The Truth Behind Controversy Of Screen Counts Between JAB TAK HAI JAAN & SON OF SARDAAR.
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Saturday,3rd November 06:45 PM IST

There is news in media for last few days that SOS team has sent notice to YRF over irregular practices in acquiring the screen for release of “Jab Tak Hai Jaan”. Media is having a field day with rumors are coming from all the sources. That is why we thought of probing the matter further.


Media group who broke the news that YRF got a legal notice from Ajay Devgn had not any copy of notice (which they always have generally). YRF maintained that it is not a notice from court but a notice from lawyers. Competition Law Commission already stated that there is no way that they can put a time frame to decide this matter if it comes for hearing. Matter will take its own time so one thing is clear that both the film will hit screens on 13thNovember.


2nd issue is the main bone of contention and that is release size. This is very interesting. If you have seen our report almost 30-35 days back, it was well known that JTHJ will not only have wider release but also it will get quality screens. One can easily guess that SOS team is doing this at 11thhour to get some free publicity because if they are so genuinely concerned then where were they for a month or so.


But the worst part is the distribution of no. of screens and quality of screens across the country. If you go through the overall distribution across the country, it is not a good picture for “Son Of Sardaar” but it is not very bad either. After we spoke to couple of distributors in CI, CP, UP and Mumbai, we got to know that both the films are getting what these films would had got anyways.


That so called YRF deal is not affecting more than 15% or so in terms of number of screens. But yes as far as quality of screens are concerned, JTHJ is way ahead and SOS is losing badly at that front. What is funnier is that Ajay Devgn Ffilms is sending the notice. Ajay Devgn sold the film to Eros in 67 cr and he is least bothered about its fate.

It is Eros who is panicking as they failed to get distributor as late as mid October.One more thing is that Eros have not started booking screens as yet so from where the hell 600 screen figure was quoted in notice???? Screens will be finally booked for SOS by next Wednesday only so this all is big media gimmick to get eye balls and confuse the audience.

Whatever is the outcome but one thing is sure that Eros and Ajay Devgn Ffilms have given some remarkable free publicity to JTHJ and showcased the film as favorite to win the battle on Diwali which is a bad PR on their front. At the end of the day only a better content and a better film will win, not all this gimmick and release controversy.

Below are the few stats to show the projected distribution of both the films in few territories in percentage –























East Punjab












West Bengal



All India



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  1. ank_16n

    This is the most bizaare Article I have ever Read……..

    and now Talk about some of This sites Tweets——-

    1. srk or ajay r nt important here..its abt yash ji’s last fiilm..grow up.

    2. i m biased towards every legend of bollywood becoz i lov them respect them..i hav pity who is spoiling a yash ji film.

    3. believe more in idol worship than a legend..yash ji made classics fora period of time which is more than age of ajay or srk.

    4. this(JTHJ) is nt an action film which needs all out promotion..content will speak from 13th onwards.

  2. ank_16n

    so According to this article SOS will book Single Screens on 7 november just 5 days before Release.

    while He has given the Number of Screens
    well in advance
    35 days ago…….

    Acc. to this site
    SOS will release in 1700 Screens
    JTHJ in 2600 Screens……

    Though mind it EROS has still not Started booking Any Screens at all——–

    WOW that’s just Un-Heard off……..

  3. Rosh

    Ridiculous article, but why did you even post it.

    I was surprised you had posted it till I saw your comment

    1. ank_16n

      Had to post it………

      The admin of this site ….is just a looser……..

      wanted every one to see…….

      What Real PR can be like……..!!

    2. ank_16n

      If i hadn’t then some other guy would have Posted it……..

      It just for discussion……..

      waise bhi hum yaha baith kar thodi na SOS ki SCreens increase ya decrease kar denge……..

      bas discussion karo……..
      baaki sab toh EROS aur YRF ne karna hai….

  4. ank_16n

    13 th ko sab Dooth ka dooth aur Paani ka paani ho jayega….

    Tab tak naa toh Ye site kuch jaanti hai na koi aur site……

    That’s why BOI is not saying a word About whole screen space right now…..

    Jab BOI bolegi toh sab……Ussi ko cut-copy paste karke Bolege……..

  5. FS

    Just one question to few akshay fans.

    Why you guyz are getting so desperate to see Sos win the battle over Jthj? Is this because akshay wil remain at no2/3 if srk fails at bo or more worried of srk being back at no3 followed by akshay at no4?

    In most cases i had seen akshay fans supported srk against any other actor but why this sudden change of heart?

    1. FS

      Koito jawaab do… Jab bhi poochta hoon sab silent ho jaate hain, aisa kyun?

  6. Aditya007

    No One[Akki fan] have desperate from SoS win/release ,its about the choice & Some anger for YRF ,because they played very well politics over Ajay’s Film. Buss aur kuchh nahi & about Rank of year than if JTHJ hit ,tab bhi akki 2nd per rahega [ because JTHJ will do only 120+cr & K786 -120+cr] after it dont Know.

  7. alizain2844

    yar jo bi ho aik baat toh ha it was said at the release of ett tha cinemas are booked by yrf us waqt kyun ni bola ajay, ab kyun?
    And can somebody explain wt wrong yrf has done?
    If its abt screens, then we all knw keh india ma naam bikta ha, jthj has more big names than sos.. So it was quite obvious that jthj wil have more screens!

  8. alizain2844

    u all belive boi..
    Then tell me why boi give news nd question abt jthj every week bt nt sos??
    Bcoz they also knw that jthj is quite high in buzz..


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