There Is No ‘Khiladi’ Series!
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With the idiots at the helm of affair of the ‘C’ grade looking khiladi 786 trying to make it look like the biggest franchise of bollywood (ya with most of them flops and just 2 clean hits its sure got to be the biggest franchise!) what is amusing is the white lie that is the khiladi series itself. actually there is no such thing as the khiladi series or franchise.

how does a film become a sequel of another. by having a common character, an extended story or at least (as akshay’s dumb fans wud agree wholeheartedly) at least by having a common hero (thats the only basis they think that makes up the khiladi series.) apart from that all khiladi films have nothing in common.

but the fact is that even the hero in all khiladi films is not common. khel khiladi ka had dharmendra and dhruv, khatron ke khiladi had dharmendra, sanjay dutt and chunke pandey the hero of the 1st khiladi was e billimoria in 1945, the lead in second khiladi was ashok kumar in 1950, and the 1968 khiladi had fearless nadia as the main lead. shatranj ke khiladi 1977 starred the great sanjeev kumar and saeed jaffery. come to think of it even small time comedian mohan choti of ysteryears played the hero in ‘ek khiladi baawan pattey’.

akshay kumar starred in khiladi (1992) and some more disparate films with the word khiladi thrown in without any common story line or character with just two of them hits (sabse bada khiladi and khiladiyon ka khiladi) and rest all flops. but so did fardeen khan (ek khiladi ek haseena) and some dubbed films like khiladi no 1 and ek anari do khiladi.

but trust the dumb akshay kumar fans to buy the stupid and imaginary khiladi series and queue up for its tickets!

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  1. Tango

    All the Khiladi movies are quasi-sequels, very much like the Race & Dhoom films as also the Raaz & 1920 films.

    All the Khiladi films are not sequels or series, as both approximately mean that the latest follows where the previous ended.

  2. danish

    @tango – wat is a quasi-series? race 2 is not released but i am sure it will have common characters. dhoom 2 had abhishek bachchan and uday chopra characters, so also rimi sen.

    uday chopra reminds me, like akshay kumar even he can claim to be a part of a legendary franchise – the ‘pyaar’ series. remember pyaar impossible? in fact uday’s franchise wud be bigger than akshay’s as it has such atbbs in the series as maine pyaar kiya.

    which makes me wonder – how come thses uday chopras, chunkey pandeys and shreyas talpades keep beating akshay kumar in many records? are they good or are akshay’s records questionable?

  3. Tango

    Danish- I am just talking about quasi-sequel. Not interested in what Uday reminds you of what Akshay claims to be.

    Since you are a student of a good Delhi based school(as you say), I am sure your teachers can explain to you what quasi-sequel means.

    If they cannot plz get back to me I’ll let you know.

  4. Aditya007

    Chu****yatic Post By salman’s ch***ya Fan! Lago Rahe !!!!

    1. diva

      @mods i am not saying to ban anyone but wasn’t one member banned before few days making similar above comment. so now again is this allowed in NG?

      1. FS

        Same person also nodded “good job mods” hahahahaha

      2. danish

        @diva – let it be yaar. i am against banning and ususally dont take offense unless somebody is extremely provocative.

        1. diva

          Danish as i cleared in my above comment i don’t want anyone to be banned. I just asked the MODS about it because if i’m not wrong before few days one member was banned for making similar comment.

  5. Tashan

    tum aur salman ka marital status kabhi change nahe hona…same same hi rehna

  6. Tango

    :-) Yes Manish rt now I am free till my sleep hour arrives.

  7. Tango

    Manish can you mail me a CD or MP3 cover of K 786?

  8. Aditya007

    abid bhai ,Really I dont want Use such type of Language ever In mY coments but Kya karu Inn Unnecessary Post Me Unnecessary[Forcely] Coments karne padte hai .

  9. danish

    @tango – i have gotten back to you. kindly explain, with examples wat are quasi sequels and how uday chpra doesnt qualify?

    @manish – so do u!

    @aditya – this post is abt the most chxxxxxtic wannabe (superstar) star and for his his wanna chxxxtic fans!

    which is better than your and akshay’s status! doing things in thigh-land with men for money and getting married to twinkle – who did everthing with salman during jab pyaar kisis se hota hai days.

