Son of Sardaar Advance Booking Opens in Delhi’s Single Screen.
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Son Of Sardaar Advance booking has opened in one of the Biggest Single Screen of Delhi.

Liberty Cinema: Karol Bagh has Started Advance booking.
Its one of the few Single Screen in Delhi which will show SOS only.As it has not signed Agreement with YRF and also didn’t showed ETT instead Showed Rowdy Rathore During the Release of ETT.

It has a capacity of Approx Rs 3.5 lakhs per day and is one of the largest Single Screen in Delhi.


Now coming to advance booking almost 25-30% Tickets are already booked For the 1st day(13th Nov).


Another Single screen EROS ONE(Delhi) is also going to start Advance booking by Thursday or Friday.
It has a capacity of Rs 3.5 lakh per Day and is also on par with Liberty.

Now Vishal Cineplex in Rajouri Garden is also owned by EROS it has 1400 Seats with same Rs 3-4 laks capacity per day and it is also likely to be given to Son Of Sardaar.




and as for EROS ONE and Vishal are concerned they both are Owned by EROS…

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  1. jealous hater of srk

    what’s the authenticity of this post..provide the link

    1. ank_16n

      Source added hope you believe now…..

  2. ank_16n

    I think these were the 3 Single Screens that ADF were Talking about….

    But I suppose At least 3 more Single Screens will also show SOS…
    One of them Delite will also show SOS….

  3. ank_16n

    I don’t know why BOI is not showing report on SOS advance booking…
    May be they will show in Evening or may be Tomorrow.


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