1. Kumar3798 said:

    All songs Released till now gives an indication dat D Content will def limit d Target Audience frm Week2 .Songs May seem good to Sm but since it lacks Life hence shd be situational and will by no means Repeat the Sucesz like that of 3Idiots .110+ is Upper Limit

  2. assmasala said:

    i think chalu was trying to say, aamir was playing a “RANDIBAAZ” to perfection.It was a compliment from her/him to the perfaketionist.poor soul chalu.cudnt understand that even complimets for aamir doesnt go with this forum rules..

  3. Tango said:

    BTW- Mod(s) you can throw back this sher at me

    Tum aah jo kartey ho to karte ho sarey aam (in public)

    Woh qatl bhi kartey hain to lete hai tera naam

    (Just to mention yeh jawaab waala mera apna sher hai)