please utkal. save my comment.i want to know first from you that how much bol bachchan did

Bol Bachchan has done 99.83 cr with 7,00,000 in the last week. And this is the end , may be another 5 crores over the next two weeks. So it hasn’t done 100 cr.

Original thread which I had saved.

“Fazal: i can bet on this one that it wil do 100 crores for sure..and first day or weekend dosent matter for this movie.if first day comes around 9 crors.still it wil do 100 crores.mark my words and save my comment.
I have saved the comment. And I am saying no way Bol Bachchan will do 100 crore.


  1. danish said:

    waise to ye personal post ki category mein aata hai but saanu ki. assi to kisi de personal maamlon wich taang adaade hi nahin hain.

  2. utkal said:

    But I must say I am glad Bol Bachchan did this well though I did not see the film. I feel good for Abhishek, Ajay and Rohit, whom I have good feelings for.

  3. danish said:

    @utkal – 0h! u have ‘feelings’ for abhishek ajay and rohit? i hope u dont have feeling for shahrukh and akshay becoz wo to feelings fulfill bhi kar dete hain.

  4. utkal said:

    Sorry Aashkaran and Fazal, 99.8 is 99.8 and 100 is 100. I won the bet and that’s that.

    But as I said this is one bet I wont have minded losing as I want Abhishek to get into the big league which he has done like Ajay before him.

  5. Pyaare said:

    arre kamaal hai yeh sattebaazi to aap kar rahe ho box-office par wo bhi bol-bachchan jaisi ZERO STAR WALI movie pe aur stupid bhi bolte ho in discussions ko…..

  6. Prateek said:

    @utkal – btw 3I’s DS is some 99.5cr ?? So ETT is the only movie in 100cr DS.. Rite
    @ Others – Non amir fans so do u accept 3I’s is also a 100cr DS club with ETT ?? :P
    I think none of the above guys will like to answer my question :P

  7. danish said:

    utkal – waise honestly speaking the spirit of the bet has been fulfilled. bol bachchan is the level of success that fazal predicted. u have lost the bet. in any case boi underreports films of stars other thna akshay and srk. is it possible (by law of averages) that two films of ajay (singham and bol bachchan) will fall 1 cr short of 100 and will not be rounded of while akshay and sharukh’s films have been rounded off many times (u think andaz collected ecaxtly 15 cr?

  8. utkal said:

    Prateek: I haven’t heard any Ammir fan claiming that #I has got 100 cr DS. Can u show me even one post on this?
    Danish: 99.83 cr is almost 100 cr. sure. Fasel almost won the bet. Sure. I agree.

  9. RJ said:

    Fasel almost won the bet, Utkal just won it. Hahahaha. Yeh BO figures nahi huye aur IIT entrance examination ke marks ho gaye based on which you get a seat. :D