Yash Raj films have been lying at Every Point : Ajay Devgan
Fasel | November 8, 2012, 1:23 AM | 24 comments | 0 views

This is an excerpt from Ajay Devgan’s interview from Rediff:

Have you seen the promos of Jab Tak Hai Jaan? What do you think about it?

I don’t want to comment on it. My film has excellent buzz and I feel that I am helping the other film to get some buzz by doing all this. So why should I comment on it more?

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  1. Tango

    Hmmm… I am surprisd.

    Normally Ajay is a very cool and mild mannered person. Looks like he is under tremendous stress.

  2. Fasel

    I have nothing against Ajay Devgan as I find him a very good actor but this is a sign of desperation and insecurity.

  3. Tango

    Fasel- The outcome of this SOS vs JTHJ battle was obvious for a while now.

    Ab yeh mat poochna kya outcome :-)

  4. jealous hater of srk

    Never expected this from ajay
    Hope he doesn’t say 2maro
    ‘jhtj has good advance booking due to sos was sold out for weekend’

  5. Beld

    Ajay just dug his own grave. Firstly he didnt have a case – some idiot advised him to do this for publicity and now he is giving these cry baby interviews and pissing lot of people off in the industry. I wont be surprised if Adi makes it a point to screw every Ajay Devgan movie from now onwards…wont be too difficult either…

  6. NineT6

    Some exhibitors on Twitter were saying that there was no ‘deal’ in the first place. Everybody had a option to book either ETT alone or JTHJ along with ETT in a package. So they had choices..

  7. shezad

    last year ajay bal bal baccha tha , with rascal vs ra one
    maybe bcz of ra one not doing what it was expected to do , ajay ko laga ke iss saal chance lei hi lete hain

    but if he had released sos last week or on eid , with no competion and some holidays maybe it would have done well
    now the 3 figures for sos look like very difficult

    1. rockie_Dabhangg2

      Earlier Singham was planned for Diwali release last year, but because of Rohit Shetty they released it earlier.

  8. rockie_Dabhangg2

    @Beld: ” I wont be surprised if Adi makes it a point to screw every Ajay Devgan movie from now onwards…wont be too difficult either…”

    Yrf cudnt do anythg 21 years ago when Ajay D was a new comer and triumphed all over YC’s Lamhe.

    Today Ajay D is amongst top 6 Superstars forget screwing Ajay, Adi should worry about his future movies because after D3 there is no big movie in thier pipeline. All tier – 3 star movies.

    Infact time is not far when Yrf will face the flake of this block bookings when their films wont get screens because other biggies would have blocked the screens. They have started this game of block bookings and combo deals and I am sure no one will be interested to do combo deals for tier-3 stars.

    “pissing lot of people off in the industry”
    Lot of people?? Who … only those related to yrf ….
    others are least bothered …..

    1. Fasel

      “Yrf cudnt do anythg 21 years ago when Ajay D was a new comer and triumphed all over YC’s Lamhe.”

      Come on Rockie, show some maturity.

      How would you feel if someone said Ajay Devgan lost to Paolo because Hate Story beat out Tezz?

      Or Salman lost too Vidya Balan because Ishqiya beat out Veer??

      1. rockie_Dabhangg2

        Well my comment is a reply to an “immature” comment saying Adi can screw Ajay.

        So how do you expect a mature reply??

        Infact I wanted to reply smthg like … “Jo Adi ka baap bhi na kar saka wo Adi kya ghantaaa karega?? ”

        But I still replied in a mature way … but since you called me immature instead of him so I then gave my honest reply .. :)

    2. Fasel

      And if you want to pounce on YRF for their so called “black dealings”, well they did the same for ETT, so can you please now say ETT’s final BO is tainted.

      1. rockie_Dabhangg2

        We are pouncing Yrf for all of their black dealings.. be it ETT or jthj.

    3. Fasel

      This is what Ajay said to TOI:

      There are very sharp divides in the fan fraternities online, if you notice?

      Yes, but that is now happening for every film, every few months, it’s not necessarily linked to the legal battle. It happened around Ek Tha Tiger also. There are sections of fans that vocally and blindly support the stars they idolize. I think it’s their honesty – they are supporting the person they like, irrespective of all else. Having said that, 90% of people aren’t checking what the facts are before reacting to the dispute.

  9. srk lover

    We srk fans are happy that jthj got more ss than SOS by using ETT but we don’t know that SOS has almost equal multiplex screens as jthj.

  10. ranju

    I like Ajay Devgn. He is a decent actor and person. But after few success with Rohit Shetty, he overestimate himself. Now become a ” Bali ka Bakra” to fall middle of two very stuburn person Aditya and Lulla. Now he is trying to play victim game to gain sympathy. Anyhow, wish him all the best for SOS.

    Theyr are not releasing SOS in my place. Otherwise, i would certainly watch that.

    1. Fasel

      I like Ajay Devgan the actor too, can’t say of the person because he barely shows himself off screen because he doesn’t like to socialize much but clearly he got outsmarted. The fact that Commission rejected his case was a big slap on his face. Now Ajay feels embarrassed after the whole drama he tried to put up.

  11. rockie_Dabhangg2

    2 time National Award winning actor – Ajay Devgn is definately 100 times better actor than any actor from current generation.

    As a person I think he is a shy and introvert person who does his work honestly and doesn’t look for cheap tricks to make his movie work.

    He is fighting for his rights and even if CCI has rejected his case he is still fighting it out that shows he has fighting spirit.

  12. Fasel

    Yeah well he can fight all he want. He’s just making a fool out of himself. Just shows he needs to take Business Management 101.

  13. iitianWay

    dont worry..everyone in BW taking notes from this episode…BW business will change for ever after this…but alas the cost of Ajay.

  14. iitianWay

    I still suggest Ajay to have his one evening show (day after diwali) in city (like wankhede) stadiums .. ~25000 viewers in one show that too on 70 meter (not 70mm) screen….poora paasa hi palat jaayega.

    Need of the hour to come out with out of the box solution

    1. rockie_Dabhangg2

      Well truly speaking its a lovely idea, and I think capacity of Wankhede is 60,000.

      So if he does one show it will cover the business of all single screens in Mumbai in one shot.. :D

      Best part – yrf cannot block Wankhede Stadium for jthj….. because .. :D
      It has been blocked for another 5 years …

  15. jealous hater of srk

    ajay first made allegation which was completly rejected CCI if his case ws so strong y did it got rejectd. nw he has appealed in tribunal court 2 days back of which plea or petition or reply we hav not heard only 4 days r left for release so to sum it good startegy of playing ‘david v/s goalith’ battle by ajay to counter yash raj demise sympathy factor atleast he has made some people to notice it by playing victim(ajay india’s first 50cr profited victim)..

  16. srk lover

    Jab tak hai Jaan we srk fans will hate SOS and dabangg 2. However our Jaan may not remain after the release of d2


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