    1. Manish

      if i wd have been doing that i wd have been discussing this topic with u but iam not :D so get out of la la planet of urs :)

  10. danish

    @aditya – dude try finding out a logical flaw in my post!

  11. Phantom

    1920 is a bigger franchise than khiladi

  12. Dr.Nisheet

    If “khiladi” is not a franchise……then SALMA-N-BAHEN… not a actor=male=human=fertile=nothing

  13. Tango

    Danish as I told you I am just talking about quasi-sequels, I’ll restrict myself to that.

    Since you do not want to ask your teachers of the Public School of Delhi that you study in, and have bestowed me with the honour to explain to you, as per my little knowledge, about what a quasi-sequel is ( it is not from Wikipedia btw)- It is a film/literary work of similar genre, where the story is not carried forward, despite a similar title, with minor additions/deletions in the title.

    The latest example in 1920 & 1920 Evil Returns as also the Golmaal and Khiladi series (as you prefer to term it).

  14. Dr.Nisheet

    If “khiladi” is not a franchise……then SALMA-N-BAHEN… not a actor=male=human=fertile=nothing

    logic if some patient will ask later—-1)he/she—can’t act….2)every girl leaves him but some males ajay devgan and sanju are glued to he/she???…so may be a girl….3)kills people with car driving….4)no child or may be the reason for non merriage……5)now anything left that he/she has…no so he/she is nothing in his/her life…..

    AND if some patient of delusion says above thing is wrong….than KHILADI is also BIGGEST FRaNCHISE….thats all

  15. Tango

    Manish someone mailed me the scan. Lagta hai mere bahut chahne waale hain NG par :-)

    No need to take the trouble.

  16. Gorilla

    @Danish –
    [1] “‘C’ grade looking khiladi 786″ – the look of K786 is same as ETT and if this is the definition of C grade movie, so it’s alright then.
    [2] “trying to make it look like the biggest franchise of bollywood” – Munna bhai and Dhoom will remain the biggest series. so anyone saying this is wrong. Even for Akshay Kumar, Housefull is a bigger franchisee followed by Hear Pheri.
    [3] “akshay kumar fans to buy the stupid and imaginary khiladi series and queue up for its tickets!”
    Yeh baat mein to koi shak nahin ki Akshay Kumar is one of the most amazing superstar. He simply keeps amazing his detractors. He makes easy hits, makes lots of films, falters => thereby gain more fans and give more hits => thereby gain more detractors.

  17. ank_16n

    Yaar mujhe Akshay kumar ke upar gussa aa raha hai —–
    Akshay lagta hai F(Faltu-C- class)-Class logo ki sangat mein Rehne laga hai …..
    Lagta hai Akshay ne 6 months phele Garv-Wanted-Dabangg and Bodyguard dekh li —-
    oh oh my bad
    Suryavanshi toh zaroor dekhi hogi….

    My advice to Akshay—sir maana apne ek Falto Spotboy ko TMK mein chota sa song karkre Uska career Chala diya…..par uss Spotboy ne Aapko Shirish Khunder se milwa diya…
    sir mujhe pata hai uss spotboy ne Aapko apni movies Garv-Wanted-Dabangg and Bodyguard dekhyi hogi aapni advice ke liye par aap aise movies kabhi mat karna…

    Your Loyal Fan

  18. Gorilla

    Examples of quasi sequel –

    Hollywood – Saw series, Final Destination, Paranormal activity series
    Bollywood – Bhoot+Bhoot Returns; e.g. mentioned by Tango

    anyway i find this thread of no relevance to the movie.

    Two things are working in the title –

    [1] Khiladi
    [2] 786

    Both have fond memories in hindi films. “Khiladi” has been used in Akshay’s film max number of times.
    786 has been referred in Deewar, Coolie, Veer Zaara and many other memorable films.

    In hindi cinema there is a history to both and Dec 7 will see another history being made. Life is too short….Hit pe Hit dete jao! :)

    BTW, Dabangg3 plans are on and rumor is that it will have Chulbul Pandey and Bachchan Pandey together.

