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I’ll give the first few paragraphs.


That Sam Mendes has proved himself as a quality filmmaker is in absolutely no doubt. With titles like Road to Perdition and the Academy Award-winning American Beauty, he has carved himself a solid brand recognition without being splashily famous like Christopher Nolan or James Cameron. So when he was announced as the director of the (then untitled) Bond project, everyone was up in the air. An Academy Award winner would definitely turn around the franchise after the faltering step that was Quantum of Solace. Right?

With every passing day, the expectations jumped as reports of increased character performances, followed by more prominent reports highlighting the action sequences, came out in the media. Every bit of news was scrutinized, from MGM’s bankruptcy to beer replacing the signature shaken-not-stirred martini. Every trailer, promo and poster increased the value and supposed quality of the film. This just had to be the best Bond film till date. Right?

So is this what Bond fans have been waiting for? Is this the best Bond we have ever seen? Is this the crowning glory of one of the most prominent franchises in filmdom?

Well… actually, no. At this juncture, I would like to give a fair warning that going by the professional reviews can let you down in this case. I will also refrain from any sort of synopsis; if you wish to read the story, please visit Wikipedia’s Skyfall article.

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  1. suprabh

    Will read and comment on this thread, after i watch the movie tomorrow.

  2. Serenzy

    100% Agree to Ur Review Jaspu…. Felt Like I Wasted My Precious 100 Bucks on it when I watched it yestrday.

    Shit… One of the Worst and Slowest Bond Movies I have Ever Seen… No Sense of Excitement Or Some Nice Thrill.

    The Story just Lags On with Some Good Action Setpieces thrown in but by Now I have Watched So Many of those that it All Feels ‘Been there, Done that’.

    Loved Javier Bardem and Judi Dench.

    SuperLOVED the Skyfall Track by Adele…

    Movie is Bad bad bad…!

  3. Jasp the Wasp


    Thanks! :D

    I’ll update a new review today, either SOS music review or TDKR film review; several others are also in the pipeline. Hope you enjoy them too :).

  4. iitianWay

    what a skyfall..from bond to bhand!!


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