1. ank_16n said:

    After seeing all its Dialogue promos and Songs ….
    I have a very-Very strong feeling that SOS will be a very big Blockbuster whether it Releases in 2000 screens or 1000 Screens…..

  2. Jasp the Wasp said:

    For the first time, the music video of an SOS song has actually been good – very good actually. Sonakshi looks gorgeous.

    The song is above average. I liked Raja Rani more.

  3. das said:

    Excellent song and equally very picturised. Ajay looking very nice specially in that white turban and Sonakshi is looking ravishing and stunning. Thumbs up

  4. Fasel said:

    Funny no one talking about the age gap between Ajay and Sonakshi. People had issues with SRK and Kat but not a peeeep about Ajay and Sonakshi.

  5. jealous hater of srk said:

    hum hAters ko hamara star young hi lagtha fire chaya woh botox ki injection har ghante le ya eyes ke neecha under bags aayien huma toh sirf srk hi aged lagtha ha

  6. Chalu said:

    ajay emerging out from a hill in the beginning of a song.. AGAIN!!

    he has been doing this since hulchul , pyar toh hona hi tha and ishq days ..