The Past 5Years of Ajay Devgn.
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Clean Successes[BO Wise] of
Ajay Devgn in Past 5Years
without Rohit “SuperKool”
Shetty :-

1. Athiti Tum Kab Jaoge?
[2.5/5] – 30cr

Sleeper HIT in 2010, Directed by SOS Director Ashwini Dhir. Well Appreciated among the Family/TV Audience, but Paresh was the STAR of the Movie IMO[Devgn was Sleepwalking].

2. Rajneeti[4/5] – 94cr

A Surprise BB of 2010 with a
Strong Act by the Ensemble
Cast. One of Jha’s Best Work till date. Most of the Credit went to Ranbir-Katrina Jodi and Devgn’s Role was Reduced and Least Impactive wrt Ranbir, Nana, Bajpayee.

3. OUATIM[4/5] – 58cr

Irrespective of Emmy,
Chartbuster Music and
Dhamakedaar Dialogues,
OUATIM Remains a Big
“Prestigious HIT” for Devgn
making SULTAN MIRZA a Cult Character…The Best Actor of 2010 Inspite of Chulbul Pandey, Rizwan Khan and Samar.

Devgn OWNED it completely.


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  1. Serenzy

    [Continuing the Post...]

    In Last 5Yrs, Ajay Devgn
    without Shetty has Given “12
    Flops” to be Exact.

    ‘Sunday’ is his Only Failure
    with Shetty[Except Zameen
    but that was in Early 2000's].


    Point to be Noted is, All 3
    Successes came in 2010 + None
    of his Failures are Regarded as
    Good Works of Cinema by
    Many[Except a Small Number
    who Likes 'London Dreams'- Mostly for Salman's Act and

    I Personally HATED London Dreams, but Loved the Intensity of Aakrosh.


    Last but Not the Least,
    Whenever Devgn has Come in a Shetty-Kind of a Deal, He Has Scored BIG at the BO and with the Masses and Wayy Above his Stardom Level.

    SOS is Totally a Shetty Movie
    with Diffrnt Director…
    A Family Entertainer with an
    Interesting Rajamouli Story
    and Chartbuster Songs are
    Enough to give JTHJ a Big Enough Scare damn the No. of Screens.

    Such Kind of Successes, Decent Buzz, Anti-SRK Brigade and A Trust of Entertaining 2Hrs Make Devgn and SOS A Tough Opposition, Any SRK Movie has Faced in Recent Times.

  2. Serenzy

    And Let Me Assure One & All
    that Such Clean Family
    Entertainers in Diwali with
    Starcast, Music Works Wonders with the Audience,
    Irrespective of the Screen Space, Competetion[JTH J].

    *** The “Content” should
    “Connect” however Mindless the Movie ***

    Eg: SIK, Ready, G3, ATB, OMG!, Housefull, APKGK, ATKJ, Bol Bachchan, OSO, etc etc.

  3. harish

    Serenzy SOS only had chances in small Centres and Single Screen. But now that SOS will not be releasing with big margin their chances are it will emerge Flop theateritically. Plus Tango repirt clearky suggest in Multiplexes it has zero hope. So win situation for Ajay as he has recovered money, but losses for others.

  4. ank_16n

    Serenzy—–please post same article for Shahrukh without YRF and Dharma—-!!!

  5. harish

    Ank without YRF and Dharma SRK. Deewana (Hit), Baazigar (Hit), Karan Arjun (Blockbuster), Pardes (Hit), Devdas (Hit), Chalte Chalte (Super Hit), Main Hoon Naa (Hit), Don – The Chase Begins Again (Hit), Om Shanti Om (Blockbuster), Ra. One (Hit) and Don 2 – The King Is Back (Hit). I hope you got the answer.

    1. Aryan29

      Chalte Chalte Devdas were average at BOI.BOI also changed verdict of don and Ra-one is it still hit according to BOI?

