Cant believe that so many people dont get what is happenning right now
deadmanwalking | November 6, 2012, 10:46 PM | 9 comments | 0 views

What is happenning right now between SOS AND JTHJ is the best way to get attention and sadly so many people deal with that like its the first time ever to have two film releaing together .Each film choose the right way to get more promotion and ajay know he will never beat Shahrukh film at least in the opening so he use the victim card and Shahrukh just turst how big HIS FILM IS .whatever ajay spend on his film and whatever some people try to make SOS As real treat to JTHJ the result from the first day is the same !!!.JTHJ IS THE FILM THAT WILL GET THE BIGGEST OPENING EASILY .This is shahrukh film so easily he will have more power than ajay and trust me you will see abig difference between these film and in overseas JTHJ will creat new opening record thats for sure but the rest will depend on the quality so these silly case is just for publicity and all distribution know that shahrukh film is muct bigger so its very ordinary that they choose this to be the first choice for then and finaly i know many haters try hard to be with SOS but even if zayed khan clash with JTHJ they will be with him next week all people will see the difference between Shahrukh and ajay star power.

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  1. ank_16n

    Agree with most of your Article…..
    But would say that —
    At multiplexes JTHJ will open 2 times or may be 3 Times collections as compared to SOS….

    But this fight is not about Multiplexes its about Single Screen
    At single screen SOS would have lead if SS would not have been booked by YRF….
    but as things stand now..
    for the 1st 3 days JTHJ will lead over by SOS with huge margin

  2. deadmanwalking

    as i said it not aurprise because SS people think that Shahrukh film is the hot packafe here so they make adeal and whatever people say i can see JTHJ lead with 5-10cr as adifference just wait and watch

    1. rowdy

      what wait and watch..agar 75% single screens tum pre-block kar rahe ho (SS being biggest market for masala flicks like SOS) toh obviously 5-10 cr ka diff hoga…whats the big deal..
      Agar content acha hota JTHJ ka toh SOS ko fair chance dete.

      1. rowdy

        Aur bhai SS are least bothered about romantic movies, the want masala, action…

      2. rowdy

        Aur bhai SS are least bothered about romantic movies, they want masala, action…

  3. Engineer

    jthj wil rock this diwali..
    Jst 7 days 2 go..

  4. jealous hater of srk

    whoever has written seriously mann ki baat cheenli
    Bt we haters have our comments fixd if jhtj beats sos by big margin den we would say its becus of less screens

  5. srk lover

    We srk fans are amazingly funny. After jthj beats SOS we will say its because jthj is a better movie than SOS. We will forget that SOS is hardly being released due to yrf conspiracy.

  6. jealous hater of srk

    we haters are so dumb dat we said that wen ett broke opening and weekend records due to double the screen than 3 idiots we said ett was bettr than 3 idiots bt wen it came to life time collection we al know what happend?


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