Windows 8 gives wings to Aamir’s Talaash
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Here is good news for fans of Aamir Khan and Windows 8 operating system (OS).

Yes, in a latest development to target the new category of audience in India, technology major Microsoft is promoting its latest Windows 8 OS in collaboration with Aamir khan’s upcoming movie Talaash.

If stills from Aamir’s Talaash alongside photos of Windows 8 are all over a bus stop in Bangalore, in other cities, one can see huge hoardings of Aamir in a police inspector’s out-fit endorsing Windows 8. Twitter is abuzz with these photos from across India.

Although there is no official announcement from Microsoft on the tie-up on the movie Talaash for its new Windows 8 OS, the fans of both the community are excited and that is evident on Twitter.

“Join Inspector Shekhawat in his Talaash with Windows 8. Hats off @aamir_khan for marketing genius,” tweeted Abhishek Simlot (?@abhishek_simlot ), fan of Aamir Khan.

“I am relieved that at last @aamir_khan has started some marketing . Was actually worried .. Now the buzz will go up .. #Talaash,” he added in his tweet.

“It’s good to see Windows 8 branding with Aamir’s upcoming movie Talaash. I am Windows user since my school days and ardent fan of Aamir from my childhood days,” says Sabina, a techie and a big fan of Aamir Khan.

Directed by Reema Kagti and produced by Excel Entertainment and Aamir Khan Productions, Talaash is scheduled to release on November 30, 2012

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  1. TheRisingStar

    Amod Mehra ?@MehraAmod
    The new bullies are the distributors of #TALAASH.. They want the exhibitors to book the film for min. 2 wks.. Thus blocking #Khiladi 786..!!

  2. Tango

    Agar aisa hi hota raha to aisa na ho ki :-

    On 30th November- Makers of Shaitani Gudiya will accuse Talaash makers of blocking cinemas and not letting them release their film.

    On 25th December- Makers of Main Rony Aur Jony will accuse Dabangg 2 makers of not letting their film release.

  3. dennycrane1

    tango- if talaash is any good khiladi shoiuld be worried bout its multiplex could have to rely solely on ss…and if not thhen talaash will flop

  4. Aditya007

    I dont Think , Aesi Koi Bat Hone wali hai , Erose 2nd time aisa nahi hone dega and even Excel entertainment isn’t begger than Erose . Evenif Talaash isn’t JTHJ Jo single Screen me Pasand Ki Jayegi.

  5. Manish

    i dont think what amod mehra had said will happen …

    first talash since its first promo has looked like a multipolex movie and khiladi seems to carrying more masier flavour …

    Now Multplex mein to itna dikkat hota nahi hai with so many screens asli problem will be in single screen and ofcourse SS ppl will go for masssier movie rather than a multiplex kind of movie …

    another thing exhibitors get 3-4 movies from akshay in an year and aamir gives 1 movie in an year or two ….

    so its clear who will hold the card …

    and i feel what gorrilla says , myt be true …

    P.S> i hope these practices trying to affect market conditions be completely removed from movie industry .. it will hamper healthy competition blocking screens for this much weeks

  6. Ek Thi Sneha

    Guys u did not get what Amod mehra said.. He is just joking in wake if on going SOS n JTHJ contraversy :P

  7. Ek Thi Sneha

    @mods- I m not getting the email notification of the comments following my comments.. Pls look into the matter or do I hav to raise a ticket ??


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