“No one except Aamir was supposed to do this film” – Reema Kagti

The unusual thing about Talaash is the emotional content that deals with sadness and loss. Conventional Hindi cinema stays away from these words but here were three people who supported me. Loss and sadness can be entertaining and can be engaging and can make for commercial cinema.



  1. GOD- Ek Tha Human said:

    @utkal – If the sadness n loss is well depicted then it is sure to get repeat viewer irrespective of the suspense theme..

  2. utkal said:

    GOD-Ek Tha Hanukman. Yes. Look at how Skyfall is working big time on the power of the sadness and loss theme, even managing to do away with the customary sex and bikini babes.

  3. Tango said:

    Attention mkt hi. That should answer your query. Still, I’ll ask Farhan once again, if I meet him in December, as I have told you.