  19. ank_16n

    Yeah i m just going to post my Advice To Akshay kumar sir…..
    and Would CC it to the SPOTBOY….as Spotboy should also know What Akshay sir fans thinks about spotboy and he should stop making Akshay sir watch his movies……

  20. Tango

    GorilLa – “BTW, Dabangg3 plans are on and rumor is that it will have Chulbul Pandey and Bachchan Pandey together.”

    Aisa kuch sunne mein aa raha hai!

    Ab stars to fans ki tarah ek doosre se lad nahi sakte, specially if they are friends in real life.

    1. ank_16n

      Tango bhai we know both are friends par Kuch log bhaire hote hai aur
      Bhairo ke liye Dhamaka karna padhta hai…..

  21. Action

    Tango sir, Akki Abbas-Mustan ke saath film kyu nahi kar raha?All is not well between them?
    @danish Series na sahi par Parallel zaroor keh sakte he.

  22. Tango

    Ab Dabangg 3 mein hai ki nahi I cannot say but Sajid Nadiadwala is planning a project with the two, based on an Amitabh-Vinod Khanna remake of the 80s.

    Remember, where you first heard this RUMOUR first, aur mera saalam e ishq yaad rakhna.

  23. Phantom

    Who is bachchan pandey?

    Chulbul pandey ka beta?

  24. Tango

    Action ji all is well between Akshay & A-M, it is just that he is rt now not doing the kind of films they make.

    Would love to see them together again.

  25. danish

    @dr nisheet – koi logical jawaab nahin soojha? kaise doctor ho? batao zara wats common in all khiladi films? not even lead actor.

    @tango – to begim with make that a south delhi school!

    and going by your definition, how does the khiladi (quasi) series belong to akshay kumar?

    @gorilla – make that most ‘wannabe superstar’.

    @ank – solah baras ki umar mein aksar ye hota hai. tumne kya bola tum khud bhi nahin samajh paaye

    @gorilla – 1. so the same question to u as tango – how does the khiladi series belong to akshay kumar and not fardeen khan or e billimoria? did saw series or final destination series belong to any actors?

    2. additional question that tango failed to answer – how does uday chopra not qualify to be the part of ‘pyaar series’ despite ‘pyaar impossible?

    3. pre 2009 akshay used to play comedian in salman’s films like msk and janemnn. wat will he play in dabangg 3? junior artist?

  26. danish

    @action – as parellel as uday chopra and akshay kumar are!

    @tango – who do u think will play amitabh’s role from the two in the amitabh vinod khanna remake?

  27. sahildiksha

    This post is itself a ‘C’ grade post.
    Akshay is entertaining people more than any other actor. MUCH hyped ETT offerred nothing for audience.

  28. sahildiksha

    Poor Danish does so much labour to make Akshay fell from his fans’ heart, but all in vain. Akshay grows more.

  29. Aryan29

    Ek aur faltu post. I 100%agree with the headline of this post but the way you have made the post will only create Hatred among fans in comments and there will be no sensible discussions.

    So again for me Unnecessary post.

  30. danish

    @sahildiksha – logical answer do. is there a khiladi series? and if yes, is there a pyaar series starring uday chopra, a dil series starring prithvi (of dil ka kya qasoor fame) and a sholay series starring vijay shrivastav (of ramgarh ke sholay fame).

    as for ett it offered its audiences entertaimnet worth 200 cr and was rewarded with the amount.

    as for akshay falling in his fans eyes (sic) he is too low to fall any further!

    @aryan – katai intellectual ho gaya deekhe yo to 2 mahine mein!

  31. waleed jawaid

    jaisay hi maine post ka title parha that moment i know ye post Kisi FRUSTATED SOUL ne likha ha !! and i wasnt dissappointed to see DANISH>>!!! the most retarded person on NG>!! Pathetic post !!

  32. danish

    @waleed jawaid – @sahildiksha – logical answer do. is there a khiladi series? and if yes, is there a pyaar series starring uday chopra, a dil series starring prithvi (of dil ka kya qasoor fame) and a sholay series starring vijay shrivastav (of ramgarh ke sholay fame).

    by the way i believe in footfall theory and this retarded writer’s abovememntioned post has 500 views and 40 commenst in just a few hours.