    2. ank_16n

      Yaar……I m sorry…….
      i just can’t Argue with u……

      BTW what the article is about?????
      Please tell me…..

  6. FS

    London dreams was Nothing but a third class film. Akrosh was a very good film.

    @harish – ank asked last 5yrs

  7. jealous hater of srk

    @RN29 Oh yes how cum ready,bg became atbb oh salman ne charity ke funds wahan be donate kardiya kya agar srk manipulate kar sakta toh salman bhi

  8. harish

    Aryan Taran Adarsh had Devdas as Hit and Chalte Chalte as Super Hit, Boi changed their Verdict seeing Taran Adarsh and Indu Verdicts as BOI Verdicts were wrong. If you don’t know go do google search and find these movies were Hit BOI wrongly rated them and latter rectified their mistake.

  9. cr7

    how many hits aamir has without prasoon joshi in last 6-7 years??

  10. harish

    Aryan check Taran Adarsh Verdicts for 2003 Chalte Chalte and Kal Ho Naa were Super Hits, but BOI were lower. For Don and RNBDj BOi is higher than Taran Adarsh, so it is covered up.

  11. harish

    Ank you can’t argue because without knowing any fact you want to argue.

    1. ank_16n

      are mere dont Last 5 years ki baat ho rahi hai…….

      Without YRF and Dharma…….

      naa ki 25 saal ki……

  12. harish

    Aryan BOI never changed Don Verdict it was always Hit by them. Taran Adarsh changed it’s Verdict in year end classification fro Average to Above Average it was Semi-Hit. Vinod Mirani and Amod Mehra had it Semi-Hit. As for Chalte Chalte it was Super Hit by Taran Adarsh, Hit by Indu Mirani, Semi-Hit Amod Mehra and Komal Nahta.

  13. Rockyy

    Can you please post the number of Flops akshay had in last 5 years??

  14. Rockyy

    Kal agar excel entertainment k saath srk ne kaam kiya aur 2 hit mvie di toh ye ank baba bolege
    Yrf,dharma,excel walo ne srk ka career banaya..

  15. jealous hater of srk

    @rockky bhai plz agar akshay last 5 years ki flops film mention karega toh hum agey se comments kahan likengey lol

  16. Serenzy


    I am Not Favouring SRK and Saying Devgn is Flop w/o Shetty.

    I have given both Sides of the Argument as to what I Feel… I Just Read abt it in Some Forum and Liked the Debate there.

    In Past 5Years, SRK without YRF/Dharma has —
    2 Success and 2 Flops.

    1. ank_16n

      Serenzy—-i m not saying u r favoring any one….
      i just said it would be good if u give same figure with SRK….
      as it would give fair Comparison…..

  17. harish

    Last 5 years (2007 – 2011) without YRF and Dharma SRK. Om Shanti Om (Blockbuster), Billu (Flop), Ra. One (Hit) and Don 2 – The King Is Back (Hit).

  18. danish

    @serenzy where have u given both sides of the argument?

    in the last 5 years srk has had only one hit – om shanti om without johar-chopra.

    unless offcourse u belive ra1 was a hit.

  19. Serenzy

    Welcome Back Danish!

    Clearly See My Subsequent Comments…I have Described as to How SOS Can Beat JTHJ this Diwali.

    Billu and RA.One are 2 Failures and Don2 and OSO are Success in Past 5Yrs.

    And do you Really Think OMG! was Pretentious?

    Suprabh Gave it 5/5

  20. danish

    @serenzy – u shud have given the track record of both srk and ajay. and if u were removing rohit from ajay’s records u shud have removed johar-chopra from srk’s. ye sab tricks bahut purani hui.

    also where does the non descript OMG come frm in this thread. i have not watched it but i am hundred percent sure it wud have a lot of right wing ideology paraded as juvenile pop philosophy with aesthetic sensibilties of a SAB TV comedy show. no wonder suprabh gave it 5/5.


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