1. ank_16n said:

    After seeing this Video, Other song promos and Theatrical Trailer i can say that

    Varun Dhawan has more talent then both Aila and Siddharth put Together….

    Atleast he shows some Expressions on his face
    and Dances wel too…….

    Aila can become Another Katrina without any Expressions…..

  2. rockie_EK THA TIGER said:

    Alia has pathetic expressions. Looks wise also she is avg.

    Siddharth is more of a MODELing person rather than films.

    Varun Dhawan is good. He looks good, acts well, dances well and most important he looks like a Hindi movie HERO and not like a model.

    All the best to team SOTY.

    • rockie_EK THA TIGER said:

      Yeah … I watched the video again and Sid does have some hard time doing those simple dance moves.

      I am happy atleast 1 in 3 new comers is looking promising. Varun can def make it big here.