  33. waleed jawaid

    yar danish i dont want to argue on any non sense topic ..!!
    there is a word called sequel prequel and a completely different word SERIES!! i hopw u understand..khiladi is a series starring akshay kumar..!! we all know we cant deny the fact ..! ab tum jaisay log us ko classify kartay ho k 2 hits theen or baqi flop tou wo tumhara problem ha he has 7 khiladi films to his name!!!
    or ap ki THEORY OR LOGIC k sath to series kuch is tarah hongi
    PYAR series
    MAINE series
    LOVE series
    TUM series
    JAB series

  34. danish

    @waleed – argument karna bhi nahin chaahte aur kar bhi rahe ho.
    wat is a series? just one common word in the title makes it a series? in which case why is ek khiladi ek haseena not part of the series and why does fadeen khan not own the series?

    the fact is there is no such thing as khiladi series, all the less so any successfull franchise. i mean 5 of those films nosedived dude!

  35. Dhamaka

    I have to agree here with danish’s logic thou he put his views in very harsh way but like him IMO also there is no khiladi series or franchise those movies are completely different from each other and back then in 90’s there is no concept of sequels or series in indian industry ( Nigahain is an exception).

    I think this Khiladi thing has more to do with the Image Akshay created after his first successful movie Khiladi by show casing his martial art skills and producers add this khiladi name to cash on his image . same thing happened with Govinda in 90’s after delivering huge hit like coolie no-1 and he ended up doing so many no-1 movies in that era.

    Now, after so many years when almost every sequel or franchise is doing higher business then previous one the team of K786 used this trick very smartly and i think they are successful in this marketing strategy.

  36. danish

    @dhamaka -thanx. but wat was harsh in my artcle? oh u mean the comparison in my commenst with uday chopra? but dont akshay fans invite them by making false claims. biggest franchize my foot!

    in fact the redeeming factor of govinda’s no1 series was that at leats all of them were superhits. the same cant be said abt the khiladfi series at all, if ever there was one.

    and whether or not the makeers of khiladi 786 have been successfull or not in marketing we will kno only after the release of the film. for all u know many might decide to stay away recalling the tacky khiladi movies of the 90s.

  37. FS

    He might not be successful in khiladi series but his being joker series is as successful as being human :P

  38. danish

    @tango – i usually dont quote but here i have to

    “a quasi-sequel is ( it is not from Wikipedia btw)- It is a film/literary work of similar genre, where the story is not carried forward, despite a similar title, with minor additions/deletions in the title.”

    how is mr and mrs khiladi (a pure comedy) ‘the same genre’ as international khiladi(pure thriller wher akshay doesnt even smile forget comedy)? how is main khiiladi tu anadi (an action comedy) ‘the same genre’ as khiladi 420 (suspense thriller?)

    bolo blolo! tell tell!

    ab soch rahe hoge isse achchha to wikipedia hi quote kar deta. kam se kam itna bura to na phansta.

    the point basically is everything abt akshay is fraudulent, from his superstar status, to his high salary news leaks to his claims to be no 1 to his ‘biggest franchise’.

  39. danish

    @FS – yes! that is quite possible. if u include tees maar khan and joker he alkreday seems to be headed for a record. all he needs is one more ‘green hued’ film where random villager do watever comes to their mind to be a disaster and akshay will have the unique distinction of having a serries where all 3 films were a disaster.

    1. FS

      Your description matches exactly to K786 :P unmein villagers village mein hi they per isme villagers sheher mein honge shayad. :P

  40. danish

    @FS – phir toanokha record ban sakta hai. two of the 3 disaster in one calendar year. all 3 disasters within 24 months.

  41. Dr.Nisheet

    (*****this is just my reply to a psychiatric patient and i intentionally wrote it just against him….and all other fans of SALMAN KHAN this is not for you)

    With the idiots at the helm of affair of the ‘C’ grade looking SALMAN BHAI aka SALMA-N-BAHEN trying to make
    it look like the biggest superstar of bollywood films(ya with most of them were overacted and just a few
    clean movies in which he do n’t shamefully showed his steroid chest….is she sure got to be the biggest superstar!) what is amusing is the white lie
    that is salman bhai itself. actually there is no such thing as the salman bhai
    or bahen cause he is hijda.
    how does a hijda become a hero. by having a steoid chest, he should have penis or even vagina (as salman’s dumb fans wud agree wholeheartedly) at least…..that means SALMAN KHAN have nothing in common to male/female genitalia.
    but the fact is that even the so called hero not common to hijdas too. Hijadas
    have small opening on their genital area to atleast urinate,but this animal even not got this…..and scientists are researching it since december 1965, so why this animal is called as a SUPERSTAR….
    Even small time gays and HIJDAS of bollywood movie do good acting and do their role honestly then this so called BAHEN is given so much hype……but NOW i know that not alone of this mutant animals there are many more…and they are making this noise cause by only this way they can even get identification…….and ONE of them is on NG… if you have contact of this person named something like DA-N-I-SH……..plz plz plz….send him USA they need a person of weird human(???) type for experiment….

  42. iitianWay

    a fanatic ..apne star/superstar/megastar ke liye jeeta hain and usi ke liye marta..maarta hain.

    but woh apne star/SS/MS ka kabhi bhala nahin karta…jitne jute/gaaliyaan isne slmaan ko dilwaaye honge utne aajtak kisi aur ne nahin…even sallu ke dushmano ne bhi nahin.

  43. Gorilla

    1. How can Akshay claim Khiladi to be his franchisee?
    He has not. His fans have and why not as he is the only one referred as Khiladi kumar. The fact that he did not star in any Khiladi titled film, but still him being referred as Khiladi till date shows the image that got built up for him.
    2. Khiladi franchise of Akshay kumar does not belong to any genre. The only genre common in his films is he himself. This makes the Khiladi series more interesting and diverse than any other franchisee.
    3. Other actors can also title their films with the Khiladi word. Akshay has not monopolised it. However the fact remains that he has done max films with Khiladi word, makes one remember his for all Khiladi films. Aaj bhi many dubbed movies are titled with Khiladi word to cash in on the popularity. I know many people watch that movie, ESP non Akki fans who do not remember about Akshay’s film names, expecting it to be an Akki classic.
    4. Memorable Khiladi films are
    4.1 Khiladi
    4.2 Main Khiladi tu Anari
    4.3 Sabse bada Khiladi
    4.4 Khiladiyon ka Khiladi
    4.5 Mr and Mrs Khiladi
    Khiladi films after this are forgettable to say the least….however the Khiladi brand is still pretty popular and no wonder it was depicted in Om Shanti Om in a cameo.
    5. Akshay Kumar was the real hero of MSK as he single handedly without having any heroine opposite him made the impact via his impeccable comic timing and larger than life Sunny. Of course he did not really overshadow Sallu but he emerged more likeable to many, the way Sallu emerged more likeable in Karan Arjun

  44. Tango

    No Danish I am not a Wikipedia quoter.

    All the khiladi movies featuring have comedy and above all real action, same was the case in Khiladi 420 and Mr. & Mrs Khiladi.

    Waise being from two culturally rich towns (from your family side), I am sure you must have been taught to address your elders as aap rather than tum :-)

    But aap ki marzi hai, you can still call me as tum/bolo.

  45. iitianWay

    Tango jee ..aap maharatsra mein nahin ho ..nahin to yaha aap and baap dono ko tum/tu hi karke bola jaata hain…
    yeh marathi bhasha ka gun/abgun hain pata nahin…

  46. Tango

    iitiianWay I know, but Danish miyan apni taraf ke hain that is why I pointed it out, otherwise I would have let it go.

    Even in Punjab ‘Tu’ is one of the most affectionate word, I know!

  47. sahildiksha

    @Danish-logical answers logical posts mein diye jate hain…

  48. Tango

    I was in Rampur recently, when Azam bhai inaugurated his Johar University, and it is a town rich in heritage and culture.

  49. sahildiksha

    Danish..They are not saying k786 is sequel to any previous khiladi movies. they are just saying KHILADI IS BACK
    aur phir media ho ya aam janta akshay to Khiladi ke naam se hi known hai.


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