1. Tango said:

    We have been invited over (as a delegation) on 7th morn in Delhi, to see the result live over breakfast, by the consulate ppl, but uske liye 4 baje uthna padega, so I wont be there.

    Aaraam achchi cheez hai moonh dhak ke soiyye :-)

  2. Roy said:

    lol .. you can as well follow results on TV at home. btw, it may take time as the race is close. so outcome will unlikely be determined by early morning IST on 7th.

  3. iitianWay said:

    what NGites think of this race…lets have quick snap poll..NGian Way!!

    Like this comment for Obama
    Dislike this comment for Romney

  4. Tango said:

    Roy- they will have a briefing and after that all will move to some 5-star hotel for breakfast and live broadcast and they say by 1 in the afternoon it’ll all be over, and we will be dropped to our destination, in and outside Delhi.

  5. Roy said:

    so iitianway, if I want to like your comment but chose Romney, what should I do? same way if I want to dislike your comment, but chose Obama, what should i do?

    • iitianWay said:

      Roy sir…very basic
      …for the time being forget me/my comments …focus on obama/romney :)

      we dont have polling plugin in NG…using this round about…and it helps at times..in raw manner :)