1. Beld said:

    super song – easily the best of the year so far for me.

    and to think that there were some who were talking about quality of music of yashraj movies…..

  2. utkal said:

    At alst one song from Jab Tak Hai Jaan that I really like. Now that I have given it a good listen I must say this is as good as anything Rahman has ever created in this genre. Maybe I will like the title song too. THe snatches I have heard seem very promising. But For this song alone I will go ahead and order the CD…tomorrow perhaps.

  3. Serenzy said:

    Good Song..

    Ishq Shava, Challa and Heer are the Best Songs of JTHJ, in that Order.

    Rest Songs are Not Upto the Mark and Album is a Dissapointing ‘Below Average’ Fare.