Distributors shying away from Ishkq In Paris?
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BOMBAY TIMES (November 9, 2012)


Preity Zinta’s maiden production Ishkq in Paris has been deferred twice. It was first to be released on October 5 and later on November 2.

According to the trade buzz, Preity reportedly spent something to the tune of 19 crore on the film. And now she wants to pitch her film at that price to buyers. That is causing the delay. Says our source, “Preity made the film at an escalated cost. Shooting in Paris is expensive. Naturally, Preity needs to sell her film at a high price if she has to recover the investment. Most studios are reportedly hesitant to shell out that kind of money for this particular film.”

Close friend Salman Khan, however, is confident of getting Preity the price she wants. In fact, we hear that he has requested his younger brother Sohail to help Preity sell the film.


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