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  1. Harsha

    Thats the pose after shooting down all BO records….

    1. TopShot_Now Its Dabangg2

      “Thats the pose after shooting down all BO records….”
      rightly said bro…..

  2. aravind_66

    kamaal karte ho pandeji…!!!looking fresh n kickass…

  3. Serenzy

    Pose Reminds Me off ‘Humka Peeni Hain’ Step with Pistols here…

    The Arms, Hands are Digitally Enhanced.

  4. ank_16n

    I think with arbaaz Directing Chulbul pandey has Transformed from a Gaon ka cop to a Urban town cop……

  5. Zubair

    Jhakaas poster, eagerly waiting for teaser, few hours to go.

  6. Gorilla

    Yeh Kya mazaak ho raha hai….looks like a fan made poster with no originality ang imagination. Phata poster nikaalne zero :lol:

  7. dwnpiyush

    Disappointed with such an unimaginative poster for what is going to be the first 250Cr Hindi film (and possibly a 300Cr one). Awaiting the promo and the songs. And can’t wait to be in Chandan FDFS 21/12/2012.

    1. TopShot_Now Its Dabangg2

      @piyush bro… seriously 300 cr? r u serious or its just a sarcastic remark?

      1. dwnpiyush

        This is my prediction (made two months back)- Reiterating it here:

        If this film releases on 21st December, it will be the first to touch the 300Cr nett mark, or come very close to it at least. I think it will.

        My prediction
        29 (1st sunday)
        25 (25th December Christmas)
        15.5 (27th, Salman Khan Birthday)
        18 (2nd Sunday)
        11 (2nd Monday 31st December)
        11 (1st Jan)
        10 (3rd Sunday)
        4.5 (10th Jan)
        = 288 Cr in 3 weeks

        Then huff and puff to reach 300 Cr (just).

        1. TopShot_Now Its Dabangg2

          That would be ‘THE DREAM RUN’…. But I wud like to keep my predictions in check. In the range of ETT. And if content is good then in the range of 3i….
          But obviously I would love to see ur prediction comes true… :D

  8. Serenzy

    Chandan, Juhu… FDFS for Salman Khan Entertainer!!

    #jannat hain Dewan Sir!

  9. dwnpiyush

    @Serenzy, Jannat toh pata nahin but Mela zaroor hota hai. An experience with a capital ‘E’. Chandan first three days is definitely not a good place to watch a Salman movie. But it is definitely a must visit experience. To watch the movie properly it is advised to visit the nearby PVR Juhu.

    I came to Mumbai 3 months before Dabangg, and since then it has sort of become a superstition for me to visit Chandan for a Salman movie FDFS. So Jab Tak I am in Mumbai, this will continue.

  10. suprabh

    topshot, Harsha,

    Did you both really like this poster?,,,Or is it a rule to praise anything and everything associated with salman khan?…I mean seriously , this looks like a Mithun 90s movie poster and I am saying this even though I find Chulbul Pandey a highly likable character,

    1. TopShot_Now Its Dabangg2

      @Sup bro… “Did you both really like this poster?”
      Answer is Yes & No. I liked the pose. and hence agreed with harsha that “Thats the pose after shooting down all BO records”.
      But on the other hand I kinda disappointed with overall poster. I liked 1st 2 posters of the Dabangg2 very much. But here I agree with Piyush bro. They could have made it better by using some kinda meaningful background.

      P.S.- I am not a type of blind fans. Hence I did not make any remark on gorilla’s opinion here. (‘gorrila’s opinion’. Outside NG this would sound ridiculous :D ) Coz though 99% of opinion stinks with jealously but 1% truth is there.

    2. TopShot_Now Its Dabangg2

      @Sup.. off the topic.. plz tell me how to register n use chat box yaar… When I use my NG login password it says wrong password..

  11. dwnpiyush

    Background mein at least kuch film se related daal dete- Lucknow city ka pan view daal dete…. kuch bhi… 100 cheezein ki jaa sakti thi.

    Yeh toh Salman ko moonch laga ke green board ke saamne khada rehne ke liye keh diya. Do bandook de di ki pose karo.

  12. dr.nick

    but thats what dabangg series is all about.its about chulbul pandey.the posters are just a msg to hardcore chulbul fans that they can see their hero in a more menacing avatar in a full on action entertainer.kuch daal bhi dete lucknow,kanpur ya lalgunj ka no one would look at the background when u have chulbul pandey in the center.

    1. dwnpiyush

      Sirf fans picture ko hit nahin banate. And Salman fans deserve better. Yeh bhi chalega but they won’t say no to a better poster.

      Anyway, 1st two posters were good. And the trailer is gonna smash it I hope. A bad poster won’t make a difference but I hate this sort of casualness and taking for granted attitude.

  13. aravind_66

    @gorilla:-and we have no doubt about akki fan’s intelligance……


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