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amin786 | September 13, 2012, 7:18 PM | 14 comments | 0 views

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  1. Rockyy

    Where is the poster?? I can’t see it

  2. diva

    lol not only you but nobody would be able to see it because its not posted :P

  3. amin786

    its showing up on my end dnt knw why u guys cant see it.

    There is a strange problem because last time i posted YPD poster it was visible for a moment then disappeared after a while.

  4. Rockyy

    Ok can see it now.. Isn’t it the same poster??

  5. amin786

    Rockyy – Yeh its similar to the one which was released time ago but they just added kareena and rani into the poster.

  6. rockie_EK THA TIGER

    Its the same poster .. lolz ….
    bakwaas movie … SUPER FLOP …. !!

    Aamir is hiding behind those UGLY mustache … :(

  7. RJ

    Too much is being revealed with the trailer and through the tag line. Looks like this movie will disappoint more than please. Though I love suspense thrillers this one feels like I-know-who-dun-it types!!

    1. Prateek

      RJ I don’t think they are a fool to reveal anything in the promo.. The answer lies within only hints that Amir rani n his son had an accident on the same spot years before in wch they lost their son.. To solve the actors accident/crime he has to collect clues wch are hidden in his own accident in wch he lost his son years back.. So the tag line the Answer lies within.. Just a guess might be wrong

  8. tony montana

    i dont think aamir is stupid enough to reveal so much from the trailer.. in any case aamir’s movie is a must watch on FDFS for me..

  9. Sanjeev- ajay fan until diwali

    I don’t understand why aamir put this ghatiya moustache. It’s not looking good at all.

  10. Tashan

    all looking uglier than eachother LOL and aamir looks more a santri than a dcp…have no hopes from this one

  11. Prateek

    Lol tashan just cos u did not like him in the photo u hav no expectation from the movie ?? Hahahahaha.. I too hate amir but I feel the director is good so the movie may be good.. I too don’t think amir has a good script sense.. He is just lucky that he has excellent directors..

    1. FS

      “I too don’t think amir has a good script sense.. He is just lucky that he has excellent directors..” ————— are you sure?


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