1. ank_16n said:

    I saw it some 7 days back……
    Loved it………

    It will be huge in Single screens and Mass circuits……..

    can’t say about Multiplexes……

  2. GOD- Ek Tha Human said:

    Lol still the director says it’s not an OTT film :P It should be renamed Rascal2050 :P combination of 2 epic films ;-)

  3. VICKAI said:

    Superb!! 3 reasons why films works
    1. Entertainment!
    2. Entertainment!

    and SOS offers all 3 in 1.

  4. srk lover said:

    good I am liking it very much.
    but only 500 SS for SOS means maximum of 6 crores in one day.
    Now JTHJ has the ability to beat the first day and weekend business of ETT. YRF has done what they needed to by getting almost all the screenings (even though it was unfair)…Now let’s see if srk will deliver as well.

  5. Aditya007 said:

    ha ha ha
    In Khan.1 words its beyonds Your Expectation & dont worry about Khiladi786 because Its going for Huge even You know . Tumko to JTHJ ke bare me sochna chahiye !!!