Which is your instant favorite?
RJ | November 8, 2012, 3:41 AM | 15 comments | 0 views

Now there are many movies releasing, many trailers being launched, many promos making their mark…and some fading out into oblivion. Some of the songs have caught the fancy of the music lovers, either instantly or after repeat hearings.

In all these recently released tracks, which has been your instant favorite? And why?

In my personal opinion, a song that I was instantly hooked on to was Jee Le Zarra from Talaash. It has the vibe the movie wants its audience to feel through the track apart from being a brilliant composition. What really gets it going is Vishal’s subdued yet powerful rendition. I like the haunting feel it carries wrt the situation in the movie (Aamir thinking about his child, who we believe was killed due to Aamir’s negligence as evidently shown in the trailer). If you haven’t listened to it yet, do so right away. It will definitely make an entry into your playlists.

Apart from that, I quite liked Challa, Balma and Raja Rani. But none of those have really made me wanna go back to them.

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  1. rockie_Dabhangg2

    1) SOS – Po Po song
    2) K786 – Hookah
    3) SOS – First trailer
    4) Talaash – Jee Le Zaraa
    5) SOS – Rani Raja
    6) Jthj – Jiya Jiya re

    I am damn sure when D2 trailer releases that will be at the TOP for me .. :D

  2. Fasel

    In no order:

    Jee Le Zaara
    O Re Khudah from Rush
    Fukraa from Rush
    Uska Hi Bana from 1920
    Javedaan Hai from 1920

  3. Fasel

    RJ, you’re spot on regarding Jee Le Zara, its such a beautiful and soothing track. Vishal’s voice is the icing on the cake.

    I also like Raja Rani from SOS, I like the male’s part alot, the female’s singing/flow is so so.

    I didn’t like Po Po, it has this “chichora” touch to it.

  4. suprabh

    finally a post from you RJ..(P.S. I fixed your embed code :P )

    regarding the songs– I think this didnt impress me musically that much (not that it was bad) although the video was good enough.

    I think Talaash needed a song like “Jab bhi cigarrete”..(Gulzaar was fantastic there)

    apart from this, amongst the other songs you mentioned,,,I only like Balma because of its beats and that RD burman touch. Btw I was a bit shocked when I read your comment about not liking it earlier..and smiled when you commented days later that you have started liking it, ;)

  5. RJ

    Thanks suprabh for the welcome:) Yes, finally something urged me to write! And it could be nothing better than the song that keeps playing in my head these days…
    And yeah, do educate me too on those embed codes… Computers should make work easy, I wonder why does it always end up complicating simple things ;-)
    Thanks anyway bhraate!
    And why didn’t u like this track…or what’s playing on your mind?

    Fasel – yeah man I didn’t know about this track until recently. And as I heard it, I immediately put it up for download. And if you hear it closely, it has a very similar feel to Mar Jayian from Vicky Donor. That song was an instant favourite too, so is this. I just wish it was more “deep”

  6. RJ

    Yes rockie, I am sure D2 will have at least a few good songs!! I’m waiting for the Rahat track… No Rahat track has been as good as tere mast mast do nain…and many have come after that song. So hopefully this will again do the right justice.

    By the way if you guys haven’t heard, try listening to title track of Luv Shuv Tey
    CK…it’s got an old world charm with some very cute n sweet lyrics…and great music. No big musical arrangement kinda thing, but clearly apt for the nature of the song! I’m not sure but I feel it must be Amit Trivedi! Can somebody confirm?

    1. rockie_Dabhangg2

      hmm .. Luv Shuv Te CK …
      Well I have not even seen a single trailer completely of this movie.

      But now that you are saying … let me try it … :)
      btw … I consume BW only on my laptop and on bigscreen … not on tv ….

      so I generally skip these small movies trailers .. unless they make lot of noise on fb and NG ….

  7. iitianWay

    Talaash is looking most sensible among all (JT/SO/K78/D123)..will not miss it at all.


    Though I am a Aamir hater (may be his biggest hater), I think Talaash is most sensible movie till now and the song jee lein zaraa is the best among the lot. Rest all the songs of all the upcoming movies are little more than CRAPs.

  9. ank_16n

    For me its—-
    Long Drive

  10. Manish

    Songs that have stuck in my head
    hukka baar
    Long drive
    uska hi ban na (1920)

    I liked
    jee le zara (talaash)

    Iam expecting great album from dabangg 2 i hope it doesnt disappoint like Joker (because JEM had some gems plus reputation of that south music director GV prakash ) and JTHJ

  11. Manish

    Songs that have stuck in my head
    hukka baar
    Long drive
    uska hi ban na (1920)
    jee le zara

    Iam expecting great album from dabangg 2 i hope it doesnt disappoint like Joker (because JEM had some gems plus reputation of that south music director GV prakash ) and JTHJ

  12. RJ

    Are Sajid Wajid doing the music for Dabangg 2 again? Sorry excuse my memory.. :)

    Irrespective D2 should have some chartbusters along with some fine BW melodies like the last time.

    I like Rahat’s Bichdaan but it’s not a haunting tune like say a Main Jahaan Rahoon or Surili ankhiyon wali..or a O re piya. It fell short of my expectations. I hope the one in D2 makes up for the loss :)


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