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SHAH and SHEHENSHAH doing gangnam style

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  1. Khan.1

    Shah has the timing… he can really be good at comedy.. he shud give it a chance i think

    Shah and truth prevails

    1. suprabh

      Yes Don2 was unintentionally comedy…keep your brains at home kinds… was intentionally your other body parts kinds

      1. Khan.1

        A totally lame and uninvited comment from the moderator of NaachGaana

  2. Khan.1

    What was ‘keep your brains at home types’ in Don 2

  3. alizain2844

    it was awesome episode..
    The plot given by filmy negatd as srk tels tht katrina purposes her in the movie..


    Khan.1 how can u expect any one to go and watch movies without keeping brains at home ? Look at Ghajini, 3I, DB etc etc. Ya I heard Ra. 1 was very complicated movie (I hv seen it FF mode on pirated 5 in 1 CD with very bad print) and one has to take his brain to cinema hall.

  5. alizain2844

    u can say its ur view bt nt of public..
    Movie’s audience was multiplex nd it colectd 70 cr there whch big many movies havent done yet..

  6. Khan.1

    That way every movie can be attacked by picking such mistakes.
    I liked the action scenes, car chase and SRK in it. He was good. Thnk god there was only one scene.
    About screenplay Don is meant to be cool and the masterminded and farhan was just taking the legacy forward.

  7. Khan.1

    I wonder how ppl can watch shows like big boss where ppl fight like dogs for money.

  8. srk lover

    Lol some srk fans (not me) are hilarious… “How can people fight for money?” Aare bhaiya.. Aap ghandhi ho kya… Here in NG u fight with fans of other actor for nothing and then ask how can people fight for money?

  9. Khan.1

    Did u even read my comment??
    They fight like DOGS just for 5-10 lakhs(dnt knw the actual amount) and apne izzat ka khachra karte hai.
    And i never said ‘how can ppl fight for money’ .
    Its sick to see some educated, matured and somewhat established ppl fighting like there is no tomorrow.

  10. Rockyy

    Full too Dhamaal episode..
    Shah the biggest entertainer of Bollywood..

    1. Khan.1

      SHAH is an epitome of Entertainment.

  11. FS

    I wonder how people can adore the who does mujrah, gay acts out n loud in public at filmfare awards, dances in marriages and what not for the sake of money even after he has enough money to survive for another 100 years n still feel proud to be slaves of such homosexual King? :P

  12. Khan.1

    I wonder how people adore a criminal who has spent 6 mnths in jail. Show his strength on womens and kill innocent animals and poor peoples.
    How can his fans like his man…. When he removes his shirt.
    At 47 he has yet unmarried which makes me think whether he is …….??

  13. khiladi

    Shahrukh aur comedy?? shahrukh epitome of entertainment??? Khan.1 itne sare Jokes ek sath mat bolo yar.

  14. khiladi

    Ghatiya Gay jokes ke alawa kuch nahin karta Shahrukh jahan tak entertainment ya comedy ka sawal hai.

    Thats why films b nahi chal rai award functions mein flop acts and tv shows b disaster panchvi pas or zor ka jhatka loool srk fans saying epitome of entertainment roffflll king wala khan

  15. FS

    But i wonder how can the ‘audience/viewer’ of homosexual acts be it onscreen or offscreen, eunuch’s mujrah acts on award function off-course can question the “audience/viewer” of dog fights?

    If eunuch’s act is epitome of entertainment then definitely its audience is Very limited eunuch’s population :P

  16. Khan.1

    akki k movies k comedy pe has has k tum aise ho gaye ho ki tumhe ab members k comments pe bhi hasi ati hai..


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