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  1. Engineer

    @ranju-essence of salman khan…
    Bt she is luking damn gud in d sng..

  2. Beld

    super song – easily the best of the year so far for me.

    and to think that there were some who were talking about quality of music of yashraj movies…..

  3. utkal

    At alst one song from Jab Tak Hai Jaan that I really like. Now that I have given it a good listen I must say this is as good as anything Rahman has ever created in this genre. Maybe I will like the title song too. THe snatches I have heard seem very promising. But For this song alone I will go ahead and order the CD…tomorrow perhaps.

  4. Serenzy

    Good Song..

    Ishq Shava, Challa and Heer are the Best Songs of JTHJ, in that Order.

    Rest Songs are Not Upto the Mark and Album is a Dissapointing ‘Below Average’ Fare.

  5. Serenzy

    And the Title Song is So Sooo Bad….What Kiddish Lyrics!


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