aur kab tak hai jaan
filmy | November 4, 2012, 12:12 PM | 5 comments | 0 views

Found this poster’s really funny NO offence to anyone here…take it sportingly and have fun..:-)sportingly and have fun..:-)

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  1. filmy


  2. Serenzy


    See… It has ‘Started’ Again!

  3. filmy

    serenzy: what has started again?? can you please clarify??

  4. FS

    your are right filmy…. I took it sportingly and result is I am Laughing out Looooooooooooud.

  5. suprabh


    NG does not require this sort of amusement as posts…. You can choose to share this via comments or in sb,

    This post will be closed now and the image removed.

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