealous hater of srk

    Gud review bt u r too late and also which ws ur fav rofl scenes?.. I am sure u liked dat radha song scene of rishi kapur and dinning table scene on share market

  4. GOD- Ek Tha Human

    Btw who is Varuna ddhawan.. The taller guy or the shorter guy ?? The main hero is as wooden as Imran khan..

  5. Tango

    I have kept a safe distance from SOTY, as I had said, but jo youths ka verdict, woh sar aankhon par.

    Varun Dhawan woh hai (maine usko nahi dekha), about whom (jalna nahi!) most young girls are crazy rt now (based on actual campus feedback). Cannot say about how fida the young boys (Hamara yeh shauq kabhi nahi raha :!: ) are :-)

  6. prg

    i have only seen KKHH and MNIK of KJo… hated both.

    i have watched around 30-45 mins of K3G… cud not go beyond that
    KANK… this must be biggest bore-fest ever made… have watched around 15-20 minutes of this movie in 3 installments… all the scenes looked same to me even though they were actually different …


    KHNH was Nikhil Advani’s movie… bechare Nikhil ko uski movie ka credit to de do yaar… ek hi to hit film hai uski

  7. Serenzy


    Johar Ghost Directed it.

    Kal Ho Naa Ho is By Far the Best Johar Movie yet.

    SOTY is Like Indianised ‘High School Musical’ … If u Like tht and Hate this, That’s Pseudo-giri

    For People who ‘Swing’ both Ways, SOTY is a Treat with Almost Every Actor and Actress Showing off their Abs and Cleavage at Any Given Moment.

    I Agree with you on KANK Sire.

    K3G I Liked in Parts and still can watch it if it comes on TV.

    Jealous Hater,
    K3G Had HR Coming to SRK’s Home in London… KHNH had ‘6 Din, Ladki In’

    MNIK, KKHH had Some Cute Initial Portions btwn SRKajol.

    SOTY was Missing all that Romance, Emotion and Comedy.

    It was like just there…a film made to launch the new actors witout any Greater Sense of Purpose.

    But it wasnt Entirely Snoozefest either bcz Johar kept aside the Befaltu ka Rona Dhona and kept it Tp, Breezy.

  8. prg

    “Kal Ho Naa Ho is By Far the Best Johar Movie yet.”

    u like it more than KKHH??? i did not like KHNH as well.

    “SOTY is Like Indianised ‘High School Musical’ … If u Like tht and Hate this, That’s Pseudo-giri”

    i have neither watched those High School Musical films nor I intend to. About SOTY, i knew this movie is going to be crap because of Karan Johar directing it…. first promo only reinforced my belief.

  9. Serenzy

    Haha prg…

    Let Me Quote Danish the Great… Johar’s Movies are those where “The only condition – a poor man
    must not be even seen
    walking in the background in any frame”

    It’s a Dream World…His Own Fantasy Kingdom and you Either See it with Starry Eyes OR Find it Crap… But, Yes I Respect ur Opinion too..

    Like in SOTY, Even the Damn Extras are Fair Skinned with Fab Bodies, Every1’s Moving Around in Ferrari’s and Lambhorgini’s..

    They give 1Exam in the Entire Movie and it has MCQ’s/Objective Type Questions[A, B, C, D].

    It’s all Unreal, Breezy Stuff…Johar adds his Own Touch of Gloss to it and Dumbfucks like Me Lap it Up[I was Forced to Watch it bcz I Wanted My Grup to Come for JTHJ].

    Movier like IHLS,AA, EMAET, BKB, TMK, Mausam and Countless Others Tried the “Formula” but None got that right.

  10. Serenzy

    JJWS still Remains the Best in this Genre in B’Wood.

    KKHH, WUS, Udaan, MFK, JTYJN, Rockford[Kuknoor], Haasil, Dil Dosti etc. are Some Other Commendable Works in this Genre.

    Din’t Like Gulaal much and yet to see HKA.

  11. Serenzy

    Going to Watch Ishaqzaade Bfr Diwali and ETT on 11th November.

  12. prg

    I too love JJWS. Also loved WUS, Udaan. Liked MFK, Rockford, Dil Dosti.
    I did not find Haasil that good. I had heard so much about it but at the end I was disappointed. Though i do not mean to say it was bad.

    I love both Gulaal and HKA. Both are classics for me. HKA is one of the best love stories in hindi movies, if not the best.

  13. prg

    SOTY sounds like Good Boy Bad Boy starring the great Tushar and Emraan.


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