Did Katrina, Deepika fund Boom, Om Shanti Om?-Ameesha Patel

Ameesha Patel talks about the ‘special’ qualities she brings to a brand, Sanjay Dutt and equation with Kunal Goomer

Vickey Lalwani and Prachi Kadam (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 9, 2012)


Suddenly we see you in hoardings and newspaper advertisements all over. What sunglasses are these that you are promoting?
An unexploited territory! (smiles) People have been foolish not to have me as a brand ambassador so far. Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and many others look amazing in what they are doing but there is also an Ameesha who has certain qualities, which she brings to a brand that others cannot.

Such as?
People have often complimented me on my flawless skin and lovely hair. Glamstar had the guts to come to me. Perhaps they had seen me wearing different sunglasses and they look good on me. I knew they would go all out with the propaganda. (pauses)

Go on…
You need to pump in a lot of money if you really want a brand to register. It wouldn’t have happened if I were the brand ambassador for a soap.

But where are these glares available? People hardly find them…only a shop in Bandra had a few pairs…
Soon they would be available in malls and bigger stores. They will take time to break into every shop.

Some say that these sunglasses don’t exist…
Itna paisa kisike paas nahin ki pagal jaise bahata jaye. Try to understand. There are few exclusive outlets right now. After gauging the response, the availability will be increased. Our target audience is school and college kids. Glamstar is a New Delhi based company.

There are rumours about Kuunal Goomer funding these ads. And also about a friend in Pune…
That friend in Pune is dead. She was my granny. Gosh how many people are funding me? I should be buying buildings then. Did Katrina fund Boom? Did Deepika fund Om Shanti Om? Did Dr Nene fund Madhuri’s return? People are more interested in my personal life. And what is this 100 crore club? If Gadar had released today it would have amassed Rs 300 crore. Nobody estimates and highlights that.

You endorse Gitanjali as well…
Now will you say that I have funded that too? My face was made for jewellery. The going is good, man.

People say that your friendship with Sanjay Dutt and Manyata went for a toss after Sanju asked you to cover up your glamorous outfit at a party.
I was invited to their recent Mata Ki Chowki but I was out of town. Sanju has always been protective about me. When I went for the Agneepath party, he said ye chaddi pehen ke kya ghoom rahi hai? The way he doesn’t want his daughter to be a part of the industry, he wants me to get married to a rich guy and sit at home. He even came to me with a proposal to marry one of his Gujju friends in Chicago.

How happy are you with your acting career?
My film with Aamir, Salman and Hrithik flopped. Who would have expected films with such top heroes to do badly? Yes, I did some bad films but that happens with everybody. I yearn to do a lot more work. Now, I have some good films coming up- Shortcut Romeo, Race 2, Bhaiyyaji Superhit and Singh Saheb The Great. As an actor, I don’t think even Amitabh Bachchan is satisfied.

But why did you disappear from the acting circuit?
I wanted to set up my production house with Kunal Goomer. And I didn’t want to do it half-heartedly. We had a mission and we accomplished it. I couldn’t have done it when I was ten years older.

Risky idea?
Everything is a risk today. I have always taken risks. Did any actress after her maiden superhit play a middle-aged mother like I did in Gadar?

But why have you not produced a film yet?
We were never supposed to do films with David Dhawan and Priyadarshan immediately. I guess that’s what led to speculations. The two of them are very much on board but we are first going with Desi Magic wherein I play a double role. That film is Kunal’s labour of love, his idea, his story.

Should’ve asked you in the before, what about the reports about your romantic liaison with Kuunal?
Only because we are two good-looking people?


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