Delhi City, East Punjab and Bihar will benefit Son of Sardaar More..!!

Read many articles saying that SOS is really a victim——

Let me Tell you SOS will not be a victim at least in DELHI CITY, EAST PUNJAB AND BIHAR——-

Delhi city and East Punjab are Circuits full of Multiplexes that to in Posh localities as well as Not so posh one also—-

Right from PVR to DT to Satyam to Fun  to Cinemax to Big and many more you name  it and you will find one.

Yes We all know the issue is not about Multiplexes but about SINGLE SCREENS

So Coming to the point—-

1.     Delhi city have around 10-15 Single Screens Functional out of which For any big release At least 10 single screens are booked in Delhi…

For example ETT Released in 9 single Screens in Delhi as 4-5 Single Screens Refused to Sign the Agreement of Releasing JTHJ—

yes Liberty one of the most famous Single Screen didn’t Release ETT among Others and continued to show Rowdy Rathore Instead as far as I can Remember…..

So Equation is Similar——

JTHJ might get 8-9 Single Screens


SOS can easily get 7 Single Screens

as Delite(Single Screen) will show both….


Now coming to

2.    East punjab—-This circuit has shown most rapid growth in the last 5-6 years—Reason Boom of Multiplexes.

But this circuit do have Single Screens——

For example Gurgaon have 4 Single Screens but  Movie release hardly there and They contribute less than 1% of total collections in Gurgaon—

Similarly Chandigarh  and Amritsar situation is Similar……

But Haryana do have quite a few Single Screens in places like Rohtak…Karnal and panipat etc—–

Even if JTHJ get 70 % Single Screens here as compared to 30% SOS(Though SOS and JTHJ both will get 50-50 SS)

Collections would not be affected by more than 5-10 lakhs….. in EAST PUNJAB…….


3.    Even in Bihar ETT released in 55 odd Screens as compared to 135 total Screens due to the same Agreement which Theatres owners Declined…..

So taking that in account

SOS will release in Minimum 80 Theatres as compared to  maybe 60 or 70 at max for JTHJ….


And seeing the Local flavor and Massy content we will know which movie is going to be the first choice at least in these areas(Except Gurgaon and some posh Multiplexes in South Delhi )…..


  1. ranjit
    November 4, 2012 at 5:51 PM

    mujhe toh lagta hai SOS ko fayeda hone wala hai….

    Public ab jyada paisa de ke single screen chor ke multiplex me ye movie dekhne jayegi :P .

    Aisa ho bhi sakta hai :P ………

  2. Being Heman
    Being Heman
    November 4, 2012 at 11:42 PM

    so Katrina going to propose srk in JTHJ. … :